Friday, September 30, 2022

Legislation Sought By Reds and Blues Restricting Stock Trading by House Members Held Up By Pelosi Until After the MidtermsBupbbt b


Members of the House and Senate used to be called public servants which them misnamed
More accurate label would be traders on inside information in the personal enrichment game
Members of Congress especially those in the commerce and finance committees
Knowing the effects of pending legislation can go on personal enrichment trading sprees
Look at the increase in net worth of members of Congress or their spouses from stock market gains
Even if no prior investment experience with their access to information the gains are explained
Pelosi’s husband Paul of DUI instead of taking Uber fame
Has made millions on trades of companies seeking or the targets of legislation to their activities tame
The existing legislation prohibiting the appearance of trading on inside information is woefully weak
Bipartisan legislation by both Blues and Reds by House Members concerned over investment conflicts trying to seek
Has been held up and delayed by a wealthy Pelosi until after the midterms
She must be oblivious to the growing outrage of how House members use their positions to on stock transactions massive amounts earn
Being a House member has sadly become a career
With safe districts and incumbent fund raising advantages why we should fear
The Founding Fathers thought members of the House would briefly serve
Then return to their farms or businesses to private enterprise practice and preserve
September 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Pelosi Blasts De Santis as Illegals Are Needed in Florida to Harvest Crops


Pelosi has weighed in on Abbot and DeSantis sending illegals to Sanctuary Cities in Blue states
Slammed DeSantis for sending out illegals who could be picking farm products and putting them in packing crates
Argued nationwide we have a shortage of workers that illegals could fill
How many jobs realistically when many of the illegals are semi-illiterate with no skills?
We had a Bracero program where Mexicans came across to harvest the crops
And then after the crops were picked their time here stopped
Over 2 million illegals now here plus thousands more from the CBP they were able to evade
Doubt if many are making plans to join the return to home country parade
If the wall were complete, CBP increased to acceptable levels, economic asylum recognized as a scam, asylum petitions filed at our consulates in home nations  and restrictions on ICE deportations at an end
Such that if deported on overstaying the harvest,  an illegal would have difficulty in adding to the illegal reentry trend
A Bracero program might make a lot of sense to harvest the crops at higher wages than in home nation to earn
But if and only if upon termination of the harvest back to the home nation the now legal guest worker returned
Crafting any immigration reform bill without a secure border is doomed to fail
With more and more illegals now attracted to join other illegals heading north on the crossing in the U.S. trail

© September 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Asking If a Dead Jackie Walorski Was Present Is a Bad Sign on Biden Mental Acuity


It is a well-accepted fact that as one gets older a person’s cognitive ability fades
The ability to recall events, names and faces, tasks to do takes longer as it degrades
Biden had a stuttering problem while growing up
MSM and Blues are using that as an excuse when gaffes and lapses erupt
Trying to convince us that at 79 Biden is mentally up to the presidential job
Becoming harder each day as Biden’s actions and speaking imply his mental acuity has been partially robbed
A case in point that Jean-Pierre clearly could not handle and muffed
Asked again and again 10 times but could not press corps concern stuff
At a White House Meeting Biden was heard calling out “Jackie, Jackie are you here?”
Since according to Jean-Pierre he was to be meeting in two days with her family his remarks should cause us great fear
Jackie Walorski died over a month ago
If he were to be meeting with her family her death he would have to know
Jean-Pierre tried to cover by saying Biden had a lot on his mind
For Americans not to be concerned they would have to be deaf and blind
Unlike Trump who revealed his cognitive tests
Not the case of Biden which mental issues being concealed suggests
In almost every profession there a age limits to have aging people retire
Except for politicians and federal judges who can remain until at their desk or bench they expire
Term limits and mandatory retirement would probably require a Constitutional Amendment
Which given our divisiveness would likely become a non-event
Edith concealed Wilson’s stroke to enable him to serve out his term
Wonder if Jill will want to do the same as she painfully sees her husband’s mental faculties crash and burn

© September 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, September 29, 2022

While Florida Suffers Ian, Biden at Blue Fundraiser Attacking Reds As Threats to Democracy and Railing Against Meloni as a Example


Biden has become the one trick pony in the campaign he railed against
As rants against Reds as threats to democracy he continues to dispense
While Florida was being hit with Hurricane Ian’s devastating blows
He was at Blue Governors’ Association fundraiser to their campaign chests grow
Could not resist to toss out his overused and ragged threat to democracy card
Used the election in Italy of its first woman prime minister as why saving democracy will be hard
Giorgia Meloni is a conservative, lower tax and secure border proponent
Not some Mussolini- type fascist who is a democracy opponent
Biden railed about how hard it will be in the 21st Century democracy retain
With so much change in science, technology, environment et al hard to reach consensus in a short time to violence refrain
Biden failed to mention what is the greatest democracy threat
Probably because his mind is shot so he quickly forgets
Politicizing the DOJ and FBI while Social Media censors conservative thought
And CRT and Woke ideology 24/7 try to turn our history and foundations to rot
The solution to preserving democracy is not to elect Blue governors as he claims
It is to stop demonizing half the nation who voted for Trump and as threats so frame

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

National Hurricane Center Warns of Deadly Post Hurricane Killer


In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s through Florida’s destructive path
Some 2.6 million Floridians are without power as a result of the storm’s wrath
So far too early to determine the number of persons killed
But the National Hurricane Center has issued a warning to limit the butchers’ bill
Since hurricanes and power outages are like birds of the same feather
And Florida each year has more than its fair share of hurricane weather
Many Floridians not wanting to lose the freezer or frig’s content or heat without air endure
Have purchased auxiliary electrical generators to their uninterrupted power insure The generators can run on diesel, propane or natural gas but like all fuels generate carbon monoxide when burned
If the generator is in the house and exhaust not properly vented outside a trip to the morgue is earned
Carbon monoxide has no odor or smell
Unless one has a detector or sees blue lips no way to tell
That death is about to another victim claim
Safest if the generator is placed outside where for thieves its fair game
Let’s hope the thousands of utility workers now heading into the field
Will with their 24/7 efforts a quick restoration of power quickly yield

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Ian Leaves Florida to Recharge and Hit South Carolina as a CAT1 But Tampa Bucc's Game with Chiefs Will Be Played This Sundaythis willsunt


Hurricane Ian having entered Florida as a CAT 4
Bringing massive destruction for Floridians to deplore
With one confirmed death but officials fearing they will discover many more
Has left the state degraded to a tropical storm but by Friday hurricane status to be restored
To hit a preparing South Carolina as a CAT 1
With several more days of wind damage and heavy rain before done
Ian may go down as one of the worst but at least in one area it met its match
So near to Tampa Bay, Buccaneers fans feared that the game with the Chiefs would be from Raymond James Stadium snatched
Like “show must go on” show business rule
The stadium did not succumb to Ian’s destructive tools
Highly appropriate that a hurricane did not cancel Brady’s home game
After all in 22 years of playing usually the opponents have been unable to his skill tame
The next 72 hours will be critical in terms of saving lives
Let’s hope Ian brings us whether Red or Blue together and the 1st death reported is the only person who did not survive

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Woke Drives the Thin Blue Line Flag From the Field of Saugus High Football Games in Santa Clarita, CA


It seems everywhere you look in education, business, the military and government
WOKE is alive and well and growing to have our symbols and traditions to the trash can sent
At a time when across the nation violent crime is surging unchecked
Especially in cities where the voters are so dumb Blue mayors and city councils they elect
With the only thing between residents and their safety is a concealed carry permit
Or the Thin Blue Line getting thinner each day as more officers quit
Tired of being demeaned and disrespected by the Blue ruleing elite
Crippled by restrictions curbing their ability to arrest felons on the streets
And not as likely to accept putting their lives at the wrong end of gun
When Soros funded D.A.’s are too quick to release on cashless bail or prosecution shun
It was a refreshing show of support that the Saugus Football team flew a Thin Blue Line flag
At least in Blue California in Santa Clarita support for law enforcement does not lag
But persons unknown in name and number complained the flag was divisive
Making them feel “uncomfortable and unwelcome” and on its display were derisive
To the complaints of the very thinned skins
WOKE once again walked off with a win
School board caved as did the coach because the football team had not voted on the flag
Wonder if team and coach had voted to display would they have told the complainers to pound sand after their nags
How many of these thin skinned WOKERs would feel it was a flag divisive enough
If after calling 911 the police responded to attempting assaulters, robbers or murders and quickly arrested and cuffed?

