Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Biden Continues to Tout the Discredited Lie That He Was a Civil Rights Activist


If Biden was not so significantly cognitively impaired
It would be so much easier to call him out for the falsehoods he shares
When he claims he was active in the Civil Rights Movement when he was not
Was he lying or the statements made in 1987 that he was just a white kid in a sport
How extensive cognitively impaired his acts show him to be
His carefully prepared and practiced for days Inauguration Speech on restoring unity
So quickly forgotten with his divisive speeches condemning Reds as enemies of the state
To his puppet handlers 75 million Americans who voted for Trump incarceration should await
Even the MSM will be quick to give him he forgot or he misspoke slack
When his acts and mannerisms show clearly cognitive ability he sorely lacks
Even as a young man he had proclivity for embellishment verging on outright lies
Even if his mind can without lapses form coherent sentences how on them can we rely
Inflation, open border, violent crime and safety, drug overdoses, supply chain shortages and foreign policy disasters with China heading our way
Blues on these issues are MIA with only outrage on Roe V. Wade overturn to try to save their desires in power to stay

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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