Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Another Senseless Murder in a Small City That Ranks 6th Per Capita Murder Rate


Almost as certain as the Sun will always rise in the East
One’s safety from violent crime will not be more but least
If one lives or visits cities like Baton Rouge where the mayor is Blue
In almost any activity outside the home day or night a gun one might want to carry to
Baton Rouge which means the red stick may be aptly named
For the color of the liquid flowing in its streets as gun violence is not tamed
This city is the capital of the state and home of the LSU Tigers
Has a per capita murder rate that the mind staggers
It ranks in the top ten coming in at number 6 in the nation
Murders solved at a little over half and murders down this year 15 percent for some elation
But the Baton Rouge PD struggles to 90 vacancies to fill
August raise for cops of 7 percent was wiped by inflation’s surging bills
Allison Rice a senior at LSU heading home was stopped at the crossing of a railroad
When suspects not yet known their firearms chose to unload
Killing her but in the thinnest silver lining thread for a family that grieves
No shots hit her face so one last chance to view in an open casket was achieved
Senseless heinous crime
An innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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