Friday, September 9, 2022

SCOTUS Stays a NYC Lower Court Ruling Banning Yeshiva from Withholding Access to School Facilities to a LGBT+ Student Groupb st


At Yeshiva University a Jewish University in New York a LGBT+ group from school facilities was banned
A New York lower court ruled that since it was not a religious organization it had to obey New York City’s anti-discrimination laws of the land
Yeshiva appealed on grounds of religious freedom and to SCOTUS went
Justice Sotomayor a SCOTUS Justice of a more liberal bent
Has stayed the order and put its enforcement on hold
Yeshiva was founded to enable its students to Torah values behold
From trying to force Christian bakers to decorate a same sex marriage wedding cake
To forcing a university to provide equal access to facilities to a group that does not want to follow the Torah principles Yeshiva wants them to take
The religious freedoms once taken for granted are under increasing assault
As more and more in the name of LGBT+ ideals refuse to religion and faith exalt
If Yeshiva is founded on learning Torah principles which LGBT+ ideas conflict
Tolerance too often lacking in the LGBT+ world would lead to another school being picked
© September 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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