Sunday, June 30, 2024

Biden Devastated By Debate Performance To Appeal For Empathy of the Aging Process But Lies Big Time Claiming He Knows How To Tell the Truth To Claim No Deaths on His Term


Leaks from the Biden Campaign indicate Biden was devastated by his performance
Turning to family members raising the issue of whether the campaign will advance
One thing should be certain is that Jill is Edith Wilson in spades
That she and she alone will determine whether Biden will continue this charade
Jill’s ex-husband of 5 years slammed her for praising his debate performance and urging him to stay in the race
Biden was at rally the next day seeking empathy and support from the voters that he not be replaced
"I know I'm not a young man. I don't walk as easy as I used to. I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to. I don’t debate as well as I used to, but I know what I do know — I know how to tell the truth!"
Joe’s admission of the effect of aging for those over 50 struck a responsive sympathetic chord
Those at the rally hearing the first of those admissions may with their support him reward
But his last 8 words destroyed any sympathy he might have received
He lied that no service personnel died during his term when 13 were deaths that a suicide bomber at Kabul airport achieved
A blatant lie when he and Jill were there at Andrews to meet the 13 caskets draped in flags
If not a lie a really vivid example on how his mental acuity has sagged
Jill must believe that the debate will soon be forgotten and Trump’s sentencing will be in the news
And TDS will after a short remission will be expanding unchecked among the MSM Blues
But the Biden Campaign will have to deal with videos of the flag draped caskets
With Biden impatiently looking at his watch while the debate lie of no deaths merit a wastebasket

© 6/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Pelosi Inanely Complains It Is Trump Not Biden Who Has Dementia


Nancy Pelosi at age 84 after watching the debate
Inanely asserted it is Trump who has dementia on his cranial plate
Famous for her biased political hyperbole like the Trump Tax Cuts providing only crumbs to the middle class
Or inane political theatrics of physically ripping apart Trump’s SOTUS to be tossed into the trash
Or in a meeting on border security refusing to fund the needed border wall with no more than a dollar bill
Shocked us all when she turned the reins over to Rep. Hakeem and is not Minority Leader still
Looking her clearly shows the title of Botox Queen she has rightfully earned
Could it be that watching her a new use for Botox we will learn?
Will prolonged use halt or hinder dementia’s advance?
But will not modify her leftist policies most Americans hold askance
Trump’s brain is working on all cylinders although his behavior give some cause to complain
But Biden’s brain is stuck in low gear unable to be up to speed to solutions to our difficult issues to attain 
Nice try Pelosi but it will except by the most fanatic Blues be ignored
No one believes a brain devastated by dementia can be restored

© 6/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, June 29, 2024

If Biden Does Not Withdraw, the Milking of the Hollywood Elite Donation Cow Comes to an End


Jesse Unruh, a top California Blue, once said
“Money is the money’s milk of politics,” needed nourishment if you want to move ahead
After Biden’s disaster debate performance from the Hollywood Elite’s Donation Cow the milking has stopped
Unless Biden withdraws a growing number of A-List donors have been milked for donation their last drop
In Hollywood the biggest condemnation of an actor or actress is the inability to remember and deliver their script
With Biden lapsing, mumbling and stumbling he looked like an actor playing the walking dead heading for his crypt
Worse for the Blues, milk now souring includes down ballot Blues
Without money and performances a real Red Wave may ensue
LJJ in 1968 justified his withdrawal to concentrate on bringing an end to the Vietnam War
Look for Blues to sugar coat his withdrawal to focus on climate change as Earth’s temperatures continue to soar
If Biden cannot be persuaded to withdraw as donations start coming to an end
The DNC Convention in Chicago will make the one in 1968 look a peaceful gathering of delegates the Blues send

© 6/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Wins the Lying Prize That No One Died on His Term, Ignoring the 13 U. S. Service Personnel Killed in Suicide Blast at Kabul Airport


Our turning tail and running, fleeing from Afghanistan
Was a sudden withdrawal most Americans failed to understand
Producing videos that brought back memories of Saigon’s fall
Of terrified Afghans holding on to departing planes thinking it would the evacuation stall
But as the planes gained height Afghans lost their grips and to their death fell
While the Biden Administration tried to it as a successful evacuation sell
Ignoring the fact far too Americans  and Afghan allies were left behind
And later after 13 American service personnel were killed in a suicide blast that Biden’s exit maligned
At Andrews Air Force Base as the 13 flag draped coffins were deplaned
A video of Biden glancing again and again at his watch to over the length complain
During the debate exasperated over having to at the caskets arrival remain
Lied with a straight face no deaths of U.S. service personnel on his term
Or more likely could not remember the sacrifice in service to their nation they had earned
Or maybe as only collateral damage he just didn’t care
Because of his failed withdrawal they had to be there
One of the Gold Star families who lost a 31 year old son who would soon walk down the aisle
Was consumed with anger and rage and unforgiving bile
Hope the Reds use them in an ad next to Biden’s lying no one had died
That will be helpful, assuming he’s not forced to withdraw, to his reelection be denied

©  6/29/2034 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


The Cries Are Rising For Biden To Withdraw Save For Jill Who Wants Him To Stay In


After the debate clearly showed with no room for doubt
That far too many neurons in Biden’s brain have died out
With his lapses, mumbles and 1000 yard stare
Viewers were alarmed about how few function neurons seemed still there
Biden’s brain is like a ship full of holes
Lifeboats and rafts being lowered in the hope of reaching shore as a goal
We will soon see the political equivalent of rats leaving a sinking ship
As dementia on Biden’s brain tightens its grip
Morning Joe, a rabid ex Red Biden supporter was before the debate
Touting that Biden’s mental capabilities were as ever before, totally first rate
Yet with Biden’s performance destroying that claim
Retracted that observation and intoned another Blue would have to be named
In swing state Georgia, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  was calling on Biden for the good of the nation to withdraw
Following the footsteps of the New York Times whose editorial board was first to demand the same after during the debate what the members saw
For once leftists of The View clueless were finally not
Biden’s mental impairment mandated he withdraw from the 2nd term he sought
It would nice to be a fly on the Biden’s White House Bedroom wall
To see if Biden would cave to the MSM or whether Jill would be able to the withdrawal cries stall

© 6/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Obama, Harris and DNC Hacks Think Americans Are So Stupid They Will Believe a Common Cold Caused Biden's Very Visible Cognitive Impairment


The first debate between Trump and Biden is done
Americans duped by the MSM that Biden’s brain on all cylinders still run
Seeing for the own eyes and hearing with their own ears
Now know the destructive extent of his cognitive impairment that appeared
Obama, Harris and hyper partisan members of the DNC believe that Americans are so stupid to believe what they were trying to have sold
That Biden’s lapses, mumbles and incoherent rants had been caused by the effects of a common cold
Despite a steady and increasingly severe display
That even before the election his cognitive impairment was increasing each day
The DNC chose to all the signals of cognitive impairment ignore
And to any Blue who wished to run slammed shut the door
Now the DNC finds itself between a rock and hard place
With Biden secured in primaries enough delegates to seal the nomination, really difficult to him and Harris replace
Their only reed that gets slimmer each day is on July 11, 2024 three days before the Red’s National Convention that Trump’s nomination will seal
Will be for a biased and corrupted Judge Merchan to sentence Trump to prison despite his appeal
If the DNC thinks incarceration will not result in rapid SCOTUS intervention they are fools
Another fatal blow to Biden with the charge Biden’s DOJ so politicized has become a real threat to democracy tool

© 6/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Shigella Another Public Health Disaster Running Rampant in Homeless Encampments


Americans concerned over the spread of disease have a new source to worry
We have known for some time that hospitals are breeding grounds for bacterial and viral infections with deadly fury
And photos of rats the size of footballs in homeless encampments as disease carriers have been the cause of great concern
But residing in homeless camps another disease running rampant we now learn
Shigella is a bacterial disease found in human feces causing diarrhea, dehydration and cramps
Thrives and is easily transmitted in sanitation deficient  homeless camps
Having sexual contact, sharing drinking containers and caring for others are typical transmission vectors
In cities with large and growing number of homeless another growing problem for the public health sector
A million from the disease die worldwide each year
But here in the U.S. cases of death seem to not yet have appeared
But with emergency wards overrun by illegals and homeless only a question of time
Given in homeless encampment the overwhelming amount of human waste, filth and grime

© 6/27/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Illegal Alien Murder 2 in an Irving Chers , Texas Chick-A-Filet


Another day, another two murders at an Irving, Texas Chick-A-Filet
Mendoza Argueta, an illegal alien spouse of an employee there killed 2 that day
Fortunately identified by his spouse and now arrested by Irving police
Who have received an ICE Detainer but not a sanctuary city so he will not be released
No info yet released on motive on why the 2 victims were targeted to be killed
Or when and how Argueta illegally came to the U.S. or why he was here still
But his alleged crimes by an illegal seem to be appearing in the news more each day
Shades of the death of Kate Steinle in her father’s arms that this time outrage over illegal migrant crime hopefully will not fade away