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Bill Clinton Breaks with Party to Warn of Disruption Over Open Borders


For too many years Blues seeing illegals as future votes to harvest have had their heads in the sand
To the flood of illegals from around the world driven by poverty and corruption that is out of hand
On day one of his Administration Biden started the nation down the energy dependence path
Keystone Pipeline stopped as the first casualty of his war on fossil fuels wrath
Followed by his cancellation of the border wall with huge gaps of purchased stacks of steel construction materials to be seen
A photo op moment of appointing Harris as the illegal immigration czar who for visiting the border and learning firsthand the extent was not at all keen
While Fox daily showed the flood of illegals coming across
Biden and his Administration honesty to the American public was tossed
Daily our eyes saw a tidal wave but from Biden and his minions what did we hear?
The border is secure, the nation has nothing to fear
While planes and buses transporting illegals in towns and cities started to appear
While deadly fentanyl and illegal drugs caused rising longevity rates to pivot into reverse gear
Blue representatives at the border living in the chaos of the illegals’ wave
Are beginning to the Biden Administration open border goals no longer crave
Today Bill Clinton revealed the obvious that most Americans know
There is a limit to how many immigrants a nation can take in before disruption grows
Castigated the “economic migrants” who are scamming the asylum system
Which the over 2 million illegals crossing shows it is devoid of any wisdom
Observed that 2 million refugees from Venezuela have into Columbia fled
Already as Biden observed more and more now arriving and more in the days ahead
So much so concern over the refugees mixed with large numbers of felon released from Maduro’s jails
That Reds demanded Biden increase measures to insure illegals from Venezuela attempts to cross fail
One has to admire Clinton for breaking with the Blues who demand an open border
Knowing full well it will lead to massive chaos and all manner  of disorder
And the Blues party of today
Would want Clinton and his ideas to stay far away

© September 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

With 1000 carjackings and 400 murders Philadelphia no longer The City of Brotherly Love only "The Car Jack Capital"


Philadelphia’s nickname has been given a replacement shove
With crime it no longer can be called “The City Of Brotherly Love”
It’s new name should be “The Car Jack Capital”
As with the year not yet over 1000 carjackings it has to grapple
Having your car jacked while you are still in it may mean a knife or gun in your face
Real fear that your time on Earth due to a carjacker will be erased
The D.A. Krasner funded by Soros is rightfully being attacked for his pro felon stances
That concern for the well-being of criminal advances
And concern for the victim’s suffering is more like chump change
While with 400 murders to go with a 1000 carjackings justice is deranged
A recent teen slaying at a city rec center has prompted the Blue Mayor
To rule at centers guns cannot longer be there
Even if the felons could the proclamation read
Highly unlikely the ban they would heed
Centers now are much easier to commit a violent crime
No one packing and undermanned cops would not be able to act in time
© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

While Ian Is Slamming Florida as a CAT 4 Biden Is at a DNC Fund Raiser


In Show Business the sacrosanct rule is always “The Show Must Go ON”
In politics the sacrosanct rule is always “Never Cancel Fund Raiser” to in front of donors fawn
With Ian wreaking havoc with winds and massive storm surge
Biden is attending DNC fund raiser to insure donors splurge
Did he check in with DeSantis, Rubio or Scott
As the winds and surge were being fought
To see if the state needed more help and to assure them the feds were on deck
To provide whatever assistance needed to help repair what Ian had wrecked
Sadly believe that such was not the case and those three must feel they are alone
Abandoned by the feds as Ian turns parts of Florida into heavily damaged and deadly killing zones
We hope our fundraising president does not on any food morsels choke
And images of a frail, cognitively impaired president during the evening he does not evoke

© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Seemed Perplexed When a Deceased Walorski Was Not Present at a W.H. Event on Hunger--Teleprompter or Dementia


Was it a teleprompter reading slip
Or yet another sign of fading mental grip?
Red Rep Walorski died in a car accident a month ago
Today at an event addressing hunger Biden seemed perplexed she did not show
When asked Jean-Pierre grappled with the question and chose to punt
Biden had Walorski on his mind as he was meeting with her family to their grief blunt
An answer the press corps thought did not the issue of his mental statement confront
They asked the same question in various ways ten times to cause her great affront
It is part of the normal aging process to forget a person’s name
But when she was on his mind and a family to meet Jean-Pierre’s excuse seems lame
Each day Biden remains in office and the gaffes, lapses and miscues do not end
But seem to be increasing as the normal trend
Americans concern should grow that in this dangerous world as president he is not fit
We are stuck with a Hobson’s choice with a worse Harris if he should quit
She is the best insurance for him barring another stroke to serve out his term
Impeachment followed by conviction with Harris at the helm is a total national crash and burn
At least if Reds control the House and Senate his leftist drift will be curtailed
God help us big time in the Red Wave distracted by abortion and 1/6 fails

© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Behar Rants Hurricane Ian Is Caused by Climate Change Blasts DeSantis


Joyless Behar has added a new skill to her resume
So appropriate as Hurricane Ian is on its way
Now a meteorologist she immediately pivots to climate change
To attack De Santis on Hurricane Ian as being deranged
Claims this near CAT 5 Hurricane is to climate change directly linked
Must not have heard what the director of the National Hurricane Center thinks
Who while being interviewed by that icon of Blue bias Don Lemon
Whose leftist rants lead most of off to dismiss after we groan
Stated you cannot link the two
With that rebuke Lemon was through
With the backdrop of a hurricane Stormy was in her biased element
Claiming in hyperbole and exaggeration that a De Santis reelection a fiefdom meant

© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Barrington High School Teacher Threatens Student Protesting "Deleveling" to Local Paper


“Deleveling” is the latest Woke educational goal
Eliminating honor roll classes to be replaced with mixed level students to enroll
A better term for “deleveling” is the “lowest common denominator rule”
Curriculum has to be understood by the least intelligent in school
And the brightest no longer challenged with lessons they can A in their sleep
Bored beyond belief their drive to excel to our benefit they will no longer keep
In Barrington, Rhode Island School District enamored by Woke
Wants to adopt “deleveling” while parents wisely want to the idea revoke
A student wrote to the local paper condemning the “deleveling” attempt
Instead of being praised to exercise free speech from teacher Ken Blanchard contempt
Threatening email that the student had invaded his classroom and his efforts verged on a criminal attack
Ending with a chilling warning that the student should “watch his back”
The only activity which verges on criminal activity is Blanchard’s email
For threatening a student who is probably a minor Blanchard should be fired and put in jail

© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Threatgens Oil Companies If Prices Rise Due to Hurricane Production Reductions


As Ian has risen to near CAT 4 as it approaches the Florida shores
Oil production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico danger on platforms cannot ignore
Shutting down production and bring workers back to land
While Biden uses the threat to oil production to grandstand
Solemnly warns the oil companies not to gouge or prices cease
Or he will unleash the wrath of the feds that will not cease
If oil production ceases or is curtailed
Law of supply and demand will not fail
Shortages coupled with increased demand as motorist flee
Will cause prices to rise even if temporarily
Amazing to hear this domestic fossil fuel warrior to against oil companies rail
When production due to Hurricane Ian has to be curtailed

Since any production cutback should be short
We hope Biden’s knee jerk reaction to prices tapping Strategic Reserve he aborts
© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Snubs Top Reds as Nearing CAT 4 Ian Barrels Down on Florida


If you had any doubt that Biden was not the most divisive president other Lincoln during the Civil War
With his charge that Trump supporters are semi fascists and their threat to democracy we cannot ignore
Since he ran as the great unifier such dog whistles of hate we wish he would stop
More so than ever we need from Biden and his Blue MSM minions to end rhetoric over the top
Since Biden was on the campaign trail we can try to his divisive remarks dismiss
Hoping than when it came time for feds to help Americans Red and Blue he would not be remiss
Biden now has a redeeming Great Unifier chance
As Ian nearing CAT 4 continues to Florida advance
Has Biden reached out to De Santis to discuss needed aid
Concrete steps to erase the “Great Unifier” charade?
Only the sounds of silence and is it because De Santis and Florida are Reds?
Will we hear anything after billions lost and many missing or dead?
So far on this storm
Pathetically Biden bias is the norm
© September 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Lemon Making a Fool of Himself on Reparations and Climate Change Causing Ian' Intentsification


Listening to the Blues pitch the reasons to them elect
Is like a server at a fast food restaurant trying to get you to the combo select
For Blues any adverse event can to climate change be linked
Lemon with Hurricane Ian gaining strength was try to the intensification with climate change sync
On his low rated show
Where very few viewers go
Lemon was trying to get the National Hurricane Center’s acting head
To link Ian’s intensification to climate change as Ian toward land was moving ahead
His guest refused to take the bait to on climate change Ian’s growing strength blame
Lemon having grown up in Florida must have thought
He was an expert on the dangers climate change has supposedly wrought
Jamie Rhome was quick to Lemon’s linkage of Ian to climate change dismiss
Time not to discuss climate change but if not concentrate on surviving he would be remiss
Impossible to link climate change to one weather event
No wonder Lemon is being to the rating doghouse being sent
Now 0 for 2 after foolishly ranting to his guest Hillary Fordwich of the monarchy’s reparations need
She reminded him that Africans and Arabs were the enslavers to blacks’ freedoms impede
That Britain was first to abolish slavery at home in 1807 and in 1838 in the Empire
That 2000 British seamen battling slave ships had their lives expire
Leaving Lemon speechless without responsive words
Just as well as almost everything he says is absurd
© September  28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, September 24, 2022

All Hands on the Blue Deck As Latinos Increasingly Are Heading to the Reds Instead of Blues


The alarm bells in the DNC are finally starting to ring
As each day news of more Latinos shifting to Reds bring
Beto whose campaign has been sidelined by a bacterial infection
Is blasting Biden for the Latinos from the party to Reds defection
Blues for years have taken for granted the Latino and black vote
They never anytime to their issues or needs would devote
Blacks living in urban shooting galleys their safety ignored
Daily dodging the gun shots bringing blood and gore
Watching their kids in basic skills falling further and further behind
While the teachers’ unions, who fund Blues, to the damage caused by viral learning were blind
When Biden at last minute is restarting some construction on the Border Wall
Too little too late to the shift from Blues to Reds block or stall
To make America great again Reds know we need a big tent
For all Americans who want safe streets, good schools, less inflation, secure border and less federal money spent
The Reds’ Commitment to America really makes sense
Watch more and more Blues to Reds crossing over the fence

