Saturday, September 10, 2022

17 Year With a Shotgun Kills 2 Armed and Masked Home Invasion Robbers as 3rd Fled


Governor Hochul like most Blues is well protected by armed police
Idiotically intones the days of a good man with a gun stopping an evil man with one in her state will cease
Times Square by her has been declared to be a zone gun free
A magnet for armed felons to go on violent and deadly crime sprees
Outside her protected bubble mere mortals are more and more living in fear
Of assault, carjacking, and home invasions that cops on 911 calls will not soon appear
They are coming to the realization that their safety is primarily in their own hands
No wonder shotgun, rifles and handgun sales are off the charts across this land
In Channelview, Texas, a suburb of Houston with some 45,000 souls
3 armed and masked men were trying to pull off a home invasion goal
Inside an adult woman, a 12 year old and 2 17 year old teens
One of whom quickly grabbed a shotgun to turn the event into a deadly failed home invasion scene
Shot and killed 2 of the armed intruders as the 3rd wisely fled
A good teen with a gun prevented 4 innocents from likely ending up dead
Since this was clearly a case of a firearm used in self-defense to lives save
Do not be surprised that the MSM little or no reporting to the event gave
Save to also no one’s surprise the story’s reporting by Fox
Who will never turn a blind eye to the shootings by felons that has become a national deadly pox

© September 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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