© 6/27/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

October Surprise in June As Opposed to October as Numerous Biden Donors Not Revealed by Axios Have Signed a Letter Indicating Trump's Economic Policies Would Be a Disaster


There’s an adage that proclaims if it is working don’t try to fix it
More likely than not tinkering with it will cause it to sputter and quit
It looks like the leftist Blues in politics are following the adage to a tee
In an October Surprise to the 2020 election 51 former “security experts” would agree
That the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop left at a computer repair shop
Had all the earmarks of Russian disinformation and its use against Biden should stop
With security resumes of the signers beyond reproach the letter was as the gospel truth accepted
Any indications of the “Big Guy” involved in quid pro quo with our foes as a result were rejected
The assertion of Russian disinformation was false but the interference with the election was not
Biden due to the October Surprise pulled off the election win he sought
Today we learn the left has revised the opinion of “experts” letter
To opine as to the economic effects of Trump’s economic plans compared to Biden’s which are far better
Published in Axios which Biden if he can remember he during the debate will rely
With stellar qualifications how will the voters the consequences deny?
Lost on the cutting floor
Is the bias,  Biden puppet masters would want you to ignore
Almost all of the signers have donated to Biden’s campaign
Including one who is married to Yellen and would want to sleeping on the sofa deign
Wonder if Trump will pose to Biden the question the recipe for eating crow
Upon these donor hacks, pseudo impartial economists, Biden did bestow

© 6/26/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Blues Callous to Loss of Life or Rape by "Undocumented Migrants" Because Native Born Americans Commit More Crime


When it comes to illegal migrant crime
From the Blues we hear almost universally this chime
“Statistics show undocumented migrants commit less crime than Americans born here”
When an illegal migrant released into the country with a promise on a bogus asylum claim to later appear
Kills or rapes an American whatever blood is on Biden’s and Majorkas’ hands because of open border catch and release
Is due to a lower rate wiped clean without any elbow grease
Oblivious to the fact that if the illegal had been deported or not enticed by the freebies disbursed
The family of the illegal migrant’s victim would not be suffering from the loss of life curse
Or the rape victim enduring pain and mental anguish that will not fade or disappear
Due to Biden policies that allowed an illegal to escape deportation and remain here
One Willie Horton the presidential chances of Governor Dukakis destroyed
Thousands of illegal migrants committing crime millions of voters will not ignore
Even if somehow by hook or by crook or questions given to him before the debate
Enabling him to conceal some of his dementia, thousands of illegal migrant crimes will seal Biden’s losing fate

© 6/26/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden AWOL From Oval Office with 16 Advisers Preparing For Debate at Camp David While Trump on Campaign Trail


A tale of two presidential debate preparations
For the first debate that will be watched by large numbers across the nation
Biden ceased all presidential work and to Camp David retired
On to a mock debate stage with 16 aides creating one liners that his memory lapses hopefully will not misfire
Without a teleprompter viewers will see his mental impairment persona
Even while standing still or gaffing he will appear to be in a coma
With the MSM creating a bar so low that if he can stay standing up for 90 minutes they will spin
The false narrative that Biden in the debate was the one who garnered a win
While Trump is energized on the campaign trail
Even in Blue states reminding voters how in his first term he did not fail
While Biden’s open border, inflation, crime in illegal migrant crime has been a disaster
Reminding them that their own eyes and ears are proof positive that cognitive impairment Biden has not mastered
Trump is going into the lion’s den of MSM anti-Trump bias
With two co-moderators whose advocacy journalism is highly pious
The only positive thing a poet can say about CNN’s Jake Tapper
Is that his surname rhymes with where his bias belongs—flushed down in a crapper
His co-moderator’s surname matches her bias toward Trump
Look for Dana Bash to bash Trump not so subtly reminding viewers his behavior belongs in the trash dump
With Biden wishy washy in support of Israel against Hamas and her maternal Jewish grandmother rolling in her grave
Over how she detests Trump when if he were in office Hamas would for a much later time its invasion of Israel have saved
Sparks may fly but with the mics turned off Trump will have an easier time to maintain his cool
While Americans will be exposed to Tapper and Bush bias and see first-hand the mental impairment of a senile frail tottering fool

© 6/26/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Bowman Became the First Incumbent in 2024 To Lose Primary To a Challlenger


Until now Blues facing challenges from Blues calling themselves members of The Squad
Whose leftist pro-Palestinian anti-Israel agenda many declining numbers of moderate Blues feared as flawed
Were fearful of facing primary defeat
And losing to the AOC led The Squad their seat
Today in New York a moderate Blue no longer had reason to shake and quiver
Blue Latimer against the leftist Squad member Bowman an upset delivered
Bowman was pro-Palestinian to the core
A troubling fact Jewish voters and donors could not ignore
Jewish PAC money flowed into  the race in a tidal wave
Even a wild dancing AOC and appearance by Sanders, Bowman’s seat could not save
His failed campaign will be remembered for his profanity laced rage
While AOC jumped and contorted like a woman on Meth dancing on the stage
Lesson learned than antisemitism and pro-Palestinian arrows cannot fill a quiver
And pull-the-fire-alarm-to-prevent-a-vote Bowman went down in flames to an upset Latimer delivered

© 6/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Probate Court Judge Christina Peterson Arrested for Assaulting Police Office in Atlanta Remove by Georgia Supreme Court for 11 Counts of Judicial Misconduct


Other than a courtroom bailiff judges in their courtrooms normally would not have police protection
Our system of justice that requires defendants and plaintiffs to follow proper court procedures requires our judges to be free from condemnation
People before the courts may not agree with their rulings but if the judge is free from bias and follows the rules of law
Our court system largely works in dispensing justice with appellate courts to correct any trial court flaws
Explains why the video of a Douglas County Probate Court Judge Christina Peterson assaulting an Atlanta cop at the Red Martini Lounge and Restaurant in Atlanta was so shocking
She was already under investigation by court authorities for misconduct on the bench which our system of justice was mocking
30 specific counts heard and on 12 she was found guilty of judicial misconduct
The last straw for the Georgia Supreme Court was her assault on a cop that had erupted
She has been removed from her position as a Probate Court Judge for 7 years
After that her name on the ballot for a Probate Court Judge could appear

© 6/25/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, June 24, 2024

Illegal Alien From Ecuador Caught on Surveillance Camera Held by Neighbors Until Police Arrived as MSNBC Co-host Dismisses Illegal Migrant's Rape


Listening to MSNBC and you are convinced this acronym fits
Mostly Slanted News, Biased Cack as the stench from their lips smells like sh*t
ut today MSNBC commentator Michael Steele
A new acronym for this slanted network did reveal
Dismissing the death of 12 year old Jocelyn Nagaray by 2 illegals’ hands
As 1 death by 1 in 11 million not justifying Reds’ anti-illegals stand
So for this biased blinded commentator a new acronym his network deserves
Mostly Slanted News, Biased and Callous is the new acronym to be reserved
Steele must believe crime committed by illegals is no big deal
Something before the altar of the PC Gods the victims must kneel
In New York in a park where Trump as a young boy used to play
Christian Geovanny Inga-Landiofrf an illegal from Ecuador put his raping skills on display
Armed with a machete he raped  a 13 year old and then with her cell phone fled
Here caught on surveillance camera with police and neighbors now having a face in place of anonymity instead
Flyers of his photo distributed in the neighborhood struct a gold mine
A crowd of at least 10 found him and quickly forcibly confined
Police were called and this misnamed felon is awaiting trial behind bars
What Steele and his pundits can’t comprehend is one felony is one too many by an illegal who should have been caught and deported by our border guards

© 6/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Ramos and Martinez the Illegals Who Killed 12 Year Old Jocelyn Nungaray Are the New Willie Hortons and Biden Is the New Dukakis


Willie Horton in Massachusetts thanks to Dukakis’ weekend furlough release
Did not have any intentions that he would his criminal proclivities cease
Did not return to prison but fled where in Maryland he raped a women twice and pistol whipped her fiancée
Then stole their car and fled the scene thinking he would get away
Soon caught after a shootout with police, convicted and sentenced to life without parole
Fearful Massachusetts would release him again to prey on innocent souls
Maryland would not let him go and until his life ended in prison he would remain
Governor Dukakis running against Bush  over Willie Horton’s furlough and rape went down in flames
Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21 entered the country illegally and were released
With no vetting but Martinez with an ankle bracelet soon removed and Ramos still wearing his ICE thinking any criminal activity they would cease
No vetting, most likely bogus asylum claims, and with Martinez’s ankle bracelet removed after the two had killed 12 year old Jocelyn Nungaray and tossed her body into a creek
Ramos appeared in court with bail set at $10 million as a flight risk and when Martinez appears look for the same bail amount the D.A.’s will seek
The Biden White House offered condolences to Jocelyn’s mother thinking that will wash away the blood on their hands
Oblivious to the dangers of an open border and the drugs and illegal migrants’ crime plaguing this land
Americans whether Blue, Red or Indy should be rising up and screaming enough
And on election day assuming Biden’s dementia does not force him out into the trash bin Biden and the Word Salad Queen  stuff