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jane's Revenge Is Attacking Pro Life Centers and Threatening More Violence But Escapes Domestic Terrorist Designation


The melody of the dog whistles of semi-fascists and domestic terrorist are still being heard
The violence from the pro-choice side on the abortion debate has become absurd
Jane’s Revenge which supports abortion and violence against supporters of pro-life
Has unleased on pro-life centers a level and frequency of attack that have become rife
17 attacks on pro-life centers have resulted in not one arrest
Probably emboldened by their attacks the thugs in an open letter suggest
It's open season on pro-life centers that do not close their doors
And the violence will not be erased by cleaning off blood or fake gore
In Michigan an 84 year old female volunteer passing out pamphlets against a proabortion measure
Was shot in the arm by someone upset the person had the temerity to abortion oppose who showed his displeasure
Firebombing and defacing pro-life centers is really a disturbing trend
By their silence in condemning one has feeling Blues could care less if it does not end
In their sick minds it is a one issue lightning rod to drive the base to the polls
Ignoring the loss of decency and ability to debate which will take their toll

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

People Are Flocking to the Red Dime Stores to Escape Inflation Not Find Terrorists as Cross Claims


Tiffany Cross is so misnamed as she is not a valued gemstone of wisdom to acquire
But cheap costume jewelry you would find at Dollar General and wearing it quickly tire
In her steady stream of guests whose role to crucify and Reds who dare to disagree
Cross had on Jason Johnson a tenure prof who is unmatched on a bias spree
Johnson, egged on by Cross, claimed Republicans are merely a “dime store front for a terrorist organization”
A dog whistle to have them persecuted to the utmost and jailed in condemnation
Reds are not terrorists far from it
But his choice of dime store lends to a comment to submit
A dime store is symbolic of Dollar General and 99 Cents stores
Where shoppers looking for values pay less and get much more
With the recession soon to enter its third quarter and inflation showing not sign to end
Shoppers of all income are to them flocking
To find prices in this inflationary world are pleasantly shocking
This professor who wants to fleece not golden but with bias
Voters to vote Blue with rants too pious
Has mistakenly hit the nail on the head
When shopping for ideas and policies go to the dime store of the Reds
No terrorism only values to survive the recession and get ahead
An oasis from inflation and the new 87,000 IRS agents we should dread

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Investigation Cleared Mounted CBP Innocent of False Charges of Whipping Illegals Yet No Apology From Biden


A public official with some integrity and honor when he or she makes a mistake
Contriteness and a sincere and meant apology will be the path to take
But public official without integrity and honor will remain mute
Despite all manner of video evidence and all investigation the allegations did refute
Trying to control a stream of illegals mounted CBP used their reins to control their horses not illegals whip
A firestorm of criticism hurled by the MSM who on reality lost grip
Igniting howls for punishment for whipping by leading Blues and by Biden whose outrage was far ahead
Vowing the CBP agents would be punished for “whipping” illegals crossing a stream bed
Rarely have we seen our impaired president with such unmitigated fury
Though the video showing no whips was fairly clear not blurry
A thorough long investigation found no whipping, but Biden’s rant of punishment ruined the agents’ reputations
Little if any retraction which if given was buried in the MSM which lived up to its condemnation
And from Biden who ran on a promise to bring the nation together and unify
Not a word not a peep hiding behind his failed memory of his rants on which to rely
A leader of integrity would have apologized and said he was wrong
Just another example why this frail and divisive president in the Oval Office does not belong

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

As Russian Males Flee Russia to Avoid Being Conscripted to Fight and Die in Ukraine, Finland Closes Its Borders


The Russian Ukraine invasion was supposed to be a walkover to achieve
They were supposed to be in a few days the rulers of Kviv
Instead with NATO weapons and Ukrainian courage the invasion bogged down
And daily more and more Russian bodies started to arrive back in Russian towns
As Russian casualties piled up more and more the bottom of the Russian barrel to scrape
Putin is calling up his conscripts and bringing back the draft prompting Russian males to try to escape
No one in Russia it seems wants to die to their Slavic cousins enslave
Especially when in so trying good chance to end in an early grave
Thousands trying to flee to Finland in quantities to cause Finland to its border close
As world condemnation over war crimes in Ukraine territories recovered from the Russians grows
We discovered a mini Soviet Katyn Forest in Izyum, Ukraine
Hundreds of civilian corpses, hands tied behind their backs, bullets in their brains
A desperate Putin is blustering the use of tactile nukes which seems so far to be a bluff
The U.S. and NATO must increase the weapons flow to into a trash bin Putin’s dream of conquest stuff
But longer ranged missiles and artillery should not the Russian border cross
But should have free range in Ukraine territories where Putin will hold sham referendum to disguise his battlefield loss
The war given its effect on worldwide food and energy supplies must come to an end
And any U.S. messages for support of regime change we must reverse and no longer send
All Russian territory including the Crimea to Ukraine returned
A pledge that membership by Ukraine it will not be able to earn
But NATO members will have the option to aid Ukraine if Russia again invades
A schedule for removal of sanctions and a restoration of the energy products trade

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Protests Against Iranian Leaders Across the Nation Due to Death of Masha Amini Following a "Heart Attack" While in CustodyLtin


22 year old  Mahsa Amini has died while in custody of Iranian police for not having a hijab on her face
Police falsely claimed this young woman died of a heart attack thinking the claim would belief in her murder erase
Since her death against the Iranian tyrants protests have the nation swept
Outcries over the fact that in ending decency and human rights the regime oversteps
Save in Russia due to the Ukraine, the Biden Administration views regime change like the plague
Fixated on trying to a nuke deal restart, words and feckless sanctions instead of getting leaders before the ICC at the Hague
We are arming the Ukrainians with all manner of lethal weapons to Russians kill
Does this feckless Administration against the Revolutionary Guard have the same will?
Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and when it acquires nukes, its terrorism will be emboldened not restrained
Iranians across the nation are in the streets of 140 cities and have torched a military base while the revolt shows no signs of being contained
Unarmed protesting citizens against Revolutionary Guards armed to the teeth
Will be met with bloodshed from automatic weapons causing deadly grief
Iran’s borders to arms smuggling are less secure than our open border
What if we started smuggling arms and explosives to cause chaos and disorder?
Doubt if the average Iranian could care less if the nation had deliverable nukes
But the Revolutionary Guard would not welcome being exposed to armed citizens’ deadly rebuke
Add to the list of arms, Western music and movies, dances and clothes
Suspect out of the misogynist confines of feudal Islam large numbers of Iranians would want to go

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Kirby Blames Reds For Crisis on the Border--Memories of Baghdad Bob?


Whenever a barometer keeps falling it is an indication of a major storm on its way
Whenever political polls go negative on a party’s handling on an issue on display
The party slammed by negative ratings will not try to the issue solve
But fingers of blame to on the other party revolve
When that happens it is a sure sign that voters will their votes shift
The open border now blamed on Reds is the latest in efforts to Blues chance lift
Kirby whose credibility is more like that of Baghdad Bob’s blames Reds for not funding DHS
When the mantra of the Blues seems to have been to abolish or at least cripple ICE and CBP left undermanned to deal with tidal wave of immigrants' mess
Reds have winning issues in inflation, crime, and open border with millions of illegals and massive fentanyl
In amounts sufficient by the millions of Americans to kill
Blues have on January 6 and the misnamed abortion war fight
When the issue should be when to exercise the right
Abortion will be allowed in all states but debate on when a woman an abortion must chose
If Reds frame the issue that late term abortion be banned unless in rape, incest or to mother save on the issue Blues will lose
Bill Clinton who would be too moderate to today as a Blue presidential candidate hat  wear
Stated “abortion should be legal, safe and rare”
A miniscule number of abortions are in the third trimester performed
But Blues want on demand abortion right up to the moment of birth as the norm
An overwhelming majority of Reds condemn the protestors on January 6, aping the storming of the Bastille
But is not the bigger threat to our democracy Biden’s politicization of the DOJ and FBI to target parents as “domestic terrorists” reveal?
Or worse label millions of Americans who voted for Trump as semi-fascists and extremists
Blowing the dog whistles of hate that they do not have the right to exist?
How many more Reds like Cayler Ellingson have to be run over to die?
Before Biden condemns and demands that those protesting the norms of peaceful protest comply?

