Thursday, September 8, 2022

With Their Grandmother Now Gone How Long Does Harry and William Rift Continue With Meghan Feeling She Doesn't Belong?


One has to feel for the emotions of Prince William and Prince Harry
Who were 15 and 12 when without warning their mother they had to bury
And now though expected they will have to bury their grandmother Queen
Who was the second longest ruling monarch the world has ever seen
Prince Harry was not at his grandmother’s side when she passed
But on the news quickly left without Meghan looking sad and downcast
Prince William with his two uncles Andrew and Edward quickly drove to her death bed
While his wife Kate was picking up their 3 kids after school ended instead
Prince William and Prince Harry are caught in a rift
That seems to be causing them further apart to drift
If one is to point the finger of blame
Meghan Markle would be the first to name
She seems to believe the royal family is racist
And that discrimination toward her persists
While William as an older brother cautioned Harry that his relationship to Markle was going too fast
A rift between them has developed without their grandmother as peacekeeper much longer may it last
For Harry no matter how smart or capable he would be as a king
Since not born first the nation will not that title to him bring
A memoir of Harry in preparation that may add fuel to the fires
While many of the escapades and drama of Meghan Markle quickly tire

© September 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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