Friday, May 24, 2024

Hochul Apes HRC's Election Losing "Deplorables" Charge By Calling the 25,000 Supporters at His Bronx Rally "Clowns"


Trump had a rally in a Bronx park in the heart of the Blues
25,000 attended with many outside the park hoping to get in--a sure omen Biden's reelection chances are through
Biden’s chances to have more than a few hundred at a Biden rally
Would be slim and nonexistence unless attendees were paid to add to the tally
If Biden had any mental competence which sadly he has long since lost
Freed from the courtroom so Trump can campaign, Biden would know his reelection chances have been lost
Massive turnouts at political rallies do not guarantee an election win
But they destroy the MSM’s ability to denigrate with TDS lying spin
Hochul aped HRC calling Trump supporters "clowns"
Shades of the Everly Brothers' hit song "Cathy's Clown"; but here the only one is she, aloof in her mansion in Albany town
Poor memory that HRC's deplorables charge cost her her coronation crown
So refreshing to see the MSM displaying it can't believe the crowd size meltdown
"When he knows you're tellin' lies and he hears 'em passing by"
Hits the nail on the head why more and more Americans on the MSM and Blue politicians no longer rely

© 5/24/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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