Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Biden Snubs Top Reds as Nearing CAT 4 Ian Barrels Down on Florida


If you had any doubt that Biden was not the most divisive president other Lincoln during the Civil War
With his charge that Trump supporters are semi fascists and their threat to democracy we cannot ignore
Since he ran as the great unifier such dog whistles of hate we wish he would stop
More so than ever we need from Biden and his Blue MSM minions to end rhetoric over the top
Since Biden was on the campaign trail we can try to his divisive remarks dismiss
Hoping than when it came time for feds to help Americans Red and Blue he would not be remiss
Biden now has a redeeming Great Unifier chance
As Ian nearing CAT 4 continues to Florida advance
Has Biden reached out to De Santis to discuss needed aid
Concrete steps to erase the “Great Unifier” charade?
Only the sounds of silence and is it because De Santis and Florida are Reds?
Will we hear anything after billions lost and many missing or dead?
So far on this storm
Pathetically Biden bias is the norm
© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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