Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Anti-white Racist Kelisa Wing Should Be Fired a the Pentagon's Top DEI enforcer


A bird cannot fly on only one wing
A society may not long survive if racist bias is all one brings
Kelisa Wing is the DEI poster child
Of the Peter Principle running wild
16 years at DOD moving up the ladder until promoted to DEI chief in 2021
Doubt in this dangerous world we will use Woke DEI in wars that must be won
If we do not place war waging skill first and foremost
Focusing on Woke DEI instead will mean our armed forces will be toast
Sadly Ms. Wings new role as DEI Chief is really much worse
This woman has Stage 4 racist anti-white bias curse
Fortunately like so many Woke black racists who don’t care what whites think
So quick to Tweet Whites as Karens having the “Caudacity” to racism to blacks link
Fox Digital has unearthed her Tweets and they really stink
Quickly her Twitter account went private so Whites couldn’t learn what she thinks
This self-admitted Woke administrator has co-authored kids’ books
Supporting the BLM movement and Defund the Cops so free reign for crooks
Ask any veteran who put on a uniform and for this nation alongside nonwhites fought
And the response will most likely be she doesn’t belong for spewing such racist rot
Austin our Secretary of Woke not Defense must try to cleanse DOD of Woke
Firing Wing would be a great start to end the fires of racial divisiveness she stokes

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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