Friday, July 15, 2011

Ricky at 16

On July 15, my youngest son Ricky previously introduced in the poem Ricky Long Lance turns 16. In fact he left the midnight showing of the latest Harry Potter movie about the very moment he came into this world 16 years ago. A proud father am I and of all my children I believe he will carry on as a 4th generation poet, if he only starts texting less.


It may be a parent’s nightmare to see this age,
In only two more it’s time to leave the nest and head for the ivy stage
After all those nights of stories read
To a young son with lids drooping, fighting bed
The seeds of knowledge have spouted, seeking always to rise
To a proud father it does not come as a surprise
That is the bright side of the 16 candles,
Easy to applaud and cheers to handle
He’s been taught well and knows how to learn
But as the texting fury sparks are the bridges burned?
Phones are the things of the past
Text only, short, sweet, and make it fast
Thumbs and fingers fly and bits project
While Dad’s sore joints such movements reject
Before we worried only that after that first drive,
No way one’s low insurance rates would survive
But in California if you drive, text you may not
Maybe a lining as a father will get phone time long sought
The jury is still out in fact not even convened
But on your future path the lights should always be green
As you move forward texting in hand on your many quests
Meeting and passing with ease all of life’s little tests
One wish from a proud father who wishes for less texting and more time
Irish gods be with you and never, never lose your precious gift of rhyme!

Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
(c) July 15, 2011