Friday, September 9, 2022

Blue Matthews Running Against Scott Brags She Treats Whites Like Shit Causing Top Blues To Demand She Withdraw From the Race


When a politician places principles or nation before party we all should rejoice
It should be easy to make and really the only proper choice
In South Carolina Krystle Matthews a Blue is running to replace Senator Scott
Sadly for her on a hidden video cam with audio she was caught
Ranting that she kept her constituents under her thumbs
And rendered advice that since it was heard will be viewed as really dumb
She ranted her wisdom that the only way to deal with whites is to treat them like shit
That’s the only way they will respect you as her advice that shows for the Senate she’s not fit
Project Veritas recorded her racists blasts
It looks like her campaign will not long last
Top Blues to no one’s surprise condemned her as toxic and should withdraw from the race
Trying to deflect her racist blast by attacking Veritas as a satirical MAGA news outlet will not end her fall from grace
If Scott were white which he is not and said the same about blacks
One can fathom the howls of outrage levied against him in attack
More than ever we need unifiers not dividers based on the color of their skin
She needs to return any donors’ money for there is no way she has a chance to win.

© September 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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