Tuesday, May 14, 2024

L.A.'s Homeless Issues Remain In the Words of Mayor "Nothing Less Than a Disaster"


The parks, sidewalks and underpasses in L.A.
Despite a new mayor making solving the homeless issues the number one order of the day
If the nylon were replaced by cardboard it would like the worst slums in India on display
Despite Mayor Bass’ best intentions the homeless problem is not going away
$20 billion has supposedly been spent
Yet Newsom’s office has not a clue where the money went
No businessman in his right mind would want his front door to open to a sea of homeless tents
With piles of trash and scurrying large rats and the stench of feces or urine being the dominating scent
If businesses accelerate their moving out of a city’s downtown
The jobs will disappear and more homeless will abound
The cities’ social safety nets are being torn asunder by the illegal aliens’ curses
And their growing claims on the dwindling funds in the cities’ purses
Biden is like Nero playing an untuned fiddle
While for most of his term claimed the border was secure which was not a triddle
To solve the homeless problem our schools must shed the shackles of DEI
And focus on teaching the skills that will survive the explosion of AI
And give students the chance to earn a living free of crippling college debt
If the teachers’ unions cannot sign up for the program any chance of solving homeless issues we can forget

© May 14, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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