© 6/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Sunday, June 23, 2024

A Tale of Two Debate Preps--Biden in Mock Ones at Camp David Which He Won't Remember--And Trump in Large Rallies Pounding on the Issues


The first of two debates between President Biden and former President Trump will on June 27th take place
The stakes could not be higher to determine who wins in November or in Biden’s case whether he is forced to drop out of the race
The reason why the debates are being held so early before the DNC that is slated to Biden nominate
Is that if his cognitive impairment becomes more apparent to the viewers as a result of the debate
The Blues will have the time to force Biden to withdraw
To be replaced with someone lacking any of his mental flaws
Biden has shed his Biden Basement Bunker mentality and is at the Camp David Retreat
In serious mock debate preparation to rattle Trump and him defeat
To pivot from issues like inflation, crime, open border, economy and fentanyl
To focus on Trump’s “felony” conviction, legal issues and abortion bans Trump will be claimed to instill
Biden’s puppet masters know until then his non teleprompter appearances they must resist
Another lapse, gaffe or mental freeze and voters will know impairment is real and does exist
Trump’s preparation is what he does best—reaching out to large crowds at his rallies
Improved which should cause Biden to fear now in Blue havens to sally
If he stays on issues with an occasional “ like was your uncle really eaten by cannibals” jab
A very excellent chance the Oval Office he will grab
Biden may practice and mock debate till the cows come home
But so mentally impaired those preparations will disappear into the lost memory zone

© 6/23/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Scottie Scheffler Wins Golf Tournament For the 6th Time This Year After Forced into Playoff on 18 After Climate Change Warriors Spray the Hole d w


Golf by its very nature is a difficult game to play
A player needing to put a golf ball in a small hole some 100 to some 600 yards away
Trying to stay in the fairway and avoid the water, sand traps, bunkers and out of bounds
While miscues like slices, hooks, and shanks to the golfer’s low score attempt confound
With putting greens surrounded ponds, creeks and sand
With greens so hard and slanted that a ball may not stop where it lands
Or with greens too slow or too fast and maybe impossible to read
And often played in winds that alter the ball’s path and speed
Like tennis in golf spectators are motionless and silent until a club has hit the ball
Then groans for an errant shot or cheers and applause for the shot that enthralls
But today on TV and spectators lined up at the 18th hole at the Travelers’ Championship
Watching Scottie Scheffler and Tom Kim battling neck and neck for a win or playoff trip
Saw a band of climate change eco warriors burst out of the crowd spraying the green
With police tackling them as fast as pro football players we have seen
Wearing T-Shirts “No Golf on a Dead Planet” for support of their cause
As a way to gain support hearing the outraged boos totally flawed
Kim then birdied the hole and Scheffler with ice in his vein made par
Then back to the 18th tee for a sudden death playoff to see who would be barred
Kim hit his second shot into the trap and Scheffler his second  onto the green 11 feet from the hole
Kim’s third shot soared out the trap to land 36 feet away making a birdie or par a nearly impossible goal
Kim missed his fourth shot and Scheffler’s third shot was inches short for an easy par
So Scheffler for the 6th time this year was the winning star
And the climate change warriors in handcuffs sent off to jail?
Seeking more support for climate change with their idiocy failed
© 6/23/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Hamas Israeli War Proves the First Casualty of War Is Truth As Hamas Controlling the Stats Claims Civilian Genocide


In covering war it is often said
“That truth is the first casualty that is dead”
In the Hamas Israeli War that truism is alive and well
As Hamas that controls the stats a genocide is trying to sell
The IDF has been  bombing Hamas targets in Gaza left and right
Every Hamas fighter and every Palestinian civilian trapped in this savage fight
Who becomes a casualty in Hamas statistics is an innocent Palestinian
Not an armed Hamas fighter whose goal is to send Israel and its Jews into oblivion
Focusing only on a body count ignores the facts
That Hamas goes to any lengths to insure civilians are targets of any attacks
Around the world and this nation we hear cries for a cease fire to end “genocide”
Ignoring the facts that the rules of war protecting civilians Hamas refuses to abide
Unless and until Hamas is decimated to a point of being unable to wage war and terror
Any ceasefire would be quickly followed by fresh Hamas attacks and would be a foolish error
The next big Hamas propaganda lie
Is that Gazans are starving due to a famine and lack of food supply
Food caravans are making their way into Gaza though hindered by Hamas
Who grab supplies to insure their fighters can still fight not suffering caloric loss
Gazans must smoke a lot because the flow of cigarettes has been curtailed
Addicted Gazans attacking food caravans seeking cigarettes so deliveries have failed

© 6/23/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Tyler Cherry a DEI Appointee To Interior Promoted To W.H. Assistant Communications Director Trying To Prove He Has Shed His Youthful Radical Leftist Views


Tyler Cherry is a poster child
When DEI becomes the standard and runs wild
From the photos posted Tyler seems very gay
To each his own but grave concern over his political ideas on display
Has compared the police to slave patrols
The end to capitalism his stated goal
Rabid anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian to his inner core
After slotted to fill a box at Interior his leftists rants with his promotion now hard to ignore
As an assistant communications director at Interior was likely a rabid warrior in the fossil fuels war
Now promoted to White House assistant communications director concern over his leftist views have soared
So Tyler Cherry does what bureaucrats do when their past is revealed
Claims those views were those when young and by him have long since been repealed
Time will show whether this appointee promoted to fill the DEI box
Is true to his word and not infected with the mediocracy pox
And unlike the leopards running free on the African plains
Can really change his spots and from his earlier leftist outbursts refrain

© June 23, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Shades of Willie Horton Rape and Assault on Felon Weekend Furlough Release 2 Illegals Caught and Released Killed a 12 Year Old in Houston


The latest crime wave that is spreading across this nation
Exposing Biden’s open border disaster to increasing voter damnation
Is deadly illegal alien crime by unvetted or poorly vetted illegals caught and then let go
With promises to years later appear on their bogus asylum claims at which they rarely show
Like the rape and assault by convict “Willie Horton” serving a life sentence for murder without possibility of parole but  released on work furlough
On June 6, 1986 but after the weekend decided back to prison he did not want to go
Horton could not from his criminal proclivities escape
On April 3, 1987 in Oxon, Maryland he broke into a house to a woman twice rape
After stabbing and pistol whipping her fiancée to flee after stealing his car
Fortunately this time his freedom did not last long or get very far
Shot by police and captured to stand trial in Maryland not to be to Massachuseetts returned
Where under Dukakis the judge feared might another furlough earn
The latest Biden victim strangled to death by 2 illegals caught at the border then let go
A 12 year old girl with a full life ahead to live collateral damage of Biden’s quest for new Blue voters while his facial new executive order on us trying to snow
The illegals immigrations status was quickly reported by the New York Post and Fox
But AP, NBC and the leftist MSM fearing damage to Biden where hit with the see no illegals committing crimes pox
© 6/22/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

400 Graduating Students At Stanford's 133rd Commenced Walked Out--Very Small Percentage Of Those Receiving Degrees


Stanford University’s motto is “The Wind of Freedom Blows”
With anti-Israeli protests in full bloom over the Hamas Israeli war across the nation with the seeds of violence now being sowed
At Stanford the White Plaza Pro Palestinian encampment was removed as were the band of students who occupied the Stanford President’s office and were arrested and led away
Mounting concern that the 133rd Commencement at Stanford to be held on Father’s Day
Would be disrupted by violence by the pro-Palestinian protestors morphing into rioters on display
More campus police and sheriff’s deputies were present and several large security officers dressed like undergrads stood in front of the platform facing the student chairs to keep protestors wanting to charge the platform away
At the Sunken Diamond Current and Emeritus Trustees donned academic robes and hats to lead faculty and administrators onto a platform above the field
Before those graduating students in formation marched onto the field to face the security personnel acting as a shield
As the Stanford President was welcoming the graduates and their  parents, relatives and friends a cry was heard—“Stand Up!”
Not a sign for all manner of violence and disturbance to erupt
But the signal for some 400 students some displaying Palestinian flags and wearing  keffiyehs to walk out
Not sure what if any pressure or threats were present like withholding degrees if violence occurred
But a joyous Commencement along with an astute address by Melinda Gates was insured
And true to tradition the graduates stood and turned to face the large numbers in the stadium seats
To thank them soundly for their help and aid to be culminated after 4 years of hard work by a Stanford degree to receipt
Gates advised the graduates to be open to transition from the familiar to the new challenging path
With three bits of advice on how to successfully the transition steps craft
When you leave the familiar shed the tendency go from one familiar point to the other
Rather take the time in the unfamiliar to see what better things it has to offer
Find someone you trust to help you through your transitions and do your part to pass on what you have learned
And lastly she advised graduates to build a web of deserved trust that by actions you will have earned
A network of persons that you can always disagree on issues large and small
But little if anything will get done if you isolate from those you disagree with and build a wall
The 133rd Commencement for this Emeritus Trustee proved an addendum to the motto to sow
“The Winds of Peaceful Protest allow the Winds of Freedom to grow”
© 6/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