© September 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, September 23, 2022

The Only Thing Blues Can Run On Is Abortion Up to Birth and January 6, 2021


The Blues cannot run on their record at the border
Over 2 million + illegals along with drugs, human trafficking and disorder
Cannot run on the economy which is by inflation being crippled
With rising interest rates that will crush housing not just a mere ripple
With the massive amounts of spending rising prices have hit the pumps and dining room tables
Fed playing hardball interest rates catchup due to the earlier it’s only transitory fable
With citizens being robbed, raped, murdered and assaulted in soaring rates
And thin Blue Lines getting thinner due to retirement and resignations as on them Blues continue to berate
Cannot run on safety because leftist Soros funded D.A.’s are putting felons back quickly on the streets
Americans have memories and images of defund the police with them are replete
Cannot run of the Afghanistan cut and run that made us a laughingstock
With our leaving thousands of allies behind trust in our commitments blocked
With the funding arm of the DNC the teachers’ unions fighting tooth and nail
To keep schools closed, ignoring the results of viral learning as in basic skills students in larger numbers fail
Blues support of CRT
Guts King’s “I Have a Dream Memory”
Outside our shores Russia saw a weak president threatening only weak sanctions and Putin invaded Ukraine
China rattling sabers and violating Taiwan airspace meaning unlikely from invasion it will long refrain
The only things the Blues can run on is women’s abortion rights that the rights of the fetus are tossed
Blues refuse to reveal at what stage of pregnancy as birth nears closer the right is lost
Even the most rabid prochoice voter must know abortion after breaking water or  during labor would voters cost
Second to buy into the divisive Biden rants that MAGA Reds are domestic terrorists and to our democracy the greatest threat
Compared to the devastation of our military by Woke and forced vaccinations which 75 million will not take that bet
The Blues are apoplectic as McCarthy with the Commitment to America Gingrich aped
Reds in addition to attacking Blues are touting how this nation they will improve as they reshape

© September 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, September 22, 2022

No Bail for January 6 Protestors But 50 Grand Bond For Killing a "Right Wing Extremist" With a SUV

 In a world where there are two standards of justice one for Blues and the other for Reds
We are suffering the unwanted consequences of Lady Justice having her blindfold from the scales of justice shed
41 year old Shannon Brandt had had too much to drink
Got into a political argument with 18yr Cayler Ellingson not wanting to hear what Caylor chose to think
Ran him over on purpose with his SUV and fled the scene
Knowing people with Cayler had the attack seen
Returned to call 911 to tell the dispatcher he had hit Cayler because a “right wing extremist group” was pursuing him
Then left before the first responders arrived to Cayler try to save
To the nearest hospital only to fail to the morgue and then to the grave
The news reports of the attack and accident did not mention “a right wing extremist group”
Unsure why not as this would support Biden’s attack on MAGA’s and would be a newsworthy scoop
Brandt was soon arrested and charged with leaving the scene and  DUI vehicular homicide
And sent to jail to there awaiting arraignment reside
But being threatened by  “right wing extremists” is a worthy card to  get of jail
On January 6 many of those protestors arrested were held for long periods  without bail
But Brandt’s case since “right wing extremists” are not worthy of protection he walked on a bond of 50 grand
Hopefully he is not an antifa type thug and will not flee but no wonder Reds believe two standards of law in this land

© September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

If Reds Keep the Narrative on Inflation, Crime and Open Borders They Will Win Lose If Diverted by Abortion and Threat to Democracy Spinpen borinflation


If the Reds can keep the election narrative on inflation, crime and open borders they will win
But if the narrative is consumed by the abortion and threat to our democracy spin
There is a great chance that the expected Red Wave will peter out
Worse the Blues may add one or more Senators to the filibuster rout
2 more years of Biden unchecked in any manner by the House and Senate so hard in 2024 to have the ship come about
Blues have come to realize crime is their Achilles heel
Daily in public almost anywhere, in church, in school or in a car fear on safety we have to deal
But to stay elected the Defund the Police Blues are like chameleons and their colors shed
But their new colors are only on the surface and poet election will be gone which if one has a memory they will vote RedThe ability to have an abortion is a weighty issue that a woman will not face every day
If on contraceptives and sexually active should not be a concern until the pills are put away
Daily we have to face the consequences of the inflation is only transitory fable
While struggling very hard to be able to put food on the table
Threat of democracy is a valid concern as it must be preserved
But who is the greater threat parents concerned over education and labeled domestic terrorists a label not deserved
Or a highly politicized Biden’s DOJ?
Willing to sic the FBI on anyone who stands in Biden’s way?
Should not we be outraged over more than 2,000,000 illegals each year
And a tidal wave of deadly drugs like fentanyl we should really fear?
Over $20 Billion in services on them having to be spent
Overcrowding emergency rooms, classrooms and shelter while our homeless are living in tents
Our cities and states social services for their residents are under a crippling attack
With the demands of over 2,000,000 illegals and counting the necessary funds the cities and states lack
 © September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mexico Earthquake Create Seiche Tsunami After Traveling 1500 Mile Over Land


We have known for decades that earthquakes on or near the ocean floor will tsunamis generate
That will flow across the seas for hundreds if not thousand miles at a rapid rate
The 9.2 Good Friday Earthquake in Alaska on the effects should remove any skepticism
12 people in Crescent City, California were killed by the tsunami some 1700 miles from the quake schism
We have now learned that the shock waves of an earthquake don’t need an ocean for a tsunami to create
On Monday a 7.6 earthquake rocked Mexico some 1500 miles from Devil’s Hole where after a 22 minute wait
A seiche like tsunami with 4 foot waves was sloshing in partially filled over a hundred feet deep cave
Fortunately no one was in the cave so no one from falling limestone had to be saved
No ocean on which the seiche needed to travel
If in house on lake so far away sense of safety to unravel
The only possible fatalities may be the endangered Devil’s Hole Pupfish that feed on the algae on the rocks
Which may largely have been washed away by the seiche created by the shock
The world is a far worse place when another endangered species becomes extinct
So far rangers have seen no fish float to the surface and we hope the algae to the rocks can quickly link

© September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

After Biden's U.N. Speech. South Korean President Caught on a Hot Mic


At Biden’s speech at the UN where he condemned Russia but vowed to spend
More dollars not to Ukraine but to the UN Global Fund committed to T.B., AIDS and malaria end
$6 Billion to the Fund’s $18 Billion goal
More spending gasoline on the inflation fires now taking their toll
Fortunately our Imperial President with his $1.5 Trillion spent E.O. pen
Will not be able to use his E.O. pen and to Congress a request must send
The U.K. has already declined to the Fund a billion dollars commit
With inflation raging, rising interest rates signaling our economy will be taking more of a hit
Reds and Blues in close raises may come to their inflation fighting senses to vote “no”
The South Korean President was caught on a hot mic to on us his true feeling show
How could Biden not lose damn face if these f---ers do not pass it in Congress?”
American agree about the designation of Congress but think Biden’s record for face makes him faceless
Certainly with China and North Korea this weak cognitively impaired president has little face left to lose
His day late dollar short warnings on China probably mean only a question of time when invasion China will chose
Ending malaria, T.B. and AIDS is a noble and laudable goal
But giving $18 Billion to the UN is more spending waste down a rat hole

© September 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

17 yr old hit and run driver wrist slapped by Gascon to juvenile camp now seeking early release


George Gascon after the second recall attempt failed due to invalid signatures on the petition
Must be feeling invincible and immune to voter outrage and such ego that he did not ape D.A. Bodine’s perdition
L.A. was outraged when Gascon sentenced a 17 year old hit and run felon who hit a mother and her 8 month old infant in a pram
Gascon’s soft of criminal guidelines sentenced the driver to a couple months in a juvenile camp and the public’s outrage be damned
Now we learn the driver is appearing in court to seek early release
Typical, the victim was kept in the dark to the chances of freedom increase
Everyone especially those very young deserve a second chance
Doubtful in a few months in camp the driver will mend his ways and to more crimes advance
From the consequences of his soft on criminals Gascon has been freed
Our violent crime wave in L.A. will continue as our safety goes to seed
Another recall attempt is hard to contemplate
Those who wanted it will have to the 2024 D.A. election wait

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Thanks to NTSB and the Biden Infrastructure Bill In the Not To Distant Future Mandatory Interlocks on All New Cars


Through the years the federal government has added to the list
Safety features that in any new car must exist
Front airbags, electronic stability control, safety belts and the LATCH safety system for child’s seat
Devices needed to in a serious vehicle accident, death or severe injury defeat
Accidents due to DUI’s in this nation annually result in a large deadly toll
Despite all the signs and warning to not drink and drive too many injured or departed souls
Jail sentences, higher insurance premiums, and loss of license and still too many drive after they drink
Deluded that they are not impaired or they won’t be caught they think
Most states now approach the problem with interlock devices but with one drawback
They are required after the horse has left the barn after a convicted DUI fact
The National Transportation Safety Board has recommend that all new vehicles come with interlocks
If the driver has a BAC above the legal limit starting the car is blocked
In Biden’s infrastructure on all new cars interlocks will be installed before the car rolls off the assembly line in some 5 or so years
The number of annual deaths from DUI’s now at over 11,000 would start to disappear
One less thing for a parent with a partying teen to fear
If the cost for the interlocks came down to equal the reduction in the insurance bills
We would more quickly reduce the number DUI’s would kill
The privacy issue would remain if authorities would know each time if a BAC caused a car not to start
Allowing them to a potential driver’s criminal activity to impart
Mandatory interlocks would be a win, win device save to one class
Lawyers specializing in DUI defense would see a large amount of income crash

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Another Senseless Murder in a Small City That Ranks 6th Per Capita Murder Rate


