Friday, September 16, 2022

In Martha's Vineyard the NIMBY's Rule To Quickly Bus the Two Planeloads of Illegals To the Nearest Military Base


The Word Salad Queen was speechless after lying to the nation the border is secure
She must think we are stupid or blind not see the thousands of illegals crossing each day drawn daily by Biden’s open border lure
So fitting that some 100 illegals from Texas have been dropped off near Harris’ home
No comment from her of how a secure border means illegals nor any attempt by her to her lies atone
The Blue elite of Martha’s Vineyard are bleeding hearts to support the illegals open border cause
That is until they arrive at their doorstep to quickly reveal their NIMBY flaws
Two plane loads of illegals from Florida landed at Martha’s Vineyard’s airport
Were they welcomed with open arms with residents standing in line to them support?
No the elite were blowing gaskets and quickly to a military base the illegals to deport
Lost in the outrage of how illegals are destroying our social safety net
The plight of the homeless in Martha’s Vineyard the elite are too quick to forget
In this oasis of wealth and privilege Ten Percent of the population live below the poverty line
And the number of homeless have increased from 28 to 41 while the elite on a few illegals can only whine
While our cities have been turned into tent cities of thousands in parks and sidewalks
While millions of dollars of aid flowing to illegals for our American homeless only empty talk

© September 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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