If You Check Baggage Don't Unless You Have Concealed an Apple Air Tag in it



The adage that you can run from the law but you cannot forever hide
Now applies to stolen personal property with a new tool on law enforcement’s side
A woman flying to Burbank discovered in baggage claim
One of her suitcases never made it either on or off her plane
Like many astute fliers and car owners she had an Apple Air Tag in the suitcase concealed
While American Airlines was clueless her Apple Air Tag tracked the suitcase back to Denver to Dallas and after 5 days at Burbank it was revealed
At one point American Airlines informed her that her suitcase had been delivered to her home but the Air Tag said it was not present
Rather it was in Hollywood moving slowly down Western Avenue to end up at the corner of Western and Santa Monica in a homeless tent encampment
She recovered her belongings from a shopping cart
And her friend paid some dollars for the suitcase so they could depart
No response yet to Fox from American Airlines or the Burbank police
But the formerly distraught woman was able to sigh in relief

© 6/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Right Aid Strugling in Chapter 11 Will Close Another 27 Stores As FTC Action Blocking 2015 Merger of Walgreens and Right Aid Has Been a Disaster


Rite Aid struggling in B/K has just announced the closing of another 27 stores
Shopping at Rite Aid in Costa Mesa one has to believe there soon will be more
The shelves remind one of shopping in the Soviet Union before its collapse
Shelves for many items are completely bare or between some goods large empty gaps
In 2015 Walgreens entered a merger deal to acquire Rite Aid for 17.2 billion bucks
But after 2 years of FTC examination, the FTC blocked the deal and the merger was chucked
Despite pleas of Rite Aid that without a merger it would not survive
It was forced to file for Chapter 11 in October of 2023 to try to stay alive
From over 2200 stores operated on the date of filing for B/K
It has closed stores right and left to shed debt and only some 1700 are left today
Good chance the closing of stores we have not seen the end in sight
And the hundreds of Rite Aid employees are suffering in the jobless fight
Good chance had the merger been approved many Rite Aid stores would have shut their doors
But the laid off employees would have had a better chance to remained employed in Walgreen stores
A good chance Right Aid will disappear with locations picked up by competing chains
Same result if merger approved except Rite Aid shareholders would be able to $17.2 billion claim

© 6/19/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tony Bennett Is Rollin in His Grave As For 2nd Year in a Row, SFO Ranks As Worst Run City in America


If Tony Bennett were still alive today
He would be changing the lyrics on the “City on the Bay”
Instead of “I left my heart in San Francisco” the new lyrics  we would hear
“I moved by heart from San Francisco to find safety and escape the fear”
For the second year in a row WalletHub has ranked SFO the “worst run city” in the U.S.A.
Comparing the quality of city services with the amount the taxpayers have to pay
Hard to believe but “Feces City” ranks 24th in quality despite its sidewalk drug use and crime
But earns the ranking at dead last budget ranking and highest debt that has to be paid over time
The dubious award to SFO was its second in a row
Like so many cities governed by Blues whose destructive leftist policies continue to grow
Nampa, Idaho which seems to also be perennially ranked as number one
Is by a Red Mayor, Debbie Kling, so very well run

© 6/18/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, June 17, 2024

Millions in "Sent By State Department Humanitarian" To Taliban


When it comes to the Taliban and its Sharia law application to females
Using the word “humanitarian” to describe their actions is doomed to fail
In the turn-tail-and-run withdrawal from Afghanistan which was too sudden and was a great mistake
Large amounts of arms were left behind because there was not time to them take
Usually the military when it retreats, it destroys the weapons it has to leave behind
To prevent an advancing foe to use the weapons on them if useable weapons they find
Now we find that our State Department approved $2.8 billion in “humanitarian” aid
With millions going to the Taliban in what has to be a total charade
Life for girls and women under the Taliban has to be a living Hell
Banned from higher education, jobs, and the freedoms once had, obeying Sharia the Taliban compels
Another investigation started by the House Reds
Look for slow walking by State another distraction from dumping Biden efforts full speed ahead

© 6/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Scale Ai has joined With Tesla To Scrap DEI and Replace It With MEI (Merit, Excellence and Intelligence;


In the Woke world of business and education, destructive Woke too often rules supreme
But finally the pendulum is swinging back and Woke push is losing steam
The DEI nails were being driven deep into the DEI crucifixion cross
Our safety, prosperity and security continued to suffer losses
When it came to promotions, skills needed, education one had to check the box
Then suffer from the infection of the mediocrity  pox
Scale AI’s CEO Wang has stated his company will not be driven by DEI
But on MEI the company will foster and across product lines rely
Merit, Excellence, and Intelligence
Against competition will be its best defense
Too often to the left means equal outcome
Which in a competitive market is hardly welcome
Equal opportunity to try to succeed most certainly yes
Probably requires more charter schools and the power of teachers unions to depress

© 6/16/2004 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Friday, June 14, 2024

Jill TriesTo Convince Joe's Age Is an Asset and Trump and Biden Are So Close To Each Other That There Is No Difference


Behind every man who aspires to be great in his field
One should find a successful woman so helpful in sealing the deal
Should come as no surprise
That Jill aping Edith trying to conceal Joe’s mental demise
Is saying age is an asset and Trump and Joe are only three years apart
Once a listener comparing Trump and Biden finally stops his laughter
Can hardly believe a holder of a Ph.D cannot detect cognitive impairment disaster
On the issue of energy compared to Trump Joe looks like he is at least 100 years old
More like a wandering escapee from a nursing home able to do only what by his puppet masters he is told
The only way Biden would have the energy to respond to an emergency all hands on deck alarm
Would be if the crisis occurred between 10 A.M. and 4: P.M. and if outside that window we are in for a world of harm
Jill loses any credibility trying to convince us that Biden’s energy and cognitive abilities are not highly suspect
Is why Americans will this fall the “Other Guy” by huge numbers elect

© 6/14/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Pelosi Knowing Trump's Brother Suffered From Alcoholism Which Is Why He Is a Teetotaler Calls For an Intervention From Reds


The Botox Queen Nancy Pelosi is devoid of any class
When it comes to dealing with Reds she apes her party’s symbol-a jackass
Dismissed the Trump Tax for the middle class as only crumbs
After glued to her chair for Trump’s SOTUS she ripped her copy up revealing the deportment of a scum
Thankfully she is no longer the Speaker of the House but shameful behavior cannot shed
Her latest outburst came after Trump met with Congressional Reds|
Terrified that Reds are unifying behind Trump as supporters of Bided are jumping ship
Clearly shows this 84 year old is losing her grip
Called on leaders of the Reds on Trump to perform an “intervention”|

A term usually used to describe attempts of family, friends or colleagues to get an addict or alcoholic to end the use of alcohol’s damnation

Pelosi must have known Trump’s brother fought demon rum for many years of his life

Causing him and Donald a lot of pain and a lot of physical strife

Her call was a below the belt despicable blow

Another example of the ends justifies the means that her behavior shows

© 6/14/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet




Thursday, June 13, 2024

WBNA Black Players Toss the Reverse Racist Card At Caitlin Clark


Black players in the NBA have dominated the game
Their orphan in terms of fan support feel the WNBA should be the same
But the number one pick, Caitlin Clark has doused that claim
Sadly the black WNBA stars are playing the race card to recover their fame
Claiming Clark is not a super star but achieving fame only because she is white
Sadly the ugly head of reverse racism we now see in plain sight
The adage that white men cannot jump
In women’s basketball goes into the trash dump
Dunks in women’s basketball are few and fairly far between
More likely passes to the open woman, give and goes or open three’s we will have seen
Caitlin in such skills is a phenom who is one of the best
The WNBA should racist attacks on her skills arrest
Instead of a tantrum for not making the 24 Olympic Team she deserved
She wished them well as her icon of sportsmanship was preserved
In basketball we should return to Red Auerbach where the only colors to be seen
Were not  White, Black, Yellow or Brown but rather Celtic Green

© 6/13/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Anti-Israeli Protestors at Cal State L.A. Leave Peaceful Protest Site To Seize and Damage Student Services Building Before LAPD Arrive and Forced To Leave


The anti-Israel protests continue across this land
Shedding more and more the peaceful label by more and more bands
Fortunately nowhere near the national protests on the Vietnam War in size
But becoming more violent and destructive with antisemitism on the rise
Cal State L.A was latest college to be hit
50-100 protestors seized a student services building and departure of its president and some employees would not permit
Wearing kaffiyehs and face coverings they erected barricades around the building to keep outsiders from coming in
With the memory of the Holocaust and survivors still alive this a protest they will not win
Buildings and contents were damaged and graffiti in the rooms applied
But when finally some administrators showing spine LAPD arrived and their orders to vacant the protestors complied

© 6/13/ 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cuban Missile Deja Vu As Russian Naval Squadron in Havana Harbor To Conduct Military Drills--Ukrainian Support Quid Pro Quo?


Shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis where the Cold War came closest to going nuclear it ever came
A Russian Navy squadron of 3 ships have entered Havana’s Harbor to proclaim
Russian intent to conduct in the Caribbean military drills
Which should send to the Pentagon shivers of chill
After Biden authorized Ukraine to use U.S. supplied missiles to hit targets in Russia engulfing them in flames
Putin implied a quid pro quo exposing the U.S. from Russia allies like Venezuela and Cuba to the same
Putin’s implication is an empty threat
As Cuba and Venezuela are not that stupid yet
But the U.S. Navy is already stretched paper thin
And does not need another body of water and conflict it would have to win
North Korea, the Taiwan Straits, the Red Sea, and the Baltic already on the list
Our sanctions against Russians toolbox seems empty to force Putin to cease and desist
The only light in the tunnel to move the world’s rogues or bad action to rejoin civilized race
Will be in November when a senile, frail, cognitively impaired and low energy commander in chief is replaced

© 6/12/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



fter 2 Burglaries Goldie Hawn Reveals She Has Hired Armed Guards For Protection


Not only are there two systems of justice in our divided nation
There are also two systems of crime prevention
If you are a person of color your only tools are to be armed and call 911
If you are and live in a city with a Soros backed D.A.
Or a mayor or city council who think if you defund the police crime will still be held at bay
Or worse believe that property crime is justified
As a down payment on reparations that are still being denied
But if you are a person of wealth knowing waiting for a 911 response is a waste of time
To protect yourself and family and hire armed security as a way to prevent crime
The news that the L.A. home of  Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel was hit by burglars twice should not come as a surprise
Felons are not stupid and know Willie Suttons advice is on point and really wise
You may steal in neighborhoods of color or poverty and rarely if ever be caught
But unlikely you will find anything of value that in burglarizing you sought
So you target homes of the wealthy because that’s where the money is
Case a home, enter it quickly, ransack and then be gone in a whiz
But denizens of L.A. of wealth like Hawn and Russel now have guards who are armed
Trained and able to unleash upon a felon deadly harm
The left’s assault on firearms whether at home or in concealed carry
While crime continues to rise and safety disappears will cause voters to them bury
Hopefully along with the Soros backed D.A. like Gascon who applaud catch and release
Or their flight and their tax dollars flight will continue to increase

© 6/12/2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Todd's Bias In Full Display Claiming Hunter's Guilty Verdict Will Have DOJ Politicization Charges Fade Away


When it comes to objectivity as a member of the 4th estate
It’s only bias that we find as heaping servings on Chuck Todd’s plate
After a jury in less than 3 hours rendered in Hunter’s case a guilty verdict
He pontificated that Trump’s charge of a DOJ politization was licked
How could the DOJ be political when Hunter was prosecuted and found guilty of lying on a gun purchase form about being an abuser of crack?
But when it comes to concealing bias Todd is a master so we would forget what the early stages of the Hunter investigation lacked
Serious income tax charges arising out of income from foreign nations not our friend
Instead of speedy prosecution, DOJ slow walking the investigations allowing statues of limitations to prosecution of the charges end
As a first time offender addicted to crack
Hunter’s likely sentence any deterrent prison time will lack
Look for confined rehab which is something he could really use
Clean today but the relapse demons are probably not far away trying to get him to crack once again abuse.
Trump knows of the addiction beast that his brother suffered from its powerful attraction
He has complained we should be investigating the Biden Family quid pro quo and that the false gun addiction purchase  charges are an unwanted  distraction

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Hunter Biden Failed the "Duck Test" and the Jury Found Him Guilty Of Lying On a Federal Gun Purchase Form That He Was Not a Crack Addict


A familiar adage is “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck
And if you try to convince someone it’s something else, you are sh*t out of luck
Likewise if someone smokes crack, needs to smoke it every day and in many rehabs for long rarely stays
It is likely a clear case of crack addiction on display
Hunter’s lawyers failed to convince the jury he was not an crackhead
With his memoirs on addiction, cash withdrawals, text and phone messages and witnesses testimony could not put him on the stand and he was found guilty instead
The jury would not buy the pathetic argument he was not on crack when he purchased a gun
And therefore not lying on the federal form and a guilty verdict the jury should shun
Hunter Biden now faces potentially 25 years in prison because earlier his lawyer tried to pull the wool over a District Court Judge’s eyes
With an overreaching plea bargain that the judge was forced to deny
Hunter will not be allowed to look to his dad for a pardon but his best hope
Is for a sentence of confinement in a crack rehab facility followed by parole with a drug use monitoring ankle bracelet to help him with the relapse urges to cope
Trump whose brother was an alcoholic was glad the distraction from quid pro quo of the “Biden Influence Pedaling” is done
So the House can focus on the millions raked in by the Biden Family from our foes that should Americans really stun

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Apes Lot's Wife Pilar Becoming a Stone Statue With 1000 Yard Stare at a Blue Juneteenth Celebration


Biden and Harris were attending a Juneteenth celebration with all but one of the celebrants clapping and swaying
Because Biden next to Harris went into his impression of Lot’s wife and froze and all movement went away
For 20 seconds Biden looked like a statue of stone staring off into space
The Trump campaign quickly captured on video and posted as another signal of why Biden must be replaced
Floyd’s brother seeing Biden aping Pilar put around Biden his arm
Freeing him from his stone like freeze to try to minimize the harm
During the debate with MSM leftists teeing queries not even of the softball kind
But far easier in a desperate attempt to conceal the advancing cognitive decay of his mind
And to try to keep him from freezing up with a thousand yard stare
Proving to viewers that he is not mentally even partially there
Do not be surprised that the biased panel will have given Biden the questions in advance
Hoping that a false front of mentally acuity they will enhance
While Trump in the baseball vernacular can expect plenty of heat
On the corners hard to hit to help Biden Trump in the debate beat
If there is a Biden Juneteenth stone statue repeat
Blue leaders will quickly from the ticket Biden unseat

© 6/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, June 10, 2024

When Mother Nature Rumble Road Builders Need To Be Aware


Humans may be the apex construction engineers
But their rule often lasts only until the forces of Mother Nature appear
In Wyoming on a road traversing Teton Pass that is 17 miles long
A huge chuck of the road collapsed in landslide force that was very strong
Fortunately no one was on the highway when a portion fell to the ground hundreds of feet below
But the highway departments of Idaho and Wyoming have a tough task to repair the surrounding ski resorts before they are covered in snow
Sadly the lessoned to be learned is that no matter how strong or well-engineered a project can be
When Mother Nature in a destructive mode rumbles it can become only a distant memory
We mere humans can only hope we have warning to be able to safely flee
And can rebuild it much stronger so enough collapse is less likely we will soon again see

© 6/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Socialite Rebecca Grossman Sentence to 15 Years To Life After Drinking Margaritas and Killing Two Kids in a Crosswalk


In another example of why a person should not drink and drive
Even if a breath analyzer test showing she would an 08 over the limit test  survive
61 year old Rebecca Grossman the CEO of the Grossman Burn Institute due to her marriage to a noted plastic surgeon of the same name
A devoted mother of 3 and portrayed as a successful socialite of  L.A. fame
Racing down a street against a former Dodger pitcher in a road race
All restrictions on speeding on a city street she erased
Hit and killed two young kids back from skateboarding in a cross walk
Was founded guilty of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to a least 15 years in a prison cellblock
This designated socialite and her family have been devastated in grief
And the family of the dead kids no amount of her incarceration or wrongful death payments will bring relief
And the coach of one of the dead kids who was drinking margaritas with Grossman before her deadly race
Has to be feeling a ton of remorse and grief when each morning he shaves and peers into the mirror to see his face
The lesson to be learned even after drinking and blowing below .08
After a fatal accident may not spare a drinker from a prison fate