Almost as certain as the Sun will always rise in the East
One’s safety from violent crime will not be more but least
If one lives or visits cities like Baton Rouge where the mayor is Blue
In almost any activity outside the home day or night a gun one might want to carry to
Baton Rouge which means the red stick may be aptly named
For the color of the liquid flowing in its streets as gun violence is not tamed
This city is the capital of the state and home of the LSU Tigers
Has a per capita murder rate that the mind staggers
It ranks in the top ten coming in at number 6 in the nation
Murders solved at a little over half and murders down this year 15 percent for some elation
But the Baton Rouge PD struggles to 90 vacancies to fill
August raise for cops of 7 percent was wiped by inflation’s surging bills
Allison Rice a senior at LSU heading home was stopped at the crossing of a railroad
When suspects not yet known their firearms chose to unload
Killing her but in the thinnest silver lining thread for a family that grieves
No shots hit her face so one last chance to view in an open casket was achieved
Senseless heinous crime
An innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Memphis PD Failed to Investigate Properly 2021 Rape Alleged to Have Been Committed by Fletcher's Alleged Murderer


A lawsuit filed against the Memphis Police Department will not bring Lisa Fletcher back
But it would send out a chilling message to police who fail to investigate a rape attack
Cleotha Abston for a violent kidnapping was sentenced at age 16 to serve 24 years
The judge was clear that he could until the entire sentence was served from prison into the public appear
Instead without a parole hearing or any conditions to an early release on him placed
He was released from prison after 20 years and had his victim not died his release would have been opposed
20 years in prison must have done little for him to mend his criminal ways
Not too long after his release his past criminal behavior was on display
Set up a blind date on a dating app and when the victim arrived he pulled a gun and forced her into a vacant apartment to be raped
She contacted the police who took a rape kit and received suspect’s name and dating app phone believing from justice the rapist would not escape
The victim was according to the cops “a young ordinary black girl” without wealthy or influential family or friends
Their investigation for all intent and purposes after sending rape kit to the state but without request for expedited processing came to an end
The kit sent on September 21, 2021 sat at the state unexamined until June, coming back of August 30, 2022 which quickly revealed him to be the rapist in 2021
Sadly too late for Fletcher’s husband and kids to have prevented the Fletcher killing he is alleged to have done
Fletcher would be alive today as had the Memphis PD done their job he would have been awaiting trial
Now he sits wondering if he will after conviction be walking the green mile
The 2021 rape victim has also just sued the Memphis PD
Adding to the fact too often two standards of justice for perpetrators but also for victims we see
The color of a victim’s skin or the thickness a victim’s billfold
Should never impact whether a criminal investigation is lackluster or pedal to the metal bold

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

3rd 75 Basis Point Rise in the Discount Rate to Fight the Surging Inflation Biden Misled the Nation Was Only Transitory


The inflation that the Fed and the Biden Administration assured was transitory has proved to be not
The Fed today has sounded the all inflation fighters hands on deck today to have it fought
The 3rd hike of 75 basis points in 4 months in the feds funds rate
The Fed has come to its senses and is serious about inflation trying to abate
But the Fed is handicapped like a hanger of wallpaper with only one arm
For the Biden Administration spending trillions refuses to hit the reduce spending alarm
Trillions of printed money has by the Biden Administration in a very short time been spent
As more and more Americans are struggling to ends meet and wondering where their savings went
As long as the spigot of federal spending is opened wide
It is going to be a long slog to get the inflation to subside
Biden held hostage by the war on fossil fuels fanatics
Refuses to increase domestic energy production an inflation reduction so pragmatic
Instead trying to prevent an inflation induced Red wave
Keeps dipping into the Petroleum Strategic Reserve reserved to from energy production disasters the nation save
Maybe it is a desperate attempt by Blues to convince the mere mortals that they feel and share their pain
When Blue Congressional candidate Hillary Scholten making 200 grand has an ad saying on buying her kids new shoes she must refrain
Watch the housing market accelerate its crash
Higher interest on credit card debt means families have less cash
Open border, unchecked inflation, at least $20 billion a year on illegals and surging violent crime
The “Silent Majority” of the Vietnam War years today the “Silent Domestic Terrorists MAGA’s” will be coming out to vote big time

© September 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Katie Porter Is Supposed to Be Teaching not Representing to Be Able to Keep Her Discounted Home


Blue Rep Katie Porter has taught law at UC Irvine Law School
Students are forced to buy her books to learn how to use their legal tools
Almost 300 grand a year for a few courses but she needed more
Received royalties of over 7 grand from books sold at the UCI Company Store
In an area where million dollars plus homes are an Orange County Shack
Thanks to University faculty discount housing program requiring her to remain on a teaching law track
Was able to buy a home at a discount for some half a million bucks
Had to continue to teach and if ceased was out of luck
Through the influence of a wealthy donor she still owns the home
In the faculty housing discount program zone
But to teach again she has not come back
Diminishing the ability of UCI to with housing discounts faculty attract
Her law books cost an arm and a leg to a law student’s budget sink
Requiring your book to be bought above others really seems to stink
This head of the progressive caucus voted to support Biden in 98% of the votes
As a progressive anything adverse to fossil her support she will devote
This should be a very close race
If Baugh pushes inflation, crime, drugs and open border good chance to her replace

© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue Hillary Scholten Running for Congress Is Complaining Inflation Making It Hard to Live on Her 200 Grand Salary


Blue Representative Scholten running in Western Michigan against a Trump endorsed candidate that in the primaries the DNC with donations backed
Who made 200 grand as a lawyer last year with a husband who may also work is complaining inflation is causing family financial setbacks
A campaign ad trying to her as a mere mortal play
With a child with torn sandal mended with duct tape on display
The air conditioner turn off to avoid high electricity bills to pay
Unable to buy new shoes for her two kids to wear on back to school day
Not being able to live on 200 grand plus what her husband makes doesn’t pass the smell test
Clearly if her income was more like her potential constituents meeting the family budget she would be hard pressed
Very seductive ad with its pitch hard to be believed that “Blues need to start spending less”
And that “Reds need to start caring more about people” stress
If we are as a nation needing to have our government spend less not more
How can you trust a candidate who complains living on 200 grand is an impossible chore?
And how can you trust a party who thought her opponent in the Red primary had to be backed?
So in the general endorsed by Trump a majority of the votes against her he would lack

© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Double Standard Rule Biden Flights and Busing Not Human Trafficking But Red Ones to Sanctuary Cities Are


A Tale of not of Two Cities but of two types of flights
Same cargo, different plane and pilots, some during the day but many early morning or late at night
The Biden Administration has been busing and flying illegals into the interior
Going to great lengths to conceal the trips with motives dangerously ulterior
These illegals are viewed by Blues as future Blue voters who will the demographics of the nation forever alter
To cause Reds’ attempts to be elected to any offices to almost certainly falter
Sight unseen the illegals to cities and towns not equipped to handle the inflow
Blues hoping that Americans will be kept in the dark and never know
Doubtful the illegals have any ability to refuse to board
Nor do the receiving destinations have any say as their social services are gored
Sadly only when Hispanics begin to start voting  in large and growing numbers for Reds
Will the Blues come to their senses and any support for sanctuary cities and open borders shed
The Reds flights to Martha’s Vineyard on that wealthy island of elites
Produced a tidal wave of protest that caring for 50 illegals was too much so they were placed on a military base bound bus seats
Not a peep about human trafficking when the flights and buses are Blue
Not a peep about the hundred being smuggled by the cartels raped or slew
© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Misnamed "Sunny" Hostin on the View Slammed For Being a Racist For Attacking Nikki Haley For Using Her Middle Name Since Elementary Schoolning Hfor befor ed fs


AsunciĆ³n Cummings Hostin who goes by a misname “Sunny” is a racist leftist The View co-host
Better named as “Stormy” this woman of bias and against Reds demeaning and ad hominem roasts
Was ranting against Niki Haley as a potential presidential candidate due to her policies and record?
Valid basis for civil debate but for “Stormy” a more biased rationale to have her politically gored
Nimrata Haley since elementary school has gone by Nikki, her middle name
But to “Stormy” without any basis intoned that Nikki was used because of her Indian heritage she was ashamed
What a racist demeaning comment from someone who has forsaken her own first name
With an excuse that our failing school systems would prevent its pronunciation falls short and lame
With The View’s troika of leftist bias of Hostin, Goldberg, and Behar
Any rational discussion of important issues and events of the day is barred
And in a fitting end to “Stormy’s” anti-Haley racist smears
Caryn Elaine Johnson aka Whoopi Goldberg ended it as viewers rightfully no longer wanted to hear
© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Irrationally Claims It Is Not Rational to Send Illegals From Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela Back to Their Homes


Biden was questioned about the tidal wave of illegals crossing our borders each day
With a straight face he claimed it was not rational to those from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba away
Claimed numbers of illegals from Mexico and Central America are decreasing
That we should applaud his efforts while total number of illegals keep increasing
What Biden must not realize is that an unskilled, semi-literate, unvetted illegal is an illegal and on our social safety net a crippling drain
Should matter not to the adverse impact on the nation from what country he or she came
How rational was it for Biden to immediately the construction of the wall halt?
How rational was it for Biden claim the illegals’ surge was Trump’s fault
How rational was it to illegals the message on illegal immigration convey?
All you have to do is cross over, claim asylum and you will be allowed to stay?
How rational was it to end or ignore Trump’s border security measures that worked?
How rational was it to swamp the CBP with false asylum claims while the deadly drug invasion was going berserk
In a time of soaring inflation where Americans are struggling to put food on their tables
How rational was it to be spending over $20 billion on illegals’ welfare while pushing the inflation is transitory fable?
No matter how hard Biden, his Blue minions and MSM try to the border crisis coat in a sugarcoating spin
Lied to daily that the border is secure on inflation and illegal immigration the Reds if they push the narrative along with crime will win

