Thursday, May 2, 2024

Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity Defeats Efforts to Tear Down the Flag Honoring the 4 Members in Law Enforcement Killed Trying To Serve an Arrest Warrantternity


With the goal of DEI sweeping U.S. universities being the top Woke on display
The system of sororities and fraternities seem to college administrators to be more than just a speed bump in DEI’s way
How dare a group of young men or women have the right to select in housing with whom they want to share?
Such that when you go to check the DEI boxes certain races and creeds are not there
Friendships made in fraternities and sororities are ties that last long after school
He ability to seek advice and assistance from a fellow Greek is one of life’s great tools
The right of association enshrined in the  SCOTUS decisions on the First Amendment
For those never accepted after rush and are prone to angerly vent
The system is merely a bunch of drinking and drugging students planning the next party like those in Animal House
When on campus housing is in short supply a university cannot  allocate rooms to those are always soused
Fraternities and sororities from the left are taking way too much heat
But when it comes to defending the nation and its flag they can’t be beat
In Charlottesville after 8 members of law enforcement an arrest warrant to serve tried
Were shot and 4 from their wounds died
On the UNC campus the flag in mourning and honor flew at half mast
The pro-Palestinian protesters acted quickly to make the moment not last
They replaced the flag with that of the flag of Palestine
The Chancellor quickly decided that act was out of line
Palestine flag was removed and Old Glory raised back into its proper place
The Pro-Palestinian mob quickly returned to it the Palestinian flag again replace
Met by a small band of fraternity members of Phi-Kappa-Phi
To their misguided attempts to dishonor the deaths and flag defy
To face a mob of howling protesters to insure the flag would not touch land
And rocks, bottles, angry shouts to withstand
And honor society which you need great grades so the fraternity will you admit
Compared to the protesters egged on by Soros paid operatives that on issues know sh*t

© 5/2/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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