© 6/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

"Stormy" Hostin of the View Finding Conservative Blacks Is As Fruitless As Finding Unicorns


If you want to listen to leftist consistency The View is the place to go
Have your senses dulled and numbed by the bias the co-hosts are prone to sow
Better named “Stormy” as opposed to “Sunny” Hostin takes the cake
Labeling blacks as conservatives as a blatant unicorn mistake
What this biased take=black-voters-for-granted voter plantation owner is too blind to see
Is that blacks as slaves to the their Blue voting masters are from them starting to flee
Blues may still rein in a majority of black votes
But the numbers represent a narrowing moat
Blacks like whites can see Biden’s severe cognitive decline|
And like whites are suffering from his pro illegal migrants’ line
And Hispanic citizens also seeing under Biden their safety and prosperity going to Hell
To the dismay of blind biased Blues are fleeing to Trump as well
Already passed by Jews due to Biden’s pro-Palestinian stand
Who will vote for Trump to help Israel a Hamas goal of genocide of Jews defeat in the desert sands
If Hostin and her co-hosts of The View want the Blues to the Oval Office win
They should be working 24/7 to toss Biden’s reelection campaign into the trash bin

© 6/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

California Has to Repay $58 Million of Medicaid Payments Illegally Paid To Illegals


Finally Newsom’s illegal magnet of goodies for illegals has been partially degaussed
Illegal aliens were receiving Medicaid benefits that landed the state in the fed’s dog house
Federal audit of the illegal payments to illegals was discovered
And $58 million in funds paid out by the state were recovered
While many illegals may be fleeing an economic privation life
Only a small few are legitimate asylum seekers from political persecution strife
And the rest are here to claim the full baskets of benefits and aid
Or to by criminal and illegal drug activity our safety degrade
What the left cannot understand
Illegals have to pay huge sums to cartels to cross into this land
The cartels are reaping to enter here at least $5,000 a head
To be paid off by off the books work or human trafficking to prevent becoming dead
Money paid to cartels to all facets of Mexican life corrupts
And adds to the number of American drug deaths that across our nation erupt
It may seem heartless or cruel
But ending all benefits for illegals would be a great cartel fighting tool

© 6/10/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Bogus Genocide by the IDF Is Newest Pathogen on the Antisemitic List As Parttime DePaul U Biology Prof Is Fired For Adding It To the List


Another example of the invasion of Woke and antisemitism on our college campuses has just appeared
Showing students are not learning but rather subject to reeducation all Americans should fear
DePaul, the largest Catholic University, offers a course Health 194, Human Pathogens and Defenses which by its name
Educates students to the diverse microorganisms that cause humans significant disease and means to the infections contain
Pretty straight forward with student looking at microscope slides
Learning to identify microorganisms to know the proper treatment to provide
But a parttime biology professor Anne d'Aquino added Genocide to the microorganism list
Added an optional paper to the course for students to write on the impact of Gazan Genocide on human health that now exists
This woman has no credentials to pontificate on false claims of “genocide”
And really should retreat to teaching about pathogens highlighted in slides
In a breath of fresh air DePaul terminated her services for heaping a political agenda on an academic plate
As expected she has appealed to avoid her termination fate
Raising an attack on academic freedom as a bogus claim
Obviously oblivious the ashes rising into the air from the Holocaust Oven’s flames
While the elite universities are losing donations for not having a spine
To fight antisemitism, one hopes donors to support DePaul are being added to the donation line

© 6/10/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Caitlin Clark Is a True Class Act Not Complaining About Being Left Off the Women's Olympic Team


Caitlin Clark is female basketball star beyond compare
Many fans are astounded at the Olympics on the U.S. Team she won’t be there
Never in the history of women’s college basketball has a women more points scored
And to further her skills to acclaim never has a man in college scored more
While some are claiming reverse racism because she is white
Her response not a shred of anger of such a claimed slight
Instead what we saw is a truly class act
Rooting for the U.S. Women’s Team for a Gold to bring back
When she heard the news to her coach she did not complain
Only that a competitive monster that resides within her can no longer be contained
History will show that she will be the best thing that ever happened in women’s basketball
An icon that encourages more girls to take up the sport that will fill arena halls
Salaries in the WNBA and commercial opportunities will increase
And the need to play in Europe in the off season and risk Russian prison like Griner be decreased
Fans tired of seeing a steady parade of dunks in the NBA
Are probably more attracted to passing assists and three’s on display

© 6/9/ 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Bad Sign For Biden As 20,000+ Nevadans Suffer 100 Degree Heat At a Trump Rally


Seeing  20,000+ Nevadans forsake the comfort of their air conditioned homes to stand in 100 degree heat
From his air conditioned home or on a temperate Delaware beach Biden must be sweating over his pending defeat
To endure at a Trump rally the 100+ degree swelter
Knowing he could not draw that number without paid attendee helpers
People who put their temperature comfort aside
To Trump hear portends a Trump landslide
That’s why the DNC is giving Biden one last chance
In the first debate before the DNC convention to prove he has the cognitive ability to his campaign advance
Otherwise from the party chiefs we will hear “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho
It is time now for Joe as a nominee to go"

© 6/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Houthi Rebels Are the Reincarted Barbary Pirates Thanks To Funding By the Rogue Nation of Iran


The Barbary Pirates that terrorized commercial shipping under sail in the Mediterranean Sea
Have today thanks to the Rogue Nation of Iran have been reincarnated as the Houthi
hose primary weapons are missiles and rocket attacks launched from Yemen
Attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea again and again
Changing transit times from 8 days if the Suez Canal is employed
To 38 days if the Cape of Good Hope is used to escape being damaged or destroyed
The U.S. and its allies have significant naval presence in the Red Sea to intercept
Houthi Rebels missiles but shipping hss shrunk as ship owners and insurers the risk of damage are unwilling to accept
Like a stuck record the news today was another missile attack
One cargo ship hit but not destroyed and the other escaped when an ABM blew it off track
When will the civilized world treat this rogue nation like South Africa when its majority had to suffer under apartheid
And take whatever steps are necessary to insure its oil exports are denied?
God help us if Iran with billions of frozen assets by Biden returned
Is enabled the status of a nuclear armed nation to have earned

© 6/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Trump on the Campaign Rally Trail Freed From Confinement In Bogus Show Trail While Biden Signs Useless E.O. To Solve Border Crisis He Created


Consistently throughout his first term Biden’s handling of issues is beyond debate
Consistently he personifies the failure of being a dollar short and a day late
Gates summed it up best on Biden’s foreign policy that on issues and actions he has always been wrong
Now coupled with the two strikes of lying to the public and collapsing cognitive ability in the Oval Office he does not belong
The chaos on our open border is a major crisis he and he alone did create
Rescinding Trump executive orders on illegals because the Blues needs for illegals he could not sate
For 3 ½ years he and his team on the border had their heads in the sand
Lying that the border was secure as illegals on TV news poured into this land
Finally with elections drawing near
And Americans in growing numbers the tide of illegals now fear
He unveiled not a day late but 3 ½ years an executive order to illegal immigration prevent
Lying that illegals not crossing at a port of entry would back to their home country be sent
A memo from the CBP was quick to his lie refute
Illegals only from Russia and 5 former SSR’s will be given the back to their home country boot
Illegals from China, Iran and the rest of the world will be released into our interior
How many of these illegals are disease and drug carriers or terrorist warriors
While Blues trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear
Are praising the reports of more jobs created as more Americans on the jobless lines appear
The increase is due primarily to granted of work permits for illegals released
While American citizens’ job prospects are on a steady decrease
Trump freed from the confines of being forced to sit through his bogus show trial
Is now holding rallies if Blue and Swing states will Biden’s puppet masters labor to conceal the fact he is too senile.

