Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Katie Porter Is Supposed to Be Teaching not Representing to Be Able to Keep Her Discounted Home


Blue Rep Katie Porter has taught law at UC Irvine Law School
Students are forced to buy her books to learn how to use their legal tools
Almost 300 grand a year for a few courses but she needed more
Received royalties of over 7 grand from books sold at the UCI Company Store
In an area where million dollars plus homes are an Orange County Shack
Thanks to University faculty discount housing program requiring her to remain on a teaching law track
Was able to buy a home at a discount for some half a million bucks
Had to continue to teach and if ceased was out of luck
Through the influence of a wealthy donor she still owns the home
In the faculty housing discount program zone
But to teach again she has not come back
Diminishing the ability of UCI to with housing discounts faculty attract
Her law books cost an arm and a leg to a law student’s budget sink
Requiring your book to be bought above others really seems to stink
This head of the progressive caucus voted to support Biden in 98% of the votes
As a progressive anything adverse to fossil her support she will devote
This should be a very close race
If Baugh pushes inflation, crime, drugs and open border good chance to her replace

© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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