Friday, September 30, 2022

Pelosi Blasts De Santis as Illegals Are Needed in Florida to Harvest Crops


Pelosi has weighed in on Abbot and DeSantis sending illegals to Sanctuary Cities in Blue states
Slammed DeSantis for sending out illegals who could be picking farm products and putting them in packing crates
Argued nationwide we have a shortage of workers that illegals could fill
How many jobs realistically when many of the illegals are semi-illiterate with no skills?
We had a Bracero program where Mexicans came across to harvest the crops
And then after the crops were picked their time here stopped
Over 2 million illegals now here plus thousands more from the CBP they were able to evade
Doubt if many are making plans to join the return to home country parade
If the wall were complete, CBP increased to acceptable levels, economic asylum recognized as a scam, asylum petitions filed at our consulates in home nations  and restrictions on ICE deportations at an end
Such that if deported on overstaying the harvest,  an illegal would have difficulty in adding to the illegal reentry trend
A Bracero program might make a lot of sense to harvest the crops at higher wages than in home nation to earn
But if and only if upon termination of the harvest back to the home nation the now legal guest worker returned
Crafting any immigration reform bill without a secure border is doomed to fail
With more and more illegals now attracted to join other illegals heading north on the crossing in the U.S. trail

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