© 6/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet




Saturday, June 8, 2024

YLS May Be a Bastion of Blue Political Thought In Its Large Blue Professorial Ranks But Rubenfeld May Have Winning Argument To Prevent a Reversible Judgment Interfere With the Electionversi bale


Yale Law School is one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation
Anyone admitted there is full of joy and total elation
A future of prestigious clerkships and until recently at Wall Street firms first to be hired
If a federal judgeship or political office a perfect launchpad if one so aspires
Like many elite law schools Reds in the faculty are few and very, very rare
At YLS 78.1% are Blue, 6.25% are Red and 14.58% are Independent or unaffiliated or affiliation refused to share
DEI at YLS  of political thought does not in the professorial ranks exist
So it comes at great surprise that a YLS professor is touting how to Trump’s conviction resist
Appealing even on an expedited basis in New York’s Appellate courts will last too long
Trump will be burdened by Merchan’s verdict on July 11 and the label “convicted felon” that will now belong
Rubenfeld states Trump’s lawyers must file in Federal District Court for a TRO to prevent Merchan entering a conviction clearly subject to reversible error so very grave
To interfere with an election that may force voters to not elect Trump who leads in the polls, sticking a stake in the Constitution and the Republic that all judges swore an oath to defend and save
Not sure whether Rubenfeld is a Blue or Red
But unlike Merchan and Bragg he seems committed to the rule of law instead

© 6/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Joy iin Nuseirat As IDF Rescued 4 Hostages and Outrage and Disgust as Anti-Israeli Protestors Vandalize Statute in Lafayette Park and Hurl Objects at Park Ranger


A tale of two cities one that should bring celebration and joy
In Nuseirat rescued 4 hostages with total surprise it enjoyed
Being held in two civilian building from which a massive amount of firepower came to try to slay
One of the IDF died in the successful attempt and 100 civilians punched their ticket to Paradise one way
Civilians who grab a weapon and fire at the military are not protected by the Geneva Convention
Can and should be shot on sight to end their intervention
The world of terrorists from the success hostage freeing Entebbe raid
Have not learned that Israel to go to any lengths on hostage freeing is not afraid
Another lesson to be learned stems from Munich Olympics where Israeli athletes died
Those arrested and released and those who planned the operation from Israeli retribution could not long hide
The other that merits outrage in Washington, D.C.  at anti-Israel protestors who on the safety of hostages still held could care less
Vandalized a statute at Lafayette Square and hurled objects at a park ranger to their outrage express
Doubt is a single protestor would know what would happen if Palestine were “free”
With Hamas trying to push the Israelis back into the sea
Leaving in their path
Thousands of dead Israeli citizens from their blood bath
Anyone here in the U.S. who is pushing for a ceasefire without Hamas leadership being killed down to the lowest level
That Hamas like a Phoenix will arise again seeking to fulfill its goal of succeeding as a Israeli killing Devil

© June 8, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Taxpayer Funding For Tower Residential Housing For Homeless At $600,000 Per Unit Cost in L.A.'s Skid Row


Despite a growing state budget and growing numbers of high taxpayers  starting to flee
Newsom is spending money we don’t have like a drunken sailor on a spree
In June housing units that cannot be called bare boned with at unit cost of 600,000 bucks
Will be open for homeless on L.A.’s skid row formerly in tents or mission beds living in conditions that suck
Now able to enjoy café, a courtyard, a gym, an art room, a soundproof music room, a computer room and library, a TV lounge and six large balconies to the view enjoy
A floor housing case workers to assist the now non-homeless to become employed
Not sure if there is a rental cost or how long they can stay
But with the high cost of apartments unlikely they will move away
Nor do we know what restrictions on illegal drug use will exist
Or how easy it will be to remove those who regulations on safety, drug use and trash will resist
But with Newsom’s illegal alien magnet pull policies we should not be surprised
If units are vacant a larger number of illegals as residents will comprise
The solution to homeless is drug rehab, entry level jobs and building more housing that is cheap
Not $600,000 grand for a shelter to eat and sleep

© 6/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Governor Hobbs Under Investigation By Arizona Republic For Blatant Quid Pro Quo Providing Massive Foster Care Provider With Massive Fee Increase

In 2022 in Arizona Blue Hobbs had 13,000 more votes Red Lake
Voters now must be believing they made a big mistake
In a report just released by the Arizona Republic acting like a free press
Which will cause Hobbs and the Blue in Arizona deep distress
Showed that Sunshine Residential Homes, a group home provider for foster kids
Whose numerous requests for a rate hike per child Arizona’s DCS would forbid
The DCS to Sunshine’s request of $179 said no
But its CEO of Hobbs’ serving on Hobbs’ inauguration committee knew the way to go
Within 3 days of denial, Hobbs inauguration committee had $100,000 more to show
A good corporate citizen or a blatant example of quid pro quo?
A little more than 3 months later the DCS reversed its decision
Approved the request increase to $234, highest in the state, in a quid pro quo revision
The AG of Arizona is a Blue who has launched an investigation
Will she cross party lines to insure it’s not slow walked subject to party line negation?
The Republican Senator Pro Tem, a Red, has referred the matter to the Maricopa County D.A.
Whose is a Red and unlike Bragg, in her investigation adherence to the rule of law will display
Our Republic is already with the amount of campaign raised cash under serious attack
It cannot survive if legislatures’ and bureaucrats’ rejection of quid pro quo in decisions lack

© 6/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



Trump in California Raising Millions While Biden on Campaign Comes Across As Frail Senile Lacking Energy Old Man--Watch Move To Have Michelle Obama Replace Him


Raising vast quantities of cash for presidential campaigns
Does not guarantee a massive votes for a candidate to reign
But the lights in the Biden Campaign Offices should be burning late tonight
Trump has successful taken his fund raising efforts to California to raise millions to be spent before Election Night
California with its Hollywood elite and Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists
Was a lucrative fund raising oasis for Blues they could not resist
But Trump is proving from a fund raising standpoint the Blue Wall has more holes than Swiss Cheese
It may not become a battleground state but it should given its Newsom’s aided decline
At least his presence may convince voters down ballot to cross over to vote Red this time
The differences in terms of energy and mental sharpness of Trump on the campaign trail
Compared to a tottering, senile Biden who each time when seen is still very, very frail
Even the Bluest of the Blue party leaders are finally seeing the writing on the wall
Biden cannot convince voters he has the cognitive ability to be elected president this fall
The MSM will not admit it but the reason for the first debate before the Blue National convention
Unless Biden sheds his dementia the Blue party leaders will force a “you-must- withdraw” intervention
Since Newsom and Harris both have too much negative baggage look for the Blue Cavalry in the form of Michelle
An articulate former black first lady who will be a forceful advocate of Obama’s legacy to continue and sell
One can only pray that a Plan B for the Reds is well thought out and in place
If the Blues in order to save the Obama legacy have Michelle to Biden replace

© 6/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Friday, June 7, 2024

Caitlin Clark Is a Hard Basketball Player To Hold Down Ties Rookie Record For Threes, Scores 30 Points Helping the Fever Win 85-83 Over the Mystic


Caitlin Clark is a college basketball super star point making machine
Broke the former women’s college career scoring record in 2017
And not to be outdone broke “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s record for men
The women’s point record for a year is 939 when Caitlin will break it is not “if” but “when”
Women’s professional basketball like the men’s is dominated by blacks
None of whom are pleased with their scoring lead to her skills fall back
Already she has been exposed to some violent flagrant fouls
That have resulted in reverse racism anger and howls
She is a real pro content with doing her job
Not letting racial taunts on her skills and talents rob
Like all rookies the game in the pros
Makes it difficult for her scoring talents to show
Plus her team the Fever is not winning record icon
Which is why as the number one draft pick she was signed on
Last night shed the rookie curse
And why the Fever opened their purse
30 points and 7 shots beyond the arc
To tie the rookie women most threes in a game record mark
And better yet since basketball is a team sport
The sportscasters a Fever 85-83 win over the Mystics could report

© June 7, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Thursday, June 6, 2024

Without His Teleprompter Biden Is Frail, Senile and Disoriented Old Man That Has No Business To Run For Reelection


As a private report has been released of 45 private Biden meetings
It is clear that without a teleprompter to guide his words he his cognitive mental ability is fleeting
Even Blues are being forced to admit
That he has some good days but too often his cognitive ability quits
His energy level too often approaches shut down levels
A national security risk if we face a 3:00 A.M. crisis from one of the world’s devils
The Blue powers that be have to believe the issue of his bowing out not if abut when
Taking office at 82 there is no way of his being all hands on deck when against a crisis we must defend
At Omaha Beach with a teleprompter he seemed to keep it together
His staff terrified he would go off line or discard the teleprompter tether
He must have thought after his speech he was at the White House announcing his latest act
When he turned away from Macron who met with D-Day vets and walking away showing his back
The only reason for Biden in the office to remain
Is to pardon his son Hunter who faces years in a cell to contain

© June 6, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

The 80th Anniversary of D-Day Celebrated As the Beta Test One Division Raid on August 19, 1942 on Dieppe Will Be Ignored


On August 19, 1942 Germany’s 6th Army  under Von Paulus was on the outskirts of Stalingrad on the Volga River
For months Stalin seeing his Red Army being battered was pleading for the Allies to a second front deliver
With American troops just beginning to arrive in England and air superiority over France only a future dream
A full scale invasion of France in 1942 would have been a disaster and the invading forces creamed
The Allies came up with the idea of a one division beta test for a raid on Dieppe
A total failure in lost aircraft, tanks and men mostly Canadians proved the Allies were not ready to invade Europe yet
Lessons were learned that would be critical for success on D-Day
Despite the losses in blood the Canadians had to pay
Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings on the beaches and the air assaults of parachutes in Normandy
A costly success especially at Omaha Beach that is celebrated today with millions around the world watching on TV
And for those who fell on Dieppe’s shores on August 19, 2024
Take it to the bank their sacrifices will be ignored

