Monday, September 19, 2022

Newsom, the Hair Gel King and Brainchild of Operation Homeward Bound, Blasts De Santis as Morally Reprehensible For Sending Illegals to Martha's Vineyard


Listening to Pelosi’s leftist over the top rants leads us to believe
That excessive use of Botox pierces the brain barrier to a loss of IQ achieve
Now with another leader Gavin Newsom who has the Oval Office in sight
Excessive use of another styling chemical should give us some fright
Newsom is the hair gel king
So quick to the open border chaos debate ad hominem attacks bring
Viciously attacked Governor de Santis of the Sunshine State
“Morally reprehensible” to send illegals on planes north to get Biden to join in the debate
In a case of money not well spent
A 100 grand to Crist’s campaign against De Santis he sent
De Santis runs a state with no income taxes, open schools and a booming economy
With people by the thousands moving from one party ruled Blue states to escape their demonomy
After hearing Newsom’s vicious personal attacks De Santis said the hair gel had affected his brain
Now we know in addition to infection his rants are also notes from a typical hypocrisy refrain
When Newsom was mayor of Feces City from 2004 to 2011 even then in crisis of homelessness running wild
He came up with a solution “Homeward Bound” which he claimed to be the brainchild
A one way Greyhound Bus ticket anywhere in or out of the state hopefully to friends or family members
In the first ten years of operation some 8,000 homeless were bussed out of Feces City a fact Newsom and his role must not remember
Homeward Bound, Newsom’s brainchild still operates with far less riders each year
But still larger than the number of homeless sent on 2 planes to Martha’s Vineyard that caused the elite NIMBY’s such loathing and fear

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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