Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Martha's Vineyard Here We Come As Florida Sends 2 Planeloads of illegals There


While Cackles continues to lie with a straight face that the border is secure
Florida is sending 2 plane loads of illegals to Cackles’ lies try to cure
For the first time the pricey enclave of Martha’s Vineyard will illegals from Florida receive
One hopes the consternation of the residents will help securing the border achieve
But 2 planeloads is merely a drop in the bucket
Biden true to form any citizen wrath will try to duck it
Only when the numbers over flow into the streets
And send the social safety net into full on retreat
Will the NIMBY warriors start thinking it’s time to Blues defeat
Here is a little known fact will knock you from your seat
A little over 10% of the residents live below the poverty line
Not illegals so not a part of the Biden open border bag of goodies design
With over 2 million crossings we are spending millions on illegals each day
While our homeless and mentally ill Americans are to fade quietly away
In Martha’s Vineyard there are 41 homeless compared to 28 last year
Probably wondering when the Biden illegals goodie bags in front of their tents will appear
Biden and Harris need to be dragged to the border to see what their open border policies have wrought
Can then no longer lie as millions upon millions around the globe an entrance to America have sought
© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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