© June 6, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The Job Illing Sacramento Blues Raised the Minimum Wage Now Their Pushing Giving Illegals a Leg Up Over Americans in Jobs at the UC System


When it comes to listening on reality most Blue Legislators in California have deaf ears
The Sacramento Blues and their presidential wanna-be ignored fast food owners’ fears
They warned almost in one loud and consistent voice
That raising the hourly wage to $20 an hour left them with only one choice
Many outlets would have to be shut down
Today that ignored fear was totally sound
Rubio’s Restaurant is shutting down 48 of its outlets due to the higher labor cost
So a job source so critically important for many their first job will be lost
The Sacramento Blues who are clueless on what is takes for a business to survive
Now are pushing bill that will when it comes to getting a job Americans chances are deprived
In an affirmative action push for illegals to employment gain
In California’s vaunted UC system if an American and illegal compete for the same job, the illegal will it obtain
Federal law prohibiting or limiting hiring illegals will go down the drain
As our overpaid politicians and bureaucrats mere mortal Americans disdain
Biden is so cognitively impaired he cannot understand the populist wrath
Against the bag of goodies and jobs to illegals that is stoking the flood and knocking Americans off the prosperity path
His touted executive order after 3 ½ of failing to fix the problems his executive actions created
Will not fool Americans that his appetite for more illegals can never be sated
The only cure to our infected open border
Is to oust our senile frail Biden to end the chaos and disorder
Elect Trump to push deportation to put into the millions of illegals a large dent
And to reduce to a trickle the flood of illegals prevent
© 6/5/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Kim Wins Blue Senate Minority But Menendez Files As an Independent Putting New Jersey in Play For Reds


In New Jersey once viewed by Blues as being a safe Blue Senate seat
Were on the receiving end of an unpleasant surprise that may mean a Blue defeat
Blue representative Andy Kim won the Blue primary for Menendez’s Senate seat
While Menendez filed on Monday as an Independent to another victory repeat
Both will face Red Curtis Bashaw who in the Red primary a Trump backed candidate he would defeat
With Manchin not running and West Virginia solid Red taking majority is only one more seat
With Menendez indicted for bribery still in the race
A good chance Kim and Menendez will split Blue votes putting Bashaw in first place
Political ideology set aside the way to judge a man is how with his wife he stands
Menendez’s wife is fighting 3rd stage cancer and voters may not understand
How the vows for in sickness and in health
Don’t apply when seeking a senate seat’s political wealth
How the lure of public office trumps being by a dying wife’s bedside
And may with that plus his indictment his campaign deride
Kim is already trying to link Menendez to Trump but a Bashaw link may be a stretch
Since he beat his Trump supported candidate Bashaw may the Senate seat fetch
© June 4, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

News Flash to Blues in the California Legislature California Is Not Part of Mexico and the Taxpayer UC System Must Not Be Required to Hire Illegals


Our leftist dominated legislature must be living in a time clock
Thinking California is still part of Mexico introducing a bill that should all of us shock
If passed and not vetoed by Newsome would require the UC College System to illegal aliens hire
That will be another magnet for the flood of illegals pouring across our open border to go higher
At a time after lying to all Americans that is secure
For 3 ½ years Biden is now touting his planned executive action to the crisis he created cure
But his executive action is all show and will not the flood of illegals tame
Allowing up to 2,500 illegals a day to cross can only be described as lame
The only positive note on Biden’s Hail Mary Border closing address
Is that we were treated to another Biden not answering questions then shuffling off like a frail old man under physical and mental distress
That our lying president was forced to announce border security plans however useless
Is due to an election and acts of DeSantis and Abbott of sending illegals into sanctuary cities causing great financial and safety distress
Not a single peep on deporting any of the 8-10 million illegals here under his term
Other than violent felons who are apprehended will at attempt to deport earn

© 6/4/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, June 3, 2024

Little Wimp Stanfanoupolus


Biased little wimp George Stephanopoulos of the MSM ranted that the election is to determine whether we wanted to have a convicted felon be our president
When the objective question is whether an innocent man convicted by a Stalinesque show trial by a biased judge and corrupt prosecutor should be to the Oval Office sent
He should be warning Americans that the likely next step will be political foes tied to a post and shot by a firing squad
Clear evidence that democracy and rule on law has been destroyed by a rule of men that is totally flawed
It should be abundantly clear that Biden has politicized the FBI and DOJ
And these now corrupted powers will destroy anyone in their way
One man rule and SCOTUS be ignored is the Biden rule for the land
And any conservatives who oppose will be treated as castles engulfed  by the incoming tide onto the sand
So Americans who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law
Must vote Red and dismiss wimp George as the must idiotic person they ever saw

6/3/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Canaday Wins 3rd Elimination Game in a Row Against UCLA To Face Texas In an Elimination Double Header--Go Stanford


Three times this season Stanford Women Softball played UCLA and went down in defeat
This Sunday with one day’s rest Stanford would again UCLA meet
NiJaree Canady in another elimination game was in the circle again
Stanford fans on edge fearful Canady tiring was not if but when
In the top of the first UCLA went down 1-2-3 with two strikeouts to see
In the bottom of the first Stanford went down 1-2-3 with two strikeouts as the hitting gods were deaf to our pleas
In the UCLA second the first batter Grant hit a solo home run
Chilling fear that Canady’s dreaded pitch velocity was done
Stanford followed with a single and there remained
In the UCLA third, two singles with the runners on the corners restrained
The Cardinal bats were warming up with three hits to two runs score
In the UCLA fourth the Stanford fans watched pitches vowing the Bruins would score no more
In the Cardinal fourth the Cardinal bats never left their quivers
In UCLA fifth their bats were ending any Stanford shivers
In the Stanford fifth two quick singles on bunts to later score one on a sacrifice fly
In the UCLA sixth three quick outs and chances to avoid a Westwood trip began to die
In the Stanford sixth the Stanford bats were to rest
Saving them for hits against Texas in Monday’s doubleheader test
With two outs in the top of the seventh Pola was hit by a pitch
A single followed then Pickett’s Softball Charge by a ground out was tossed into the ditch
Canady with no rest might have a chance to brand the Longhorns with one loss
But winning a second in a double header might be even for her too many pitches to toss
Only if the Stanford bats can repeat their 8-0 drubbing of Oklahoma State
Will the Cardinal have a chance to avoid a Palo Alto trip caused by a loss that will them await
Dreams of a record upset must not dim or die
Watch them at 4:00 P.M. to the Longhorns’ trip to the finals deny

© 5/3/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet





Sunday, June 2, 2024

Canady Wins 2nd Elimination Game in a Row Against the Cowgirls To Send Them Home To Stillwater


Stanford Cardinal Women versus the Oklahoma State Cowgirls elimination game
Was billed as a battle of two pitchers who won best pitcher fame
KiJaree Canady of the Cardinal and Lexi Kilfoyl of Oklahoma State
For the first inning Stanford was hitless with its bats needing to activate
Left 2 runners on base, an omen of stress coming to the floodgate
OSU quickly suffered 3 outs at its turn at the plate
In the second the scoreless tie came to an end
Stanford’s Gall hit a second pitch to over the fence send
OSU’s response was a single to be left on base
In the third the billing the fame was to be a pitcher’s duel was erased
3 hits by Stanford leading to 2 more runs crossing the plate
OSU doubled and the runner advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt but to forlornly wait
For the hits against Canaday that would not come
In the fourth with 2 outs Lim homered to bring in another run
The next batter was walked and Kilfoyl’ s time in the circle was done
Rosenberr came to the circle to walk the next batter and a strikeout to end a rally that had just begun
In the bottom of the fourth OSU responded with 2 strikeouts and 1 single to a rally fall flat
In the top of the fifth the Cardinal was playing like Indians with bows instead of bats
4 more hits to score 2 more runs and leaving 3 on base to their dismay
In the bottom of the fifth OSU was again hitless as Canady’s dominance remained on display
In the top of sixth, 2 more runs on 4 more hits to lead 8-zip
For certain if OSU did not score big time back to a Stillwater trip
They failed with two runners on base the last out was a strikeout
Canady pitched a ball off her knee and concerns over her being able to play UCLA mount
1 day’s rest hopefully will be enough for her to the Bruin bats tame
If she is needed to win today’s game
Stanford’s pitching staff other than Canaday is a very thin Red line
Will this be the day the few will be called on to in the circle really shine?

© June 2, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet