Sunday, September 18, 2022

Harris Idiotically Wants Path to Citizenship When the Border Remains Wide Open to Illegals From Around the World


Even when Harris manages to deviate from her normal word salad pitch
To speak in coherent sentences she sheds the truth into the ditch
Still lying the border is secure she claims that  Trump our border security did decimate
Total lie with his border wall construction and stay in Mexico illegals crossing fell to one of our lowest rates
Biden from day one has handcuffed ICE to illegals deport and curtailed CBP’s ability to the border secure
Instead of catching and sending illegals back they are swamped with processing illegals to drugs flooding across unmanned border areas insure
What this leftist VP does not comprehend or begin to understand
You cannot create a path to citizenship to illegals living in this land
If the border is open to all from any place regardless of whether they possess the skills we need
No matter what the Blues say about it’s not time to come they will not heed
And the nation’s lifeboat to prosperity and its safety will flounder
As millions of unskilled illegals needing to be fed and housed and deadly drugs we will encounter

© September 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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