Wednesday, May 15, 2024

No Longer In the Public Spot Light Now For Some More Proclaim If Trump Acquitted Stormy and Her Spouse Leave U.S.


As the NY v Trump Trial plods along with serial liar Michael Cohen subject to cross
Pundits excluding pundits who are infected with severe cases of TDS predict a Bragg loss
Unless after putting a serial liar on the stand, Bragg can find a witness
Who will testify Trump was worried about losing but Melania at the tapes would feel no distress
That seems like a scene too far fetched
But Bragg would have no qualms to the truth be stretched
If Trump is acquitted which should be beyond all hopes and prayers
Stormy Daniels and her spouse will be off into a plane to be flying in foreign nation’s air
If there is a mistrial or one vote voting not to convict
Bragg must retry the case so a new judge can Trump restrict
If he tried to retry
The anger even among Blues would be sky high
So sadly a mistrial and no retrial means no flights to outside the U. S.
No more TV time your victimhood due to Trump express
Most Americans probably have had enough of stories from Stormy
Probably will believe she is way too far from being a normie

© May 15, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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