© September 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Monday, September 19, 2022

Inflation Full Speed Ahead and the Recession Grows and Is not Near Dead


While it is becoming increasingly clear that the inflation beast has not been tamed
Increasing and putting all the Biden’s pronouncements it was “transitory” to shame
The FED handicapped by the trillions in excess federal spending that Biden has injected
Has only one weapon, raising interest rates to the rising inflation rates to be deflected
On Tuesday we get the data on the number of housing starts that are expected to be in decline
As mortgage interest rates continue to increase with increased payments to bring gloom and whine
Rising interest rates will the increase in inflation begin to slow
But a real fear is that the economy now for three quarters will continue to decrease not grow
It is believed that Biden with his executive order pen
Has caused an additional 1.5 trillion dollars the feds will spend
With our national debt having soared to new record heights
We will be handicapped to spend more dollars to ease the wave of illegals’ plight
And God help us if to protect Taiwan against China we must fight
While continuing to save Ukraine from the wounded Bear’s might
And worse having not enough money to address charity at home
Where thousands upon thousands of homeless in tent cities of filth roam
© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Left Shifting Narrative From Red Winning Issues Like Inflation, Open Borders and Crime to Abortion and Trump


Reds should never doubt the ability of the Blues to obfuscate the issues and the narrative shift
As they work 24/7 to cause the nation to daily to the left drift
From inflation, crime, open border with millions of illegals and massive amounts of drugs that kill
To abortion up to the moment of birth and MAGA Reds as biggest threats to our democracy still
Trump is not on the ballot but Blues want you to believe he is still there
With his MAGA quest that the preservation of our democracy does not share
If they add to the Senate and retain control of the House what will their hidden agenda be?
Massive increases in taxation collected by 87,000 new IRS agents many with guns to see
An end to the filibuster in the Senate to ensure California like one party banana republic rule
A DOJ and FBI politicized to the beck and call of the Blues as their coercive tool
The Swamp which votes Blue nearly 90% would become a state with 2 new Senators who would be forever Blue
As icing on the cake Puerto Rico added also with 2 new Senators of the same hue
An erosion of the power of states to their elections control
A veto power by the DOJ expand the federal role
No need to pack SCOTUS because any death of a Justice of SCOTUS will ensure confirmation of a leftist replacement
A nation once the shining light on the hill, economically so strong, subject to the left’s deadly abasement

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Another Franken May Be Laid Low by the Reptilian Brain as Mike Franken in Iowa Is Accused by Former Campaign Manager of Unwanted Sexual Advances


The reptilian brain in politics is alive and well
And on both sides of the aisle it is known too often to dwell
In Iowa a retired Admiral Mike Franken is running to Chuck Grassley unseat
Second try as failed in the Blue primary to try to in 2020 incumbent Joni Ernst defeat
News just out is that former campaign manager Kimberley Strope-Boggus has accused him of unwanted sexual advances
If her claims are not bogus but real an end to his winning against Grassley chances
What is unique about the claim
Is the fate of another Senator forced to resign in shame
Al Franken who often acted as if being a Senator was a SNL joke
Was hit with a slew of unwanted sexual advance claims by women to provoke
Demands that he resign from the Senate in disgrace
From both sides of the aisle outcry that he had soiled the dignity of the place
Facing the threat of censure and loss of all committee assignments on January 2, 2018
He resigned by the Senate scene
Do not believe Al and Mike are related but only share the same surname
And the fact that the reptilian brain was active in both to continuation of their political careers refrain
© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

In a Victory For Free Speech, 5th Circuit Upholds Texas Law Banning Censorship By Large Social Media Giants


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in its superior wisdom has chosen to the 11th Circuit not follow
In a case brought by Meta to invalidate Texas’ HB20 which bans censorship by social media giants its argument refused to swallow
The court ruled that the right of free speech is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights
And administered on Meta and its argument for censorship last rites
Conservatives across the nation have known for years
Social media giants  hiding behind algorithms will not allow conservative thought to appear
Or will severely limit the ability of such ideas to be shared
Leading the population to believe ideas opposing the left are not there
In Florida the 11th Circuit has evidently ruled the other way
Social media giants can political speech of candidates and supporters refuse to display
There is now a split circuit which increases the likelihood SCOTUS will hear the two cases
In today’s world if a person or his or her ideas are banned that person from the body politic is for all intent and purposes erased
Social media giants are utilities distributing not electricity, phone service or gas
But the distribution of all manner of communications that unless illegal or hate speech should censorship by-pass
Preventing social media giants from censoring content not illegal or hate speech would democracy nourish
The marketplace of ideas to expand and flourish

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Newsom, the Hair Gel King and Brainchild of Operation Homeward Bound, Blasts De Santis as Morally Reprehensible For Sending Illegals to Martha's Vineyard


Listening to Pelosi’s leftist over the top rants leads us to believe
That excessive use of Botox pierces the brain barrier to a loss of IQ achieve
Now with another leader Gavin Newsom who has the Oval Office in sight
Excessive use of another styling chemical should give us some fright
Newsom is the hair gel king
So quick to the open border chaos debate ad hominem attacks bring
Viciously attacked Governor de Santis of the Sunshine State
“Morally reprehensible” to send illegals on planes north to get Biden to join in the debate
In a case of money not well spent
A 100 grand to Crist’s campaign against De Santis he sent
De Santis runs a state with no income taxes, open schools and a booming economy
With people by the thousands moving from one party ruled Blue states to escape their demonomy
After hearing Newsom’s vicious personal attacks De Santis said the hair gel had affected his brain
Now we know in addition to infection his rants are also notes from a typical hypocrisy refrain
When Newsom was mayor of Feces City from 2004 to 2011 even then in crisis of homelessness running wild
He came up with a solution “Homeward Bound” which he claimed to be the brainchild
A one way Greyhound Bus ticket anywhere in or out of the state hopefully to friends or family members
In the first ten years of operation some 8,000 homeless were bussed out of Feces City a fact Newsom and his role must not remember
Homeward Bound, Newsom’s brainchild still operates with far less riders each year
But still larger than the number of homeless sent on 2 planes to Martha’s Vineyard that caused the elite NIMBY’s such loathing and fear

© September 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Harris Idiotically Wants Path to Citizenship When the Border Remains Wide Open to Illegals From Around the World


Even when Harris manages to deviate from her normal word salad pitch
To speak in coherent sentences she sheds the truth into the ditch
Still lying the border is secure she claims that  Trump our border security did decimate
Total lie with his border wall construction and stay in Mexico illegals crossing fell to one of our lowest rates
Biden from day one has handcuffed ICE to illegals deport and curtailed CBP’s ability to the border secure
Instead of catching and sending illegals back they are swamped with processing illegals to drugs flooding across unmanned border areas insure
What this leftist VP does not comprehend or begin to understand
You cannot create a path to citizenship to illegals living in this land
If the border is open to all from any place regardless of whether they possess the skills we need
No matter what the Blues say about it’s not time to come they will not heed
And the nation’s lifeboat to prosperity and its safety will flounder
As millions of unskilled illegals needing to be fed and housed and deadly drugs we will encounter

© September 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Word Salad Queen Refuses Again To Comment on Illegals on D.C. Buses But Second Man Pipes In That It Is a Shameful Stunt la


The Word Salad Queen was once again speechless and refused again to respond
On more illegals being transported from the border to near her Naval Observatory
But the 2nd Man minced no words calling the busing “shameful” and a “political stunt”
If the comment was to be received like a swing for the fences it was more like a fouled off two strikes attempted bunt
He ranted that leaders in border states should be concentrating on improving the lives of the residents of their state
Been around the border is secure blind woman too long and oblivious to the efforts to get Biden to the illegals wave abate
How can we respect over 2 million illegals who have entered this year
Almost all of whom whose false claims of asylum due to economic hardship in immigration court years from now will never appear?
Bowser the Mayor of Washington D.C.
On the buses appearing has declared an emergency
To provide for needed funds and services to the illegals for free
While our own citizens who are homeless are in tents in filth mostly at sea
Bowser is oblivious to the idea that charity first at home begins
Not first to the illegals crossing who all manner of aid and support win

© September 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Russian Oligarchs Pritesting the War in Ukraine Are Dying Mysterious Death--When Do Russians Rise Up to Overthrow Putin With Help of Military


