Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Fans Outraged That Newly Departed Olivia Newton-John Did Not Receive an In Memoriam Tribute During the Emmys


Even though the ratings on the Emmy Awards seem to be falling fairly fast
But a reason to watch to Emmys is the segment on those performers that have passed
Photos and video clips to bring their talent from the dead back
Their acting and performing music is eternal and never in ability to reach the soul lacks
But the performers sadly not
For certain in the future they will have the farm bought
Maybe the departed celebrities are able to look down
To savor the gossip and see the winners and the losers knocked to the ground
The newly departed celebrities were hoping the Emmys a Tribute them give
A fitting memory crown to the entertainment life they had lived
A very creative actress, singer and entrepreneurial tycoon Olivia Newton-John
On August 8, 2022 began her journey that would soon end in Forest Lawn
I think her soul has an ego that if necessary could fill the room
And would say, “The Tribute is no big deal; the lack of one fills me with no gloom”
To her fans who were ballistic over the failure to have for her a Tribute
The outburst of affection by her fans the idea a tribute was needed was refuted
A time to chill out and now to start our efforts to lower the temp
For if we failed or did not make an attempt we would be held in contempt  
Olivia Newton-John’s position as an excellent performer
Will survive any reduction sought by any misguided P/C leftist reformer
© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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