Tuesday, September 6, 2022

"Fat Leonard" Francis Cuts His Ankle Bracelet After Emptying His House and Then Flees


“Fat Leonard” Francis, a native of Malaysia guilty in the largest U.S. Navy bribery case
Has been in house arrest since pleading guilty in 2015 with only weeks before his sentencing was to take place
Wore an ankle monitor to insure if on from his home he could not stray
Until now the rules of his house arrest he must have obeyed
Not sure what prison time he was facing for his $35 million bribery crime
We found out today he was obviously unwilling to serve the time
His ankle monitor went off line and very soon federal agents were knocking on his door
No answer and same with phone calls that were ignored
The police were called make a wellness check and into the house broke in
To find a house totally bare save a cut ankle bracelet to their mortal chagrin
Neighbors informed the officers in the days and weeks before
A stream of U-Hauls were leaving loaded and then coming back for more
The border with Mexico is only 20 miles away
Best guess that he fled across it with little delay
If he pled guilty and was under house arrest why would sentencing take so long?
He should have been sentenced years ago and serving time for his criminal wrongs
If we rely on ankle bracelets that can be quickly cut off
We look like fools as to places unknown felons fleeing and at us scoff
If we needed to monitor 24/7 a felon’s location could we not surgically plant an RFD?
The felon couldn’t cut it out but would need a corrupt MD
Willing to lose his or her license to help a felon flee
Still possible but still less likely than scissors to enable a felon to go free

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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