Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Don't Trust Any Over 30 Now Replaced By "Don't Trust Anyone Under 30" at Donerick's Tavern


In the 60’s a rallying cry was often heard
That today those who uttered it must feel absurd
“Never trust anyone over thirty” was the battle cry
Authorities were despised and their advice to be decried
But in Donerick’s Tavern in Groveport, Ohio a new rule
Anyone trying to violate would never make it to a stool
After a fight broke out between 2 female patrons from the bar
Facing off in the parking lot nude and the other dressed to see who would be the brawling star
Caught on video with the name Donerick’s Tavern to display
The owner reacted by on weekends saying those under 30 were to stay away
The tavern had entertainment on Friday and Saturday
Article did not specify what kind of music the bands would play
If music pre rock and roll the under 30 would have Uber to another bar them to convey
The owner should have considered training his bartenders better to not serve to a drunk another drink
Which after seeing the nude fighting, a few too many drinks to a soused nude, most viewers would think
Doubt if over 30 on Friday and Saturday will work
Those under 30 will going to that tavern shirk
Do not be surprised if an under 30 patron not needing to be 86’d
Files an age discrimination lawsuit for the money or kicks
© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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