Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Thanks to NTSB and the Biden Infrastructure Bill In the Not To Distant Future Mandatory Interlocks on All New Cars


Through the years the federal government has added to the list
Safety features that in any new car must exist
Front airbags, electronic stability control, safety belts and the LATCH safety system for child’s seat
Devices needed to in a serious vehicle accident, death or severe injury defeat
Accidents due to DUI’s in this nation annually result in a large deadly toll
Despite all the signs and warning to not drink and drive too many injured or departed souls
Jail sentences, higher insurance premiums, and loss of license and still too many drive after they drink
Deluded that they are not impaired or they won’t be caught they think
Most states now approach the problem with interlock devices but with one drawback
They are required after the horse has left the barn after a convicted DUI fact
The National Transportation Safety Board has recommend that all new vehicles come with interlocks
If the driver has a BAC above the legal limit starting the car is blocked
In Biden’s infrastructure on all new cars interlocks will be installed before the car rolls off the assembly line in some 5 or so years
The number of annual deaths from DUI’s now at over 11,000 would start to disappear
One less thing for a parent with a partying teen to fear
If the cost for the interlocks came down to equal the reduction in the insurance bills
We would more quickly reduce the number DUI’s would kill
The privacy issue would remain if authorities would know each time if a BAC caused a car not to start
Allowing them to a potential driver’s criminal activity to impart
Mandatory interlocks would be a win, win device save to one class
Lawyers specializing in DUI defense would see a large amount of income crash

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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