Friday, September 9, 2022

5 Deputies in St. Petersburg Arrested for Calling for Putin's Arrest Due to Ukraine Invasion


In a potential Soviet invasion of Afghanistan déjà vu
As more and more coffins and the wounded are coming back to Russia to be in view
And sanctions imposed by the west are having a crippling effect
Two border nations Sweden and Finland to join NATO have chosen to elect
And bullseyes are being drawn on oligarch’s floating palaces and planes
Support for Putin’s ill-advised invasion of Ukraine may be going down the drain
5 deputies in St. Petersburg, Putin’s home town, have demanded he be arrested
For invading Ukraine in what was supposed to be a short war and bogged down with Russians being bested
Speaking out against Putin is a dangerous act
He with arrests of the 5 immediately fired back
More economic thunder clouds on the horizon as Europe is taking steps to recover the energy it now lacks
The UK has announced energy companies will be allowed to frack
Nuclear plants off line are on line coming back
If Biden had some commonsense and realized the need for energy independence while we build a bridge to carbon free
We would be fracking up a storm and sending tankers to Europe loaded with LNG
We hope the acts of the 5 brave deputies quickly spreads
The world would be a better and safer place in Russia Putin sheds
© September 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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