Saturday, September 24, 2022

Kirby Blames Reds For Crisis on the Border--Memories of Baghdad Bob?


Whenever a barometer keeps falling it is an indication of a major storm on its way
Whenever political polls go negative on a party’s handling on an issue on display
The party slammed by negative ratings will not try to the issue solve
But fingers of blame to on the other party revolve
When that happens it is a sure sign that voters will their votes shift
The open border now blamed on Reds is the latest in efforts to Blues chance lift
Kirby whose credibility is more like that of Baghdad Bob’s blames Reds for not funding DHS
When the mantra of the Blues seems to have been to abolish or at least cripple ICE and CBP left undermanned to deal with tidal wave of immigrants' mess
Reds have winning issues in inflation, crime, and open border with millions of illegals and massive fentanyl
In amounts sufficient by the millions of Americans to kill
Blues have on January 6 and the misnamed abortion war fight
When the issue should be when to exercise the right
Abortion will be allowed in all states but debate on when a woman an abortion must chose
If Reds frame the issue that late term abortion be banned unless in rape, incest or to mother save on the issue Blues will lose
Bill Clinton who would be too moderate to today as a Blue presidential candidate hat  wear
Stated “abortion should be legal, safe and rare”
A miniscule number of abortions are in the third trimester performed
But Blues want on demand abortion right up to the moment of birth as the norm
An overwhelming majority of Reds condemn the protestors on January 6, aping the storming of the Bastille
But is not the bigger threat to our democracy Biden’s politicization of the DOJ and FBI to target parents as “domestic terrorists” reveal?
Or worse label millions of Americans who voted for Trump as semi-fascists and extremists
Blowing the dog whistles of hate that they do not have the right to exist?
How many more Reds like Cayler Ellingson have to be run over to die?
Before Biden condemns and demands that those protesting the norms of peaceful protest comply?

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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