Monday, September 12, 2022

BofA Rolling Out in Minority Neighborhoods Zero Down Home Mortgages--To Ape 2008 Financial Disaster?


Certain members of the left are to remedy our sins of 246 years of slavery
Are demanding reparations which a large majority of Americans call unsavory
We are a forgiving nation and are often willing to pay for our mistakes
Why better late than later pay $20,000 to those to resettlement camps take
But slavery has been banned here since 1865 and the question is who should pay
Descendants of families residing in the Free States who probably fought to see it go away?
Descendants of families who arrived here after 1865 and slavery’s end?
They are guilty also and to the Feds reparations tax money must they also send
Next the question which African Americans will reparations be entitled to receive
What hoops do they have to go through to eligible status for reparations achieve
Shouldn’t people have to have from slaves descended?
If descendants have high incomes or wealth has not the reparations justification ended?
On the issue of reparations, never underestimate the White Guilt sway
Zero down loans in minority neighborhoods from BofA are coming their way
The left will look at the program as an installment on reparations
Saner souls fear a repeat of such loans causing a financial crisis that shook this nation to its foundations
If a borrower has suffered job loss
Of if the value has tanked with zero down he may just the house keys toss
Since loans are not based on race to pass the discrimination smell test
Watch the whitening of minority neighborhoods which might be for the best
Fewer men of color shooting men of color might lower the residents’ stress
Since with fewer shooter the deaths and wounds will not be more but less
© September 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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