Russia is experiencing in its war with Ukraine  a world of hurt
In an invasion total domination in weeks the world thought the Russians would assert
The Iron Curtain may have fallen but knowing the Russian reaction to the war is hard to find
But some indication is that one has to be either a very brave or stupid Russian to on the war speak one’s mind
Putin retired from the KGB as a Lt. Colonel for 16 years
Anyone in Russia who protests against the war should have a lot to fear
Dissent in Russia is too often met with prison terms or sudden deaths
Almost 12 oligarchs in Russia who have faulted Putin for the war have suffered their last breath
Dubious accidents that are difficult to believe
More likely Putin’s attempt to complete dictatorial powers achieve
Russia when it comes to admitting casualties never has any loose lips
But many believe many more than 15,000 Russians have died as large swaths of the country they are losing their grip
It took 10 years in Afghanistan for the Soviets to lose the same number in 7 months of Ukraine War to have lost
How much longer will Russians support the cost?
Add to the body count growing each day the economic sanctions Russia is having to endure
Along with the fact that wealthy Russian oligarchs no longer feel their assets from seizure by the West are secure
And the Russian military may now feel that to topple Putin it is now time
Turn him over to the International Crimes Court in The Hague for war crimes
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Ukraine Forces Retake Izyum to Find Katyn Forest Massacre Deja Vu As War Wages On and Ukraine On the Counteroffensive


The Ukraine War between Russia and Ukraine  is still being fought
And shades of Katyn Forest Massacre in WWII with the Russia the rules of war go for naught
Ukraine forces in a counter offensive Izyum retake
What they find as to that statement there is no mistake
450 bodies executed with many with hands tied behind their back
When it comes to war crimes Putin with his Stalin traits does not lack
In the fog of war the truth is always the first casualty
Ukraine failed to collapse in days and heavy Russian deaths are now the new normality
The more advanced weapons NAT0 sends to the Ukraine
The more Russian coffins will be loaded on the back to Russia trains
Russia continues to rattle sabers against the West and the dangers of its attacks on a very large nuclear power plant to ignore
Announces if the U.S. adds longer range missiles to Ukraine a red line will have crossed with increased blood and gore
While Biden the number two in the infamous Obama Syrian chemical weapons red line in the sand
Is warning Russia of consequential consequences if the urge to use nukes or chemical weapon can no longer withstand
We are edging closer to miscalculation that could escalate to WWIII
With global deaths and destructions in amounts no one in their right mind would want to see
With Ukraine wanting to its borders restore and the loss of Crimea by referendum nullify
Bringing an end to this war will sadly the efforts of the most capable negotiator defy
Clearly our cognitively impaired president is not the guy
But somehow the world must get Ukraine and Russia to the table as millions upon millions have no desire to die

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Our Hopefully Soon to Be Lame Duck Speaker Leading Delegation to Armenia Instead of Trying to Solve Issues Life Crime and Open Border


As our border crisis continues to grow out of control
As hundreds of thousands of illegals’ needs are inflicting on our social safety net a huge toll
A humanitarian crisis on our border beyond belied
Human trafficking and deadly illegal drugs causing untold grief
Our number three in line to the Oval Office is trying out her statesman role
Leading a delegation to Armenia to achieve a peace between it and Azerbaijan as goal
Her ego convincing her that Putin failed but she will be able to the violence control
As hopefully Pelosi after Election Day will be a lame duck
And the House in January will start undoing the disasters by Biden the nation has been struck
We would be better served if our number three stayed here
Get involved in stopping the flood of illegals that daily appear
Or the violent crime in Blue run cities that has communities of color living in fear
Or curbing the Feds’ spending spree that is causing our pensions and savings to disappear
And better yet to use her legendary persuasive powers to hold Biden’s divisiveness in check
MAGA Reds are not domestic terrorists but support America first and socialism reject
Biden once said if unified there is nothing we cannot do
Yet this cognitive cripple quickly out the window any ideas of unity threw

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Don Lemon's Prime Time Show to Be Cancelled to Move to a "Reimagined" "New Day"


MSM lightbulbs are finally being turned on
Low ratings mean lower ad rates now starting to dawn
The new mantra facing the MSM is “Go Woke and You Go Broke”
Don Lemon the king of low ratings will soon have his show revoked
To move from prime time to “New Day” which is due for a reimaging
The jury should be still out to believe Lemon will an increase of viewers bring
Like a true leftist able to reality avoid and deny
When asked about the cancellation “It’s not a demotion,” was his reply
The only good thing one can say about Lemon is that he has the right surname
Like an auto of the same name, acceptance of his leftist views is not long retained
John Berman and Brianna Keilar will remain at “New Day” until Lemon appears
With Keilar’s liberal slant many thought that Chris Licht would have her disappear
She evidently will not be let go but not known what role at CNN she will perform
But probably will be on egg shells as at CNN objectivity becomes the new norm
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Tomi Lahren in Fear For Her Life as Leftist Mob Forced Her Evacuation From UNM Speech


On university campuses free speech is under violent attack
The idea that universities should be open to the exchange of ideas is being sacked
If one is a conservative speaker who has been invited to on campus speak
That person is risking not just heckling but physical violence by leftists who banning conservatives seek
Tomi Lahren  was invited by Turning Point USA
To speak at UNM but 100 leftists did not want to allow the audience to hear what she had to say
Protestors pounding on the door trying to get in
While the student newspaper reported the demonstration in a peaceful spin
Lahren and her supporters were in fear of their lives
Outnumbered and being evacuated by police to survive
UNM needs to put action behind its words that it values free speech
When the protestors were in fascist shutdown mode trying to the doors breach
It must identify the protestors involved and then after due process expel
Enemies of free speech right or left belong Hell

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In Martha's Vineyard the NIMBY's Rule To Quickly Bus the Two Planeloads of Illegals To the Nearest Military Base


The Word Salad Queen was speechless after lying to the nation the border is secure
She must think we are stupid or blind not see the thousands of illegals crossing each day drawn daily by Biden’s open border lure
So fitting that some 100 illegals from Texas have been dropped off near Harris’ home
No comment from her of how a secure border means illegals nor any attempt by her to her lies atone
The Blue elite of Martha’s Vineyard are bleeding hearts to support the illegals open border cause
That is until they arrive at their doorstep to quickly reveal their NIMBY flaws
Two plane loads of illegals from Florida landed at Martha’s Vineyard’s airport
Were they welcomed with open arms with residents standing in line to them support?
No the elite were blowing gaskets and quickly to a military base the illegals to deport
Lost in the outrage of how illegals are destroying our social safety net
The plight of the homeless in Martha’s Vineyard the elite are too quick to forget
In this oasis of wealth and privilege Ten Percent of the population live below the poverty line
And the number of homeless have increased from 28 to 41 while the elite on a few illegals can only whine
While our cities have been turned into tent cities of thousands in parks and sidewalks
While millions of dollars of aid flowing to illegals for our American homeless only empty talk

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

After Lying on TV to the Nation the Border Is Secure the Word Salad Queen Is Speechless As 2 Buses of Illegals Dropped Off Near Her House


The Word Salad Queen can spew out words in a steady convoluted stream
Leaving her listeners struggling big time to decipher what they mean
Harris lied through her teeth on a Sunday TV show
So it is only fitting that 2 busloads of illegals from “secure” Del Rio to her home had to go
In her twisted open border mind the border is of course “secure”
If less than 3 million illegals are attracted by the open border lure
In something most of us thought we would never witness
When asked to comment on the arrivals any response even a cackle she would suppress
To keep on walking as quickly as she could away
Leaving reporters also speechless in dismay
Blue mayors and governors are going through the roof
With illegals now bused into their cities they can no longer remain aloof
When all else fails what is a Blue like Newsom to do?
Sic the DOJ on Red governors for imagined criminal activity without further ado
Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray must be licking their chops
For another chance to detested conservative action to now try to stop

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Mandela Out to Lunch Claiming Only Way to Fight Climate Change Is to Stymie Capitalism When U.S.A. Leads World in Carbon Emissions Due to Fracking for Natural Gasral Gas lea /Awhe


In Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes is so far left he is off the page
Ranting you have to stymie capitalism to a war on climate change successfully wage
Interesting claim that reveals he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he is talking about
What country has done the most in the carbon emissions reductions bout?
Not a socialist or communist but a capitalist one that he demands we must stymie
Looking at the record of carbon emission reduction he comes across as way too whiny
The answer is the good old USA
That with fracking brought massive amounts of low carbon natural gas in play
And the major carbon polluter is quite easy to guess
With photos of citizens of its larger cities in great breathing distress
The distinction belongs to China and its CCP
That for years has been on a coal driven electrical generators spree
Climate change is a problem that in the future we will have to face
As capitalism strives to the internal combustion engine replace
Not like California in its misguided only EV’s in the near future can be sold demand
Wisconsin voters should quickly come to realize Mandela is way too far left for this land

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Senator Hirano Blowing the Dog Whistles of Violence Against Pro-Life Supporters Who Should Fear For Their Safety


As the rhetoric and violence continues to rise off the charts
And Jane’s Revenge is claiming attacks on at least 18 pro-life centers that it took part
At a time when our leaders should be trying to ramp down the rhetoric before someone is killed
Senator Hirono of not only women must be heard but also believed is raising a call to arms in voices shrill
Responding to Senator Graham’s proposed bill to after 15 weeks abortions ban
With exception for rape, incest and threats to the mother’s help to withstand
She does not debate the merits only raises against pro-life movement a call to arms
Sure sounds like a call to cause pro-life supporters grave bodily harm
With pro-choice zealots like those at Jane’s Revenge already running lose
Senator Hirono’s call will very likely deadly attacks induce
Like so many Blues who feel they are in a safe seat
Believes she can blow the dog whistles for violence and not face defeat
This senator’s rants and calls for violence are a complete disgrace
Censure would be appropriate as we have to wait to in 2024 try to her replace

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Biden and Jill Ignore the Ease of Mail In Absentee Voting to Use Air Force One For Round Trip to Vote in Person


You have to hand it to Biden who rails that climate change is an existential threat
We must all do our part to in the reduction of carbon to aid and abet
One would think that the bully pulpit of carbon reduction from Biden we would see
Sadly the role of carbon reduction warrior is not for him only for mere mortals like me
Doubt it’s a carbon reduction plan rather than a means to generate voter fraud
But Biden is a tireless proponent of absentee balloting which he lauds
So when it comes time to vote in Delaware does he his ballot mail in
Hoping that his Blue primary winner will in the general also win?
No, Biden at taxpayer expense boards a jet so he can fly to Delaware and in person his vote cast
Any supporter of the Blue’s War on Climate Change should rightfully be aghast
Biden’s idea of fighting climate change is to fly to Delaware to vote in a 757 smaller version of Air Force I
Less costly to operate and less carbon emissions but still sounds like hypocrisy being spun
Hopefully for this quick round trip that mere mortals would have used the mail
To avoid the staggering costs and disruption a presidential flight would entail
The Biden campaign will pony up the cost
But for the voters his hypocrisy will not be lost

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Martha's Vineyard Here We Come As Florida Sends 2 Planeloads of illegals There


While Cackles continues to lie with a straight face that the border is secure
Florida is sending 2 plane loads of illegals to Cackles’ lies try to cure
For the first time the pricey enclave of Martha’s Vineyard will illegals from Florida receive
One hopes the consternation of the residents will help securing the border achieve
But 2 planeloads is merely a drop in the bucket
Biden true to form any citizen wrath will try to duck it
Only when the numbers over flow into the streets
And send the social safety net into full on retreat
Will the NIMBY warriors start thinking it’s time to Blues defeat
Here is a little known fact will knock you from your seat
A little over 10% of the residents live below the poverty line
Not illegals so not a part of the Biden open border bag of goodies design
With over 2 million crossings we are spending millions on illegals each day
While our homeless and mentally ill Americans are to fade quietly away
In Martha’s Vineyard there are 41 homeless compared to 28 last year
Probably wondering when the Biden illegals goodie bags in front of their tents will appear
Biden and Harris need to be dragged to the border to see what their open border policies have wrought
Can then no longer lie as millions upon millions around the globe an entrance to America have sought
© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Anti-white Racist Kelisa Wing Should Be Fired a the Pentagon's Top DEI enforcer


A bird cannot fly on only one wing
A society may not long survive if racist bias is all one brings
Kelisa Wing is the DEI poster child
Of the Peter Principle running wild
16 years at DOD moving up the ladder until promoted to DEI chief in 2021
Doubt in this dangerous world we will use Woke DEI in wars that must be won
If we do not place war waging skill first and foremost
Focusing on Woke DEI instead will mean our armed forces will be toast
Sadly Ms. Wings new role as DEI Chief is really much worse
This woman has Stage 4 racist anti-white bias curse
Fortunately like so many Woke black racists who don’t care what whites think
So quick to Tweet Whites as Karens having the “Caudacity” to racism to blacks link
Fox Digital has unearthed her Tweets and they really stink
Quickly her Twitter account went private so Whites couldn’t learn what she thinks
This self-admitted Woke administrator has co-authored kids’ books
Supporting the BLM movement and Defund the Cops so free reign for crooks
Ask any veteran who put on a uniform and for this nation alongside nonwhites fought
And the response will most likely be she doesn’t belong for spewing such racist rot
Austin our Secretary of Woke not Defense must try to cleanse DOD of Woke
Firing Wing would be a great start to end the fires of racial divisiveness she stokes

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Ticking Time Bomb of Gender Identity Trumping Biological Reality


Blinded in their ivy covered towers
Stressed out only by chasing the tenure power
The need to publish papers no one will read
More and more as one spouting Woke no one heeds
Like parasites creating more student offspring
Conned into dead end majors that debt and flipping burgers bring
Stanford’s motto is “The Winds of Freedom Blow”
In danger now as too many elite woke on the Quad chose to sow
Freedom to express thoughts and ideas last only as long
As the PC Warriors determines enough Woke which is not weak but strong
In a world where feeling now trumps the biology of chromosomes
Biologic men and women find themselves dethroned
Transgenders rule the pool
Women trying to compete feel like fools
Same sex marriages should cause the birth rate to take a hit
Who will run the offices and factories or farm the crops when working men and women quit?
An aging population unable to replace
An omen portending the extinction of the human race

© September 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Facing a Disastrous National Rail Strike Due to Inflation Killing Railroad Workers Wage Gains


The inflation beast unleashed by the Biden spending sprees
May be forcing railroad unions to their strike threats set free
If we had a national railroad strike transportation of needed goods would stop
And for Biden worried about economic news impacting the midterms, the economy would drop
There are not enough trucks or truckers to drive them to be able to the goods move
With a strike any chance of not going into a severe recession would be removed
Wonder if Biden will play the Truman card and try to the railroads seize
Require they be run by the U.S. Army and civilian control cease
Truman had  a Korean Way to fight which a rail strike would interfere
Why on August 25, 1950 troops to run the railroad would appear
Biden has no war on which a national emergency on which he can rely
Hard to argue one when Title 42 deportations Biden tried to deny
A severe recession should never on Americans be wished
But a rail strike could cause the attack against the Red Wave to perish

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Karoline Leavitt, a Red Seeking New Hampshire's 1st District Could Become the Youngest House Member If She Beats Incumbent Pappas Hou/be


The long primary season is finally over and the main dance is set to begin
With Americans holding their breaths hoping their party will win
In the past the Blues have been portrayed and the party of youth and female candidates
While the Reds were mostly old white men and women who could barely animate
But today in the here and now Reds are fielding candidates of color both male and female
And they are 24/7 swing districts with vulnerable Blues on the campaign trail
In New Hampshire’s 1st District Karoline Leavitt is projected to her primary
She turned 25 on August 24, 2022 and will be trying to toss the Blue incumbent Pappas into the trash bin
Finally a rising star younger than the Squad’s AOC but with her head screwed on right
More than ready to paint Blue Pappas as a Biden clone in the November fight
Pappas to save his seat is paddling as fast as he can to put distance  between Biden and him
Hard to erase almost 2 years of Biden support and Pappas appears out on a limb
© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Violent Crime Continues to Rise as Mayor Lightweight Is on Fighting It MIA


In Chicago the shootings continue without end
Violent crimes continue their steady upward trend
Carjackings which mostly occur with a gun at the scene
Have risen over 600 percent since 2014
The message to drivers should be loud and clear
Need to have a gun in the console as your life you should fear
If not though risk of collisions will increase
At a red light creep through and do not cease
Chicago has become worse than the Wild, Wild West
Felons committing crime with guns too often escape arrest
Or thanks to the need for equity for felons who are viewed by Kim Foxx as oppressed
Are released on cashless bail ignoring the need to deny bail as the prosecutors suggest
The only thing that seems to spur Mayor Lightweight into any action
Is to bus any illegals from Texas into Red led suburbs as her chosen reaction

© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

An Out of Touch Biden Celebrates the Inflation Reduction Act as Inflation Rises to 8.3%

 Once again Biden shows when it comes to reality, he is out of touch
Today celebrated the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act as inflation causing a lot of grutch
Inflation is still with us and rising to 8.3 percent
Inflation in food costs almost twice that amount causing agony when to the grocery stores we went
The only things subject to Reduction in the act are our savings and peace of mind
Unchecked inflation to wipe out our savings and 87,000 new IRS agent to toss us into the audit grind
Biden is totally wrong there is nothing on the inflation front to celebrate
Nor will there be if Biden’s spending spree of billions does not abate
Biden’s fiscal insanity of tossing more dollars on the inflation flames
Leaves the fed with its arm tied behind its back limited to raising interest rates to inflation try to tame With 30 year mortgage rates climbing above 5 percent Housing sales and construction will collapse as the market becomes broken and bent Any doubt about being in a recession has faded away Smart money believes 3rd Quarter GNP falling and economic problems are here to stay 

© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Inflation Still Rearing Its Consficatory Head but Abortion May Kill the Red Wave


As expected the mislabeled Inflation Reduction Act has done squat to inflation reduce
The CPI up 8.3% over a year ago laying waste to our retirement’s Golden Goose
Too many trillions infused into the economy to chase to few goods
Everyone but Biden and his Blue minions the cause of inflation have understood
Ad to the inflation misery the billions on illegals flooding the border now being spent
False amnesty claims made, then processed and into the interior then sent
Our immigration courts forced to rely on a useless promise to at a hearing appear
With the backlog growing most likely a hearing date after many years
Struggling Americans have to cope with inflationary prices each and every day
How often does a woman have to face an abortion decision coming their way?
The Dobbs decision while spot on that the decision belongs in the states not the courts
Has become a lightning rod for many women to the expected Red Wave abort
Wonder if most American women protesting Dobb really third trimester abortion support
Senator Graham is pushing a bill to ban abortions after 16 weeks in an attempt to the Red Wave loss thwart
A step in the right direction to the abortion issue diffuse
But must also allow at any time rape, incest and a mom’s life to lose
Like Clinton once said, “Abortion should be legal, safe and rare”
Two more years of a Blue controlled Congress will strip our economic cupboard bare

© September 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet