Friday, May 24, 2024

After 8 decades the USS Harder has been found off the coast of Luzon 3000 feet below the surface


The U.S. Navy’s Submarine Fleet was called the “Silent Service”
Captains and crews of Japanese Marus operating in sub infested waters had reason to be nervous
Traveling often alone and without enough escorts they were easy prey
To a spread of torpedoes launched and coming quickly their way
Japanese warships escorting Marus and warships or trying to land troops were from sub attack not immune
Some 200 warships and 1300 Marus from torpedoes met their doom
Some 52 U.S. subs were sunk with over 3500 men lost
Destroying Japan’s ability to supply its conquests and Japan came with a high cost
As we near Memorial Day with veterans of the Greatest Generation almost all dead
It is perhaps fitting that one of the most successful subs the USS Harder has been found off Luzon on the seabed
Resting on its keel with only depth charge damage to its stern
Looking like it was waiting to rise to the surface to for sinking one more ship a medal to earn
3000 feet below the surface sent to the bottom by not evading a depth charge attack
No signs of implosion and one hopes it was quickly flooded instead causing death after oxygen it would soon lack
What brave men to go down to the sea in subs knowing if depth charges exploded nearby?
There was no chance to surface only face death very quickly or with oxygen gone slowly die
There bodies never to be buried with full military honors so family and friends could  grieve
Seeing evidence in the form of tombstones of the heroic deeds they achieved
God help us if there is again an existential war we have to face
And we cannot find the brave men and women in uniform to the Greatest Generation replace

© May 24, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

A 4D photogrammetry model of the USS Harder at its current resting place, more than 3,000 feet below the surface of the South China Sea. (Tim Taylor and the Lost 52 Project)


Soros Backed D.A. In Portland, Oregon Blown Away by Law and Order Deputy D.A. to Joy of Residents


Biden and his leftist Blues on the greatest danger to America have it wrong
The greatest and clear and present danger to our safety are soft on crime D.A.’s who do not belong
Who owe their positions to George Soros contributions to their campaign war chest
Who believe the true victims of crime are the felons the police arrest
Who before the ink is dry on the police arrest reports
Often believe they need to be released to equity support
Finally residents in cities where George Soros D.A.’s rule
Are fed up with crime and being released prove the such D.A.’s are tomfools
Many states do not allow recall elections and if they do allow
Often hard to get enough signatures to get on a ballot and to overcome Soros’ money know how
Regularly schedule elections are another matter
Even with Soros’ money a reelection of a leftist D.A. can be shattered
In Portland, Oregon residents facing too much crime finally had enough
Soros backed D.A. Mike Schmidt’s reelection hope were into the trash bin stuffed
His Deputy D.A. Nathan Vasquez won the primary to send him packing
Thanks to  several police groups, crime victims and business owners who gave him their backing
Great first step for the City of Roses to regain its lost bloom
To escape from the leftist spiral rapidly increasing into doom

© 5/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


California Is Moving Closer to Reparations For Descendants of Slaves and Free Blacks Here Prior to the 19th Century's End


The Golden State when it comes to budgets is turning its gold into iron pyrite
As spending and decreasing revenues are creating a deficit hole that is growing out of sight
The estimates are in ranging from $41 billion to a $73 billion high
The California state senate has a bill to create a task force to determine how the issue of reparations will apply
To the descendants of slave and free blacks who lived here prior to the 19th Century’s end
To determine the form of reparations to the legislature it will send
No dollar payments have yet been proposed but $1.2 million per person has been heard
With our pending deficit that amount is clearly absurd
What ever the amount proposed will be either in cash or other programs to be put in place
Taxpayers should not be surprised see requests the spigots be open to a higher spending pace
The idea of black descendants of slaves and free blacks who are making 6 figures plus income will be a total disgrace
Once a state commission like DEI to promote is formed it will feast on tax dollars uncontrolled while it feeds its face

© May 24, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Hochul Apes HRC's Election Losing "Deplorables" Charge By Calling the 25,000 Supporters at His Bronx Rally "Clowns"


Trump had a rally in a Bronx park in the heart of the Blues
25,000 attended with many outside the park hoping to get in--a sure omen Biden's reelection chances are through
Biden’s chances to have more than a few hundred at a Biden rally
Would be slim and nonexistence unless attendees were paid to add to the tally
If Biden had any mental competence which sadly he has long since lost
Freed from the courtroom so Trump can campaign, Biden would know his reelection chances have been lost
Massive turnouts at political rallies do not guarantee an election win
But they destroy the MSM’s ability to denigrate with TDS lying spin
Hochul aped HRC calling Trump supporters "clowns"
Shades of the Everly Brothers' hit song "Cathy's Clown"; but here the only one is she, aloof in her mansion in Albany town
Poor memory that HRC's deplorables charge cost her her coronation crown
So refreshing to see the MSM displaying it can't believe the crowd size meltdown
"When he knows you're tellin' lies and he hears 'em passing by"
Hits the nail on the head why more and more Americans on the MSM and Blue politicians no longer rely

© 5/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trump Has a Rally in Bluest of the Blue Bronx


One thing the Biden puppet masters should really fear
Trump is not afraid to enlarge the tent as at rally in the Bronx he appears
The district that has the misfortune of being  “represented” by AOC
Mostly black and Hispanic voters and a third living in poverty
90% voted for HRC in 2016 and 83.6% for Biden in 2020
Could it be blacks and Hispanics are tired of being plantation voter slaves in this land of plenty?
Blues have been in control for decades to run the Bronx into the ground
Crime, illegal aliens, lack of jobs, miserable quality of life and poverty abound
Blues have totally failed the Bronx residents
Now time to dump the Blues and elect Trump as president
Blue leaders in the Bronx excel at putting on a great show
When every election cycle to harvest votes they go
But they living the life of Riley are unaffected by residents’ distress
Time for residents to get more from Reds as opposed from the Blues so much less
Blues have been at the forefront of providing illegal aliens all manner of support
So shorn of needed dollars aid to residents always comes up short

© 5/23/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden Looks Like He Will Not Be on the Ballot in Ohio


The Blues with a bogus 14th Amendment argument tried to keep Trump off the ballot
And were soundly hit with a SCOTUS 9-0 decision mallet
Now Biden looks like he will not be on the ballot in the Buckeye State
Ohio law requires the certification of candidates at least 90 days before the election date
Biden assuming he has not withdrawn will not secure the nomination until the Blue National Convention
Which comes 75 days before the election which means a ballot listing prevention
Hard to believe the DNC was not smart enough to know the rules
If they thought the rules would not apply to them they are total fools
Each electoral vote is worth more than its worth in gold
Conceding Ohio to Trump as a Biden write-in candidacy should fold
Heads will roll at the DNC and  staffers should be fear Biden’s wrath
Not being on the ballot in Ohio is much more than a speed bump in Biden’s reelection path

© May 23, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Biden's Puppet Master On Biden Withdrawing Are Facing the Issue Of When No Longer If


Haley, the last candidate opposing Trump to drop out of the race
Has finally declared she will support Trump as Biden has been a disgrace
The Blue strategy of criminal and civil bogus trials to keep Trump off the campaign trail
With dollars pouring in from voters outraged over the Stalinesque show trials has failed
With Biden alone with his lapses and gaffes demonstrating he is not mentally all there
His approval rating keeps falling as evidence of his dementia is laid bare
While Trump confined to a courtroom in a show trial that seems so unfair
Sees his poll numbers increasing getting a larger and larger voters’ share
Even when he has a rally in Blue New Jersey 80-100,000 loud supporters appear
More and more complaints that Biden should drop out voters now hear
Biden’s puppet masters have seen the writing on the wall
Unless Biden can change course he will go down in flames in the fall
Explains why Biden has consented to two debates trying to ape Dirty Harry
The debates will not make his day as unless there are some miracle drugs Trump will him bury
Even without an audience that would energize Trump
Biden his headed for the debate trash dump

© 5/22/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

To Be Politically Correct Bill on Governor's Desk To Change "Offender" Tp Justice Impacted Individual


Do the crime
And you do the time
But liberals in Illinois want to change the words
To sugar coat a crime in a way absurd
A bill sent to the corpulent governor’s desk to sign
Has changed how a felon or criminal we define
No longer in Illinois will someone who a crime commits
Be called an “offender” but now a “justice impacted individual” is the label that fits
Wonder if the victim of justice impacted individual as a “victim” remains
When a “justice abandoned individual” should be the proper name
Once again the leftist Blues seem out of their minds
More concerned with welfare of criminals as to that of victims totally blind
Anyone who thinks a criminal will change his spots with the new label
Is someone who believes in the tooth fairy and other fables

© 5/22/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bragg's Bogus Stalinesque Trial Comes To an End With Fight Over Jury Instructions and Judge Merchan's Taking Under Advisement Motion of Defense to Dismiss


Bragg’s bogus politically motivated Stalinesque trial has come to an end
If Judge Merchan cannot shed his bias and dismiss the case after the fight over jury instructions to the jury the judge will it send
A sad day for our justice system with lawfare being the new threat to democracy trend
How a judge with a daughter raising millions for Blues using the Trump trial is allowed to the rules of ethics ignore and bend?
Rep Elise Stefanik disgusted by the bias and failure of Merchan to recuse
Has filed a complaint with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct over his failure to recusal choose
On key jury instruction points the defense seemed to lose
From the Trump gag order to failure to recuse bias and lack of objectivity from every pore never ceased to ooze
Not sure what the final jury instructions will be but his refusal to dismiss you can take to the bank
Total miscarriage of justice and corruption of our system of justice has just tanked
Will there be at least one juror who will not climb aboard the railroad Trump travesty?
Knowing that if the rich and powerful can be victims of lawfare what does that mean for mere mortals like you and me?

© 5/21/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Biden At Sea Offering Condolences For the Death Of the Bucher Of Tehran While Most Iranians Are Jumping For Joy


Once again Biden on the issue of Iran seems totally at sea
When he lifted sanctions on Iran allowing billions to go into its treasury
He assured the American people that none of the funds would support terror
But the President of Iran, the “Butcher of Tehran” touted he was in error
Iran he said would not accept any restrictions on where the funds were spent
Good chance some of the funds built some of the 300 drones and missiles that into Israeli air space were sent
The Butcher of Tehran’s reign of terror on Iranian dissidents has come to an end
Coming back from a dam inauguration his chopper crashed in the fog to his death send
This Butcher had plenty of blood on his hands including U.S. troops and Masha who for not wearing a hajib right died from a concussion in jail
Instead of popping the corks and urging Iranians to rise up against Iran’s murderous regime, on that test Biden failed
He uttered his condolences on his death when most Iranians were overjoyed
Did not complain when the UN flag at half-staff was deployed
Probably instructed our UN Ambassador to join in moment of silence Security Council tribute
When the Butcher’s actions as judge and president all sense of human rights did refute
If Trump were in office any nation buying Iranian oil would be subject to sanctions to reduce Iranian oil exports to a trickle
Watch riots in the streets by dissident Iranians as their economy was crippled
Shades of déjà vu some clandestine arms shipments like in the Soviet Afghan war
So the mullahs would be force to the issues of human rights no longer be able to ignore

 © May 21, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

If Bragg's Lady Justice Were Blind, Cohen Would Have Been Cuffed After Admitting Under Oath To Steeling $60,000 From Trumptebeein


Cohen on cross admitted to winning the disgraced witness' Triple Crown
Serial Liar, Disbarred Felon and lastly $60,000 Thief to Bragg's show trial shoot down
But as the poster child for two systems of justice he indicated a possible Congressional race
Touted his name recognition thinking that would put him in first place
When after admission of his guilt he should have been cuffed and led away
To Rikers Island to be charged with theft that very same day
If Bragg's system of justice were blind which it is not
Almost anyone else would a bail bondsman being sought
We can only hope Bragg never knew of the theft and it came as a surprise
And in a moment of spite charges him with a felony for causing Bragg's bogus show trial case demise
If Cohen is not arrested and is idiotic enough for a House seat campaign
He should remember the pervert Anthony Weiner's run for NYC Mayor that was flushed down the drain

© May 21, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, May 20, 2024

Cohen, the Serial Liar and Perjurer, Admits on Cross To Have Stolen 60 Grand From Trump


Bragg blinded by his promise to the voters to get elected by “getting Trump”
To put on as his star witness a liar and perjurer who on cross had his credibility tossed into the garbage dump
Most observers other the MSM pundits infected with terminal TDS
Believed Cohen was a serial liar and perjurer whose credibility would be destroyed when put to the cross exam test
What many did not know until revealed on the last day
Was that he also stole from Trump because his bonus was slashed to reduce his pay
Admitted he was angry and felt he was entitled to keep the 60 grand he stole
If the statute of limitations has not run on his crime he should be cuffed and sent to a Rikers Island rathole
To be charged with first degree theft by Bragg
Whose credibility in bringing this bogus case really lags

© 5/20/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Now Confirmed the Butcher of Tehran Was Killed In Helicopter Crash


President Ebrahim Raisi, better known to suffering Iranians as the “Butcher of Tehran,"
Died in a helicopter crash in the fog in a forest trying to in an emergency land
Before becoming president in a sham election
He was a judge thrilled to send 1000’s to their deaths for against the regime transgressions
Defied the UN and pushed Iran to its nuclear program complete
When Biden waived sanctions to release billions touting money supporting terror could not be used he said from support Iran would not retreat
How many missiles and drones with released funds did Iran create?
How many of these were among the 300 missiles and drones launched at the Jewish state?
The vice president stepped in as president until “elections” in 50 days
He is an unknown quantity but take it to the bank that Iran’s desire to destroy the Satan's is not fading away
Only if Iran is reading the tea leaves correctly to who in November will win
A new sheriff in town who will not hesitate to push Iran back into the trash bin
Might we expect some sense out of a new president
To avoid the nation back into economic chaos being sent

© May 20, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Sunday, May 19, 2024

President of Iran May Have Been Killed in Helicopter Crash To the Joy Of Iranian Dissidents


 Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, who represented the hard right shift in Iran,
Coming back from a dam inauguration  at the border with Azerbaijan
Was riding in a helicopter that crashed in a forest shrouded in fog and mist
Rescuers have not reached the site but if there are no survivors by dissidents s he will not be missed
He was elected president only because all other candidates were banned
With the fatal crackdown on dissents he had blood on his hands
Behind the attacks on Israel with 300 missiles and drones
Almost all of which misfired or could not get past Israel’s Iron Dome
Iran is a theocracy and the ruling powers reside in Iran’s supreme leader
Who is 84 years old and not long for this world with no appointed succeeder
In a perfect world Iranians would believe the Great Satin was behind the crash
And rather than risk its wrath tone down against the Great Satin their bash
And end their sponsorship of terrorists like Hamas, the Houthis and Hezbollah
And enter the secular stage, allowing worship to other than just Allah

© May 19, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

What If a President Came To Town and No One Wanted To See Hime?


Biden’s puppet masters must be desperate and see the writing on the wall
Their feeble, senile dementia infected candidate is going to lose this fall
Keeping Trump off the campaign trail and confined to a courtroom
Due to a biased judge and politicized Bragg has brought Blues nothing but gloom
Americans are smart enough to recognize a Stalin like show trial
A denial of our sense of fair play that has them riled
Biden on the campaign trail is a steady stream of mental lapses and gaffes
While the strategy of bogus trials is subjecting him to the voters’ shaft
Normally when a presidential motorcade appears in a town
Onlookers cram the sidewalks to get a glimpse of the motorcade as it comes around
In Atlanta at Morehouse College after a commencement address
That was really a campaign speech causing grads some distress
The sidewalks were bare
No one to wave at the president was there
Support of Biden among blacks continues to drop like a rock
Without large black majorities Biden’s path to the Oval Office is blocked
Biden’s video challenging Trump to a debate
With a “Make my day” Dirty Harry ape
Went over like a lead balloon
Reenforced Biden’s image as a total buffoon

© May 19, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Jet Passenger Plane of Air India Plane Has Engine Catch Fire To Make Emergency Landing But Not a Boeing Plane


Executives at Boeing today are sighing in relief
Another mishap in the air but this time spared any grief
As an Air India Express flight taking off from Bangalore
An engine caught fire and seeing the flames passengers screams roared
The captain quickly returned to Bangalore and no terrified passenger was hurt
But Boeing with a string of mishaps causing criticism they have been trying to divert
Must have been on pins and needles if another Boeing plane in the news
Was forced to make an emergency landing could mean airlines buying Boeing might eschew
Boeing dodged the bullet this time as it was not a Boeing jet
But an Airbus 300 that the captain had to back on the ground quickly get
But before the Boeing executives pop the corks
They must be assured the needed improvements in engineering will not abort

© May 18, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, May 17, 2024

Hur Refuses to Release the Audio Tapes Due to Biden's Bogus Claim of Executive Privelige


Robert Hur the special prosecutors who investigated Biden’s handling of classified documents after leaving as Vice President
Justified not prosecuting him in the transcript that he was “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory" to sugar coat his mind into dementia descent
An audio may not be as powerful as a photo or video establishing the facts
But it reveals the lapses, pauses, and gaps a transcript lacks
Biden has exercised a bogus claim of executive privilege to his Merrick Garland lap dog
Has refused to turn over to Congress the audio interview tape logs
No matter how hard his puppet masters and staff try to his mental failings conceal
Each time he appears in public, speaks or hobbles to and from an event, the growing dementia he reveals
The Blues are running out of time to force him to withdraw from this race
If they wait until after the convention or first debate they will be in a world of hurt finding someone to him replace
One more fall climbing the stairs of Air Force 1, a few more cases of not knowing where he is or who is at his side
Of some more really blatant lies or foreign policy disasters or domestic illegal alien terrorist attack and his polling numbers will fatally slide
Reds should hope that Biden stays in
So his age and dementia will insure he will not win
Or if he drops out the Word Salad Queen takes his place
And is destroyed in a Trump ending landslide race

© 5/17/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Robert Hale, Jr. Commencement Speaker at UMass Dartmouth Will Also Give Each Grad $1,000 With Worthy Strings Attachedrutgpwill ,m


The students at UMass Dartmouth on commencement
In addition to hearing a great speaker will receive a welcome present
From the speaker who epitomizes the American Dream success
That is not handed on a silver platter but with hard work and some stress
That failure is not an end but the opening of a new door
To again try to succeed once more
Robert Hale, Jr., an entrepreneur, founded Network Plus in 1990
A long distance and telephone company that soared to one of Wall Street’s High and Mighties
Went public in 1999 with its stock soon reaching in 2000 $62 a share
With the bubble bursting the company filed for B/K in 2002 and Hale’s $1 billion of wealth disappeared into thin air
Entrepreneurs learn from failures and in 6 months Granite Telecom was formed
A company that rapidly increased his wealth was born
He is now worth some $6 billion and donates large sums to charities
He believes that for the wealthy, philanthropy should be the norm not the rarity
Each grad received 2 checks 1 for $500 to spend without any constraints
The other in like amount to be donated to charity or someone in need of funds to remove a lack of funds crippling restraints
Biden rants that the wealthy are not paying their fair share
But worth to society of philanthropy as opposed to wasteful government spending is beyond compare

© May 17, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Not To Late For Biden To Ape Ford and As Romney Suggests Pardon Trump To Have a Chance To Win Reelection


Mitt Romney has been referred to as a RINO many times
But he is right on point for Biden’s failure to pardon Trump for any crimes
Trump was lucky that Biden too confident had handed to him
On a silver platter a key issue that of two different justice systems
One for Blues that their transgressions often turns a blind eye
One for Reds who the system of justice blind is denied
Biden had classified documents dating from his Senate days in his garage
Yet the DOJ would not be leading the to the grand jury charge
Hillary ignored subpoenas to destroy with hammers cell phones and thousands of emails erase
Paid for the infamous false Steele Dossier to Trump’s election chances try to debase
Yet Biden was not charged with mishandling documents that were classified
And Hillary was not charged with obstruction of justice or interference with the election that the Russian collusion the Steele Dossier implied
The man who from his basement ran as the adult who could unify this land
Became the conductor of the Destroy MAGA Supporters Marching Band
The country thanks to Biden’s attempts to destroy Trump voters and the rule of law ignore
Is more divided as ever not since our Civil War so costly in blood and gore
When Ford took office after Nixon resigned he faced a nation coming apart at is seams
He sensed to try unify the nation with Nixon on trial would be like being in a canoe without a paddle trying to go upstream
His pardon of Nixon probably caused his to Carter defeat
But it was the right thing to do enabling us from further divisiveness retreat
The criminal and civil actions against Trump resulting in his leading in all but 1 swing state
And causing millions in donor contributions flowing into his collection plate
Forced Biden’s puppet masters to concede to having 2 debates
Hoping against all facts that the restrictions will enable Biden to shine
No audience and cutting off mics in interruptions or when running out of time
With the MSM panels still sadly lacking objectivity and still on his side
That Biden will save his reelection and end thoughts of a Trump and Red landslide

© 5/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Former Prosecutor For the SDNY Testified Cohen Told Him Many Times He Had Nothing on Trump--Another Perjury Charge?


A leopard it is said cannot changes his spots
And a serial liar will most likely the truth with lies blot
After reading what Robert Costello, former prosecutor with the SDNY,
Before the House Weaponization Committee, revealed on the stand Cohen may have his oath defied
When Cohen approached Costello facing possible charges he was told
That if he had something truthful on Trump it would help him as the investigation would unfold
If the information was truthful leading to charges against Trump
Costello could within a week have the investigation of Cohen dumped
Again and again Cohen informed Costello he had nothing on Trump
Trump feared the embarrassment and pain to Melania if the allegation was not dumped
The idea of paying Stormy $130,000 for on her story a NDA
Came not from Trump but Cohen putting his “Mr. Fixer” skills on display
Took out a HELOC loan and did not his wife inform
Definitely a deviation from for couples the acceptable norm
He didn’t want to against Trump turn
Still thought for his skill an AG of chief of staff position he would earn
Cohen, Costello believes, blames Trump for prison and being disbarred
Relishes being on a revenge against Trump path as Bragg’s witness star

© 5/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet



May 15 is the official opening of the Eastern Pacific Ocean Day with the first tropical depression forming well off the coast of Mexico west of Acapulco


Today is May 15, the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season opening day
Already as if on cue a tropical depression has been formed over 1600 miles from L.A.
For a tropical depression to grow into a tropical storm or hurricane not a sure thing
One has to hope regardless of the number of hurricanes, water conditions to our shores the hurricanes will not bring
Living by or on the ocean is where if you can afford it you would live your dreams
Boating, water sports and beaches plus better weather to dampen temperature extremes
With the ocean acting like a huge sink
Summer temps rarely break a 100; winter; is warmer than you would ever think
Our hurricanes rarely get close to Mexico’s northern latitude
So the flooding storm surges, flash floods and howling winds almost never intrude
The West Coast part of the ring of fire with volcanoes and earthquakes
Just waiting to erupt and ash spew and the Earth violently without warning shake
Hurricanes can be really devastating close to the water but on land weakening on its path
At least residents have plenty of time to shutter and sand bag or to evacuate to  escape its wrath
Tornadoes and volcanoes too come with some warning to be able to flee
Always fearful of what on return what damage one will see
Quakes have warnings if any of a few seconds with no time to a “go bag” pack
In an earthquake area stores will food and medicines lack
On the issue of natural disasters the motto should be “Be Prepared”
Have enough meds, food and water to last for a week as market shelves will be bare

© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

No Longer In the Public Spot Light Now For Some More Proclaim If Trump Acquitted Stormy and Her Spouse Leave U.S.


As the NY v Trump Trial plods along with serial liar Michael Cohen subject to cross
Pundits excluding pundits who are infected with severe cases of TDS predict a Bragg loss
Unless after putting a serial liar on the stand, Bragg can find a witness
Who will testify Trump was worried about losing but Melania at the tapes would feel no distress
That seems like a scene too far fetched
But Bragg would have no qualms to the truth be stretched
If Trump is acquitted which should be beyond all hopes and prayers
Stormy Daniels and her spouse will be off into a plane to be flying in foreign nation’s air
If there is a mistrial or one vote voting not to convict
Bragg must retry the case so a new judge can Trump restrict
If he tried to retry
The anger even among Blues would be sky high
So sadly a mistrial and no retrial means no flights to outside the U. S.
No more TV time your victimhood due to Trump express
Most Americans probably have had enough of stories from Stormy
Probably will believe she is way too far from being a normie

© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Don't Trust Any Over 30 Now Replaced By "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30" at Donerick's Tavern


In the 60’s a rallying cry was often heard
That today those who uttered it must feel absurd
“Never trust anyone over thirty” was the battle cry
Authorities were despised and their advice to be decried
But in Donerick’s Tavern in Groveport, Ohio a new rule
Anyone trying to violate would never make it to a stool
After a fight broke out between 2 female patrons from the bar
Facing off in the parking lot nude and the other dressed to see who would be the brawling star
Caught on video with the name Donerick’s Tavern to display
The owner reacted by on weekends saying those under 30 were to stay away
The tavern had entertainment on Friday and Saturday
Article did not specify what kind of music the bands would play
If music pre rock and roll the under 30 would have Uber to another bar them to convey
The owner should have considered training his bartenders better to not serve to a drunk another drink
Which after seeing the nude fighting, a few too many drinks to a soused nude, most viewers would think
Doubt if over 30 on Friday and Saturday will work
Those under 30 will going to that tavern shirk
Do not be surprised if an under 30 patron not needing to be 86’d
Files an age discrimination lawsuit for the money or kicks
© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

"Genocide Joe" Is a Bad Rap But "Illegal Getaways Joe" Is Not--Clear and Present Danger To Our Safety


Biden is now being known as “Genocide Joe”
For his funding of the IDF who into Gaza with shells and bombs had to go
As the IDF is launching air strikes near Raffa the last stronghold of Hamas
Biden is threatening to withhold munitions as a line against killing civilians has been crossed
Joe may be guilty of a many failings but genocide
Is not a Biden act one good with any objectivity could have applied
But under his watch illegal aliens entering the nation have soared to new heights
Worse the number of “getaways” fleeing into the interior has risen out of sight
308, 606, 671 thousand in Biden’s first 3 years
Unvetted, having bogus asylum claims and from nations we should fear
Biden’s proper name is really “Illegal Getaways Joe”
How many illegals are here to the seeds of a deadly terrorist attack sow?
Sadly given Biden’s politicizing of the DOJ and FBI until the bombs go off we will never know
Just more reason to add to senility,  inflation, economic woes, national debt, war on fossil fuels and crime in our streets that Biden has to go

© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Soros Evidently Spending Millions To Cause Censorship of Reds in 2024 Elections But Pritzker Family's Hyatt Corporation May Be Vulnerable Boycott Target for Funding Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Demonstrations t k opCenssorto a


When it comes to monetary attacks on the founding principles of this nation
Multi-billionaire George Soros with his funding of leftist Blues, D.A.’s and judges merits only the strongest condemnation
Only in America can a billionaire who made his fortune in finance and investments
Can that billionaire bite the capitalist hand that to him billions of dollars were sent
The Media Research Center has revealed millions of dollars now spent
To pressure social media to censor conservative dissent
Political contributions in the millions a mortal threat to democracy represent
Without funds to advertise and promote a candidate’s view’s his or hers route to an office you can prevent
Soros can spend his millions trying to influence elections because he thinks he is immune
Not so with another billionaire family in the business of owning hotel and motel rooms
The Pritzker Family is evidently funding organizations involved in pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel demonstrations popping up across the nation
Boycott may be an action of last resort but any Jew dismayed by the protests should cancel any Hyatt Hotel reservations
There are plenty of hotels not owned by Hyatt that would welcome former Hyatt guests
A well-orchestrated boycott might cause the Pritzker Family to further contributions suppress

© 5/15/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

L.A.'s Homeless Issues Remain In the Words of Mayor "Nothing Less Than a Disaster"


The parks, sidewalks and underpasses in L.A.
Despite a new mayor making solving the homeless issues the number one order of the day
If the nylon were replaced by cardboard it would like the worst slums in India on display
Despite Mayor Bass’ best intentions the homeless problem is not going away
$20 billion has supposedly been spent
Yet Newsom’s office has not a clue where the money went
No businessman in his right mind would want his front door to open to a sea of homeless tents
With piles of trash and scurrying large rats and the stench of feces or urine being the dominating scent
If businesses accelerate their moving out of a city’s downtown
The jobs will disappear and more homeless will abound
The cities’ social safety nets are being torn asunder by the illegal aliens’ curses
And their growing claims on the dwindling funds in the cities’ purses
Biden is like Nero playing an untuned fiddle
While for most of his term claimed the border was secure which was not a triddle
To solve the homeless problem our schools must shed the shackles of DEI
And focus on teaching the skills that will survive the explosion of AI
And give students the chance to earn a living free of crippling college debt
If the teachers’ unions cannot sign up for the program any chance of solving homeless issues we can forget

© May 14, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Killer Whales Have Replaced Sperm Whales To Attack Ships in a an Essex Deja Vu


In a déjà vu for the Nantucket based whaling ship the Essex  in August 1819 set sail on her 7th trip
The first six voyages had generated for the owner and the crew many dollars in profits
On the 20th of November in the Pacific Ocean the middle of nowhere
A sperm whale decided the Essex had no right to be there
Rammed the ship’s bow twice times so it would sink
The crew of 20 escaped into the 3 whale boats with little provisions to eat or drink
Landed on uninhabited Henderson Island with little food sources and water and after a month 17 of them elected to leave and 3 elected to stay
Fearing cannibals the 17 were fearful of islands that would have assisted them but instead stayed away
Running low on provisions and no land in sight crew members started to die
Buried at sea to Davey Jones Locker with new bodies to supply
Soon the dwindling band of survivors decided that burying a corpse at sea was a waste
Resorted to the cannibalism to a man they feared
When a man died there were shed no tears
If anything enough calories to keep a man alive for a few more days hoping another whaler would appear
In the end the dwindling band resorted to killing one of the living as starvation neared
Of the 21 seamen who sailed from Nantucket, one jumped ship before the sinking and disappeared
Of the 20 seamen who left the sinking Essex, only 8 survived—3 who on Henderson Island elected to stay
Along with 5 rescued who left Henderson after the sinking on 88th and 93rd day
Today pleasure craft off the Gibraltar coast since 2020 have reported 700 encounters with killer whales
The most recent attack occurred this Sunday on the 50 foot long Alboran Cognac sunk but the 2 crewmen were rescued in the busy shipping lane to boast of their tale

© May 14, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Monday, May 13, 2024

UNC Is Reallocating Funds To Its Campus Police From DEI Due To Demonstrations and Disruption on Campus


The DEI Mouse that has roared across the nation’s universities with millions on DEI programs being spent
Looks like the pendulum has reversed and into the trash bin the programs and their budget will be sent
Universities are spending large sums to push the goal of DEI
Hiring people to insure DEI even though the hiree’s skill set fails to qualify
Resulting academicians and researchers hired to fill a DEI box
But infected with the meritocracy into mediocrity pox
Who are contagious and the students soon infect
Easily discovered not by physical characteristics but by the amount of subpar academics the infection reflects
The University of North Carolina, the nation’s first public university, wants its DEI to end
And believes in education the ending of mediocrity with meritocracy
$2.4 million dollars spent annually but in view of the protests
Of demonstrators who become violent not deterred by arrests
The Board of Trustees by ending DEI intend such dollars saved will go to the campus police
What student can study for finals when demonstrations both for and against Israel do not decrease
Unless a university is private and not dependent on the state its funds
Ending or sharply reducing a program is sadly easier said than done

© 5/13/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Psaki Forced To Excise the Lie That Biden Did Not Look At His Watch As 13 Coffins Returned Home After Suicide Bomb At Kabul Airportaat HatWatch thatdo kai


It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words
Especially when it contradicts a claim that was absurd
Jen Psaki who was Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary during the tenure of a properly named Carney
Whose recounting of the news aimed to sway voters was pure blarney
Although thought to be his replacement she was not
Went to the Cack News Network as a political analyst with the bias CNN sought
Involved in the Biden Harris 2020 campaign and then Press Secretary for a short time
Then off to the Mostly Slanted News Broadcasting Cack to more money find
Had a book out on her days in the Obama and Biden White House Say More
Where the truth about Biden’s disrespect while meeting the coffins of the 13 Americans killed by a suicide bomber on guard duty at the Kabul airport chose to ignore
Worse the book pushed a bald face lie
That as the 13 coffins were received Biden never kept looking at his watch the book denies
Photos at the ceremony show an impatient Biden at his watch taking a look
Due to outcries from the Gold Star Families present and the photos the denial is being excised in the reprint of the book
What flavor of ice cream was such a magnet that he felt it was time for him to leave
Having absolutely no empathy for the families who over their loss grieved?
This dementia affected senile old man from the Oval Office needs to go
Back to his home on a Delaware beach, read a book, soak up the Sun and feel the winds blow

© May 13, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Jerry Seinfeld's Commence Address at Duke Was Booed By a Very Small Minority of Students, Drowned Out Chants Of "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!


The Anti-Israeli protests that have broken out across the nation
Along with the rise of antisemitism that merits the strongest condemnation
Have shown too many university presidents have a weak or complete lack of spine
What is revealing that protesting students are nearly outnumbered by non-students most of the time
Nixon appealed to the “silent majority” to offset the protests over the Vietnam War
 But failed to make a dent in the number and size of protests as casualties continue to soar
No matter how many bodies of NVA and Viet Cong were added to the tally
The Viet Cong and North Vietnam had fresh new soldier to against us rally
The anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian protests are being made by a small minority
Who have forced the cancellation of some universities by spineless authorities
At Duke the commencement speaker Jerry Seinfeld was booed by a few students there
Who then walked out to their objection of Israel’s war against Hamas share
Only to have most of those in attendance shouting “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” to their rejection proclaim
Not wanting a very small minority ruin after 4 years of work and toil their and their parents day of fame
The antisemites and pro-Palestinians are so much like the mouse who a cookie seeks
Give in to its demands means a growing list of more demands that never peaks

© May 13, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Serial Liar, Disbarred Attorney and Convicted Felon Is On the Stand Trying To Convince a Biased Jury He Is Telling the Truth Now


Michael Cohen, a disbarred, convicted felon is now on the stand
Bragg so desperate for a conviction willing to suborn perjury that even a biased Manhattan jury will understand
Cohen has admitted in “fixing” Trump problems over 10 years he bullied and lied
That he would tell the truth now all common sense will be defied
Listening to Cohen on direct and ultimately on what will be a withering cross
Should remind us all of the parable of a leopard not being able to have his spots subject to a loss
Legal experts are already shaking their heads
That Stormy Danie’ prejudicial salacious claims testimony was able to go ahead
Only reason has to have been Bragg and the Judge Merchan wanted to portray Trump as a perverted spouse who punishment deserves
As opposed to the requirement the two judicial officers, judge and D.A., have an obligation for the rule of law be preserved
An unexpected result of Judge Merchan’s gag order and confining Trump to his courtroom
Is that Biden had free reign to campaign, exposing his dementia and the falling approval ratings portending his election doom
The lights must be burning long at Biden’s reelection campaign HQ
When Trump in Florida has a 100,000 at a rally indicating Biden’s Oval Office time is almost through
Before Reds pop the corks they must focus on early voting that will soon be taking place
Blues early vote in droves that the Red turnout on election day will not the Blues’ early voting lead erase

© May 13, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, May 11, 2024

Feces City will now provide alcoholics with motel room, 3 squares and alcoholic drinks


San Francisco once known as the beautiful city on the Bay
Is better known as Feces City or Urine City if you are downwind and the stench comes your way
Or OD Central as addicts are lying on the sidewalks comatose
Next to used needles after another dose
Now the leftist city fathers have a new idea for treating alcoholism that is the new norm
Alcoholics are able to receive a motel room, 3 meals and beer or vodka which is an idea that merits only scorn
Ask any alcoholic who takes an alcoholic drink
Rather than in a fit of desperation tosses it down the sink
That one drink can be the trigger like the game of Russian Roulette
With a bullet in the chamber with death being the losing bet
Alcoholics unlike heroin addicts who can function on Methadone
One drink can quickly lead to loss of job, license, freedom, spouse and home.

© 5/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Bragg to Put Serial Liar Michael Cohen On the Stand Whose Past Lies Will Stoke the Fires of Perjury Started With Stormy Daniels


After a few days of salacious testimony by Stormy Daniels going up in flames
Taking the stand will be perjurer without peers Michael Cohen fresh from raising Tik Tok money for Trump bashing fame
In the new age of lawfare the jurors will be wondering if this serial liar
Will be wearing asbestos pants to protect him from the rhyming fire
In Bragg’s Don Quixote quest to get Trump and send him to jail
Suborning perjury he knows will come from Cohen’s lips is beyond the pale
Like Hunter Biden, the notorious crack addict and tax cheat
Bragg and his anti-Trump minions will portray him as a reformed liar whose lies on the stand he will not repeat
Hunter at least could seek empathy and sympathy for an addict
Supposedly struggling to the use of crack interdict
But Cohen cannot claim the addiction excuse
Does not seem he was suffering from drug abuse
Only the perverse need to replenish his pockets
After being disbarred on the State Bar Court docket
He should be shredded for being a serial liar
That his proclivity to lie has not expired
Will the jurors drawn from an area that voted in 2020 against Trump 85 to 15 percent
Still have some objectivity left or lost it with TDS urging them to have Trump to prison sent?
© 5/11/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Thursday, May 9, 2024

Boeing 737 30 years old slides off Senegal runway during take off--pilot error-shoddy engineering , or lack of maintenance?


Another day, another mishap involving a Boeing made plane
While taking off in Senegal it slid off the runaway and was engulfed in flames
Into the grass bordering the concrete runway
Crew was able to deploy the evacuation slides so all passengers and crew slid away
11 were injured as passengers descended from this 737 of 30 years
Too soon to know whether pilot error or another engineering mishap to appear
If Boeing doesn’t get its act together and perception of shoddy engineering overcome
The FAA will come down on it like a ton of bricks and its role as a leading exporter will be done
Airbus will be eating its export lunch
If airlines pull back fearing another grounding watch out for a massive credit crunch

© May 9, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Biden's Threat to Withhold Munitions Will Give Hamas the Incentive To Keep Fighting and Put More Gazans in Harm's Way


Biden throwing down the gauntlet to Israel that if they invade Rafah, he will withhold sending more bombs and munitions
Leaving Israel standing alone facing Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran hell bent by force of arms to cause its abolition
The IDF has Hamas on the ropes
Its advanced weaponry it cannot cope
Refuses to release the hostages seized on October 7, 2023 when it invaded
Now is not the time to pause while Hamas’ forces are being degraded
Biden’s decision on arms has created a chasm among Blues
But also will force Jews to Biden ditch which Biden’s puppet masters should rue
The only way to achieve peace is not a two state solution as long as Hamas exists
Until slaughtered to the last leader attacking Israel it cannot resist
Wiping Hamas off the map without a Marshal like plan to Gaza rebuild with Gazans having a stake in prosperity
Will not prevent the revival of another jihadist movement unless steps are taken to narrow the disparity
If Gazans can see a light at the end of the tunnel to their standard of living being improved
There is a chance that the historic animosity between Jews and Arabs will be lessened and even removed

© May 9, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden With a Straight Face Blatantly Lies He inherited inflation at 9% When He Took Office--No Wonder Voters Think Trump Is Better Suited on the Economy

Thanks to Bidenomics inflation has raised its devastating and destructive head
Americans save for the wealthy are falling behind not staying ahead
Prices rising and package sizes of goods continue to shrink
A classic example can be found in Kroger private label frozen vegetables that used to come in 1 pound size
Now reduced to a mere 12 ounces in an unwelcome surprise
The prices did not stay the same but were increased
With the fed still increasing interest rates Americans desperate for relief
Biden is either so out of touch of the inflation Americans face
Or he sees it and his memory cells crippled by dementia the inflation facts erased
Or he knows his economic policies are failing so he reverts to his trump card and lies
With a straight face he claims when he took office inflation was 9 percent to obvious reality deny
In January, 2021 Biden inherited inflation at 1.4% and by June of 2022 hovered at 9.1%
With his push for open borders and welcome basket of goodies for illegals our social safety net was quickly over spent
Americans at the lower income levels are being hammered by dollars and services going to illegals arriving in a growing tidal wave
While in order to obtain votes more and more student debt he ignored SCOTUS and forgave
To insure the youth vote was hindered by a purple haze
Ratcheted down penalties for marijuana now much stronger leaving them in a daze
Biden has become a desperate one horse trick pony with his core 2020 support eroding away
Running on the bogus claim of a dictator Trump’s threat to democracy and abortion up to the moment of birth will not survive on Election Day

© 5/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Stormy Daniels Back on the Stand For Cross To Her Credibility To Be Further Shattered With Convicted Felon Michael Cohen Waiting in the Wings To Save Bragg's Bogus Caserfor


The lynchpin of Bragg’s bogus case against Trump so far any proof lacks
The statute of limitations on falsifying business had long since expired so he pulled a felony out of thin air to his case back
Hush money payments to Stormy were to influence the 2016 elections a federal crime
Which has to be prosecuted by the feds who could not evidence of criminal influence find
Stormy who hates Trump with a passion as the “Orange turd”
Denied having any sex in 2018 but it is a salacious 180 we now have heard
On the witness stand again today for her cross to continue with a $600 grand judgment in favor of Trump hanging over her head
If there is any objectivity in the Blue jurors they should dismiss her credibility instead
Leaving Bragg to rely upon the testimony of convicted felon Michael Cohen to make his case
A lawyer who claimed to be Mr. Fixit after wrecking things in the first place
Trump will probably not take the stand but if he did any payments made by Cohen were to save his marriage which is a path most men with wealth would follow
Conspiring to influence the election given the almost near certainty of that fact renders Bragg’s case completely hollow
Merchan should have recused himself given his daughter’s Blue fund raising record enriched by this trial
His gag order, fines, threat of jail and confining Trump to his courtroom and off the campaign trail should Americans worried about show trials ala Stalin rile

© 5/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Bud Light Still Has Not Recovered From the Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco

Bud Light due to its inane partnership with Transgender Dylan Mulvaney lost its number 1 ranking last year
Dug itself a deep hole and the sales light at the end of the tunnel has yet to appear
Not even the master showman Payton Manning spiraling Bud Lights in a bar
Has been able to restore the luster of this faded once superstar
Budweiser was an advertising power house with its Clydesdales who once hauled wagons loaded with kegs of beer
And the famous Bud Light Girls who bar owners and patrons loved to have at a lucky tavern appear
Budweiser should have known sex and football tailgates will beer sell
Not a transgender whose is more akin to scrapping the last dregs of a well
At A B in the U.S. sales are down along with EBITDA
Ever reminding the beer barons that their partnership was flawed
So Modello Especial is still in first place with a Cinco de Mayo boost
While Bud Light is most likely not regaining lost sales as the PC chickens of beer still coming home to roost

© 5/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 

Time To Tone Down the Antisemitic Rhetoric Before Jews Here Are Killed


Anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian protests and demonstrations and tent encampments are breaking out on university campuses across the land
Along with the rise of antisemitism urging the killing of Jewish students which is getting out of hand
Students, faculty members and nonstudent agitators morphing from calls for a cease fire
To demands of divestment of companies doing business with Israel and support of Israel to quickly expire
Outlandish claims that Jews who endured the Holocaust are guilty of Palestinian genocide
In Israel they face an existential threat from Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran of annihilation they have not denied
We should be aware that it is only a question of time
Before the antisemitic rhetoric of guillotining college administrators and killing Jews become actual crimes
It is time for such rhetoric over the top
Shouted by students and agitators to come to a complete stop
Hamas does not want peace or a 2 state solution only that Israelis are pushed into the sea
Dying by the millions so Palestinians can then become free

© 5/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Biden to Israel: "Invade Rafah and Arms and Munitions Other Than Restocking Iron Dome Will Come To an End


The mice on college campuses and in events like the Met Gala have turned their squeaks into roars
Biden has thrown down the gauntlet to our oldest ally in the Middle East and said on offensive weapons there will be no more
If the IDF invades Rafah despite bipartisan military aid support
The shipments of bombs, shells, and munitions he will abort
The IDF while soon find its arms tied behind their backs
The chance to destroy Hamas will pass if it cannot attack
Munitions needed for the highly effective Iron Dome will not end
Biden has capitulated to the Blues’ leftist wing hoping it will in swing states Arab-Americans voting for Biden to the polls send
Since Hamas could care less if Palestinians are in harm’s way
Nothing would make these barbarians happier than to see more dead Palestinians on display
The more dead Palestinians are carted away in body bags
The more antisemitism will grow and not lag
We should not be surprised if Hamas moved its rocket launching sites
Into Rafah’s population centers to entice the IDF launch more bombing strikes
Since statistics on Palestinian deaths are under Hamas’ control
Great chance the stats are exaggerated in furtherance of Hamas’ goals

© 5/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Boeing Boeing Not On the Road To Regaining Reputation Of Quality As a Boeing Fed EX Plane Landing in Istanbul Has Front Wheel Collapse


William E. Boeing, the co-founder of Boeing was cremated after his death on September 28, 1956 aboard his yacht Taconite when his heart failed
And his ashes were scattered in the seas off the British Columbia coast where he on Taconite would often sail
Had he not been cremated he would be rolling in his grave
Another news event of poor quality sending to the general public shockwaves
Boeing once was the gold standard for engineering and manufacture
Now what appears to be a lack of quality control nowhere near its former stature
A Boeing 767 operated by Fed Ex landing in Istanbul had its nose wheel collapse
Managed to stay on the runway with no one injured but adding to Boeing’s lack of quality bad rap
From the 2 Boeing 737 Max 8 roller coaster rides that crashed killing all aboard that  for 21 months grounded the plane
To a door blown out shortly after takeoff, engines failing and wheels falling off despite Boeing’s quality control improvement campaign
To dozens of unfinished 737 Max 8 with holes not drilled to manufacturer’s specs
No wonder passengers feel at unease and would rather the plane reject
A 6 week F.A.A. audit of quality control found a number failures which Boeing is supposed to have fixed by the end of May
The DOJ is supposedly weighing whether a criminal prosecution will be on its way
Whistleblowers have appeared before Congress to warn that quality and safety have been relegated to the backseat
Victims of Boeing’s need to expand production to the airlines’ expanding orders to complete

5/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Stormy Daniels Testimony After Cross Drove a Stake Into the Heart of Bragg's Bogus Case Against Trump


Stormy Daniels took the stand not to provide evidence for the trumped up “crimes” Trump is alleged by Bragg to have committed
But rather to smear him with salacious details of a tryst he has denied ever took place and on cross was shredded and her credibility was flushed down the toilet like large piece of sh*t
Admitted on cross she hates the man whom she calls the “orange turd”
As to a court order of $500 grand in favor of Trump she flipped the judicial system the bird
During the 2016 campaign Trump bragged if he shot someone in Times Square
His supporters would vote for him and not even care
If Trump is to take the stand and asked why the $130,000 he chose to pay
Had nothing to do with the election but his fear that Melania hearing the sordid tale would pack her bags and be going away
Judge Merchan with his activist Blue hack daughter whispering in his ear is way over his head
Gagging Trump, keeping him off the campaign trail making a mockery of a fair trial instead
Bragg must know in his heart that the appellate court after it tossed out convictions of Weinstein for rape
Will overturn any verdict of guilt but not before Election Day so the title of convicted felon Trump will not escape
Bragg is following the Stalin playbook to a T
Find the man then name a crime so in prison him will we see  

© May 8, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Monday, May 6, 2024

Blues Led by Biden Are Led by the Walking Dead


The Blues with Biden at their head
Have become a party led by the walking dead
In Biden’s case a man without puppet strings can only shuffle not walk
As his staff moves heaven and earth to limit to whom and how much he can talk
MSM on the limitations as can be expected had nothing but praise
With limitations Biden will not go off message due to questions raised
When the real reason is that without and times even with a teleprompter when he moves his lips
Cannot conceal the fact his struggle with an increasing dementia’s grip
Sanders who is 1 year older at 82
Announced being a senator he is not through
Mentally and physically the difference between the 2 is like night and day
His mental faculties are functioning whereas Biden’s have withered away
Sanders may not be the Ponce de Leon from the Fountain of Youth sipping
But unlike Biden he is free from dementia’s stronger and stronger gripping
He in deep Blue Vermont will most likely win
Sadly, having seen the failings of socialism, he will not toss his support into the trash bin

© 5/6/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, May 5, 2024

White Sox Win 6-5 in the 10th Inning After a 3 Hour Rain Delay With a Third Strike Called on a Pitch Low and Outside the Strike Zone


In the sports world when it comes to making close calls the human eye precision lacks
In pro basketball and pro football a referee’s call will need a slow motion replay to have it backed
In pro football a coach can challenge a call but needs to be right
If not overturned a loss of a time out for questioning a Zebra’s eyesight
In MLB where cameras show the flight and speed of every pitch
A manager cannot have an erroneous ball and strike call ditched
In a Cardinal White Sox game with the White Sox leading 6-5
The Cardinals in the 10th inning loaded the bases with none out making it doubtful White Sox would survive
But the next 2 Cardinal batters struck out and then the rains came
Baseball cannot be played in the rain so game delayed while Cardinal fans hoped the Rain gods would be tamed
And the White Sox fans not wanting to be soaked to their skins
Wanted the game to be called so back to their dry homes with a win they could go in
The umpire refused and the game was delayed for 3 hours with most of the fans taking a hike
When it finally resumed pinch hitter Ivan Herrera went to the plate
With the count 1-2 a pitch low and outside the strike zone determined his fate
Instead of a clearly ball 2 C.B. Bucknor called it strike three
Game over and a White Sox ill-deserved victory
C.B. Bucknor is an umpire whose accuracy is not near the top
Could be the poster child on why having the  plate umpire call balls and strikes should stop
MLB records each pitch of every game and can determine whether the call was accurate or incorrect
If umpires fail to meet a high standard of accuracy their position as umpire MLB should reject
Or more draconian on strikes and balls
And out or safe at the plate end their ability to call

© May 5, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Politico Finally Pulls Its Head Out of the Sand to Report Big Time Blue Donors Are Funding Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations In Support Of Hamas


When non student agitators nearly outnumber students at the anti-Israel demonstrations and occupations of campuses across the land
Finally after months of Politico’s see no antisemitism, hear no antisemitism and speak no Hamas condemnation stand
Leftist Politico is finally pulling its  head out of the sand
Reporting on where the agitators are getting a financial helping hand
Confirming what many have known or suspected since October 7 when Hamas invaded
Big time Blue donors like Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and David Rockefeller have anti-Israel protests on the Hamas Israel war aided
Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow key supporters of the Columbus and other campus demonstrations
Have received thousands from Soros and the Tide Foundation to merit our condemnation
When you see demonstrators with the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah on display
Threatening Jewish students they are Hamas and the students will not see the light of the next day
When will the DOJ pull its head out of the sand and view the donations as giving terrorists support
And indict those writing checks, especially Soros, and haul them into court?
And Americans sick of antisemitism learning that Susan and Nick Pritzker, are also on the antisemitism donor list
Should whenever possible since the Pritzker’s own the Hyatt Corporation at any of their hotels staying resist
To end the protests follow the money
It attracts the antisemites like flies or ants attracted to honey

© May 5, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

College Protests Infiltrated By Paid Agitators Funded by Leftist Antisemitism Mean Time To Follow the Money and Prosecute Campus Seizures and Hamas Support


The Vietnam War Protests in the 60’s and 70’s did not need any Soros largesse
They arose from the draft that sent mostly men of color and non-college students to the wounds or death
Protesting the draft in the streets and college campuses was personal when you risked dying in an unpopular war
Where weekly causalities of American troops and Vietnamese civilians continued to soar
If one took time to review history the dominoes falling myth would be exposed
For Vietnam in its pre-French colonial history and China had long been bitter foes
The number protesters marching and demonstrating grew each year
From 15-25,000 college students who in the SDS March on April 17, 1965 at the Capitol appeared
To the Moratorium to End the War on October 15, 1969 where millions peacefully demonstrated demanding the war’s end
Not only in this nation but across the world in a powerful message on the war to Nixon send
And to the March on Washington on November 15, 1969 of 500,000-600,000 which was largely peaceful with 4,000 marshals to violent agitators rein in
Didn’t stop the war but was instrumental to continue the  Vietnamization in June of 1969  Nixon was forced to begin
As the number of American troops began to be reduced
We at last were on the path to a negotiated end to the war produce
The pro-Palestinian and anti-Hamas Israeli demonstrations may be occurring across the nation but with schools soon out should subside
But for now are touting the myth of against the Palestinians by the Israelis of unmitigated genocide
With almost equal number of paid agitators and students demanding “From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free”
Ignoring the verse due to Hamas’ goal of annihilating Israel: “As soon as the waters clogged with dead Israelis we will see.”
When agitators infiltrate a protest it is time to follow the money
Agitators are attracted to it like flies to honey
James Carlson, age 40 with an activist rap sheet dating back to 2005 and a heir to Dick and Sandy Tarlow’s millions earned in their advertising business
Was arrested for occupying Columbia’s Hamilton Hall and had the funds for the agitators to assess
Brand new tents and camping gear do not grow on trees
Backers like Carlson and Soros are needed to back the new gear we see

© May 5, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


Saturday, May 4, 2024

Caitlin Clark Scores 21 Points in Her Debut Against the Wings--Great Day For Women and the Need To Protect Title IX


Caitlin Clark the number one pick for the WBNA Fever
Took the floor in her first WBNA game showing why her fans are true believers
Arena was packed by fans and sportswriters wanting to her talent see
Scored 21 points and in closing seconds barely missed a 3
That would have sent the Fever into overtime with the Wings
The Fever lost the game 79-76 but many future wins she will help bring
The other guard for the Fever was Lexie Hull, the twin of Stanford fame
Overshadowed by Clark and had only 1 basket for 2 attempts in the game
WNBA with talent life Clark should be bringing to the arenas more fans
And more viewers glued to their TV sets across the land
Title IX will prosper with more girls playing in grade school and high school
Giving the WNBA a much larger talented player pool
If and only if the left’s push to allow transgenders to play
Against girls out rebounding, blocking, fast breaking and dunking skills to display
Is stopped dead in its tracks and transgenders be allowed only against transgenders to compete
So girls do not quit and all the gains made in women’s sports go down in defeat

© 5/4/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Friday, May 3, 2024

Sanders Inanely Conflates the Vietnam War Protests To the College Protests Of the Hamas Israeli War and LBJ's Fate


Leftist Bernie Sanders to Biden and his supporters has warned
As college campuses are enduring an anti-Israel swarm
That Biden's Israel support will be like LBJ's South Vietnam support
Massive antiwar demonstrations caused him to his reelection campaign abort
Americans were being drafted to go to Vietnam and by the hundreds die
To conflate Hamas Israeli war with Vietnam all rationality defies
Americans do not want another Holocaust to see
If Palestine becomes free as Israelis are driven into the seas
October 7 was a preview and wake-up call
Of the fate of Israeli citizens if Israel were to fall
Only difference between Hamas and Nazi genocide
Is that Hamas can butcher Jews where they reside
Will not need to cram them into a death camp train rides
But Jews in Palestine will cease to exist--all will have died
Jews and Catholics will be fleeing Biden and the Blues en masse
Their days like the days of an increasing number of blacks voting Blue is long past

© 5/3/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Shiraz University in Iran Offers a Toilet Paper Diploma To Come There on Full Scholarships


Iran took a break from its alliance with Russia  and China to expose the U.S. to cyber attacks
To try to students protesting the Hamas Israeli War on college campuses attract
The head of Iran’s Shiraz Universities is offering full scholarships  to suspended students enroll
Thinking they are the best and brightest and useful in Iran’s destroying the Great Satin goal
Any female student who as an IQ higher than room temp
Will know that the mullahs in Iran treat women with total contempt
All males in the same league should know a with a Shiraz degree
A life of unemployment or minimum wage they would see
If from the U.S. they were to leave
Other than their parents no one would grieve
Replaced by immigrants who the American Dream want to achieve
If to bring us down the mullahs want opposed students as their tools
Too bad they will be shown to be total fools
Let them back in only if they can truthfully explain
The freedoms we enjoy here, there would quickly wane.

© 5/2/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity Defeats Efforts to Tear Down the Flag Honoring the 4 Members in Law Enforcement Killed Trying To Serve an Arrest Warrantternity


With the goal of DEI sweeping U.S. universities being the top Woke on display
The system of sororities and fraternities seem to college administrators to be more than just a speed bump in DEI’s way
How dare a group of young men or women have the right to select in housing with whom they want to share?
Such that when you go to check the DEI boxes certain races and creeds are not there
Friendships made in fraternities and sororities are ties that last long after school
He ability to seek advice and assistance from a fellow Greek is one of life’s great tools
The right of association enshrined in the  SCOTUS decisions on the First Amendment
For those never accepted after rush and are prone to angerly vent
The system is merely a bunch of drinking and drugging students planning the next party like those in Animal House
When on campus housing is in short supply a university cannot  allocate rooms to those are always soused
Fraternities and sororities from the left are taking way too much heat
But when it comes to defending the nation and its flag they can’t be beat
In Charlottesville after 8 members of law enforcement an arrest warrant to serve tried
Were shot and 4 from their wounds died
On the UNC campus the flag in mourning and honor flew at half mast
The pro-Palestinian protesters acted quickly to make the moment not last
They replaced the flag with that of the flag of Palestine
The Chancellor quickly decided that act was out of line
Palestine flag was removed and Old Glory raised back into its proper place
The Pro-Palestinian mob quickly returned to it the Palestinian flag again replace
Met by a small band of fraternity members of Phi-Kappa-Phi
To their misguided attempts to dishonor the deaths and flag defy
To face a mob of howling protesters to insure the flag would not touch land
And rocks, bottles, angry shouts to withstand
And honor society which you need great grades so the fraternity will you admit
Compared to the protesters egged on by Soros paid operatives that on issues know sh*t

© 5/2/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet