Thursday, May 9, 2024

Biden With a Straight Face Blatantly Lies He inherited inflation at 9% When He Took Office--No Wonder Voters Think Trump Is Better Suited on the Economy

Thanks to Bidenomics inflation has raised its devastating and destructive head
Americans save for the wealthy are falling behind not staying ahead
Prices rising and package sizes of goods continue to shrink
A classic example can be found in Kroger private label frozen vegetables that used to come in 1 pound size
Now reduced to a mere 12 ounces in an unwelcome surprise
The prices did not stay the same but were increased
With the fed still increasing interest rates Americans desperate for relief
Biden is either so out of touch of the inflation Americans face
Or he sees it and his memory cells crippled by dementia the inflation facts erased
Or he knows his economic policies are failing so he reverts to his trump card and lies
With a straight face he claims when he took office inflation was 9 percent to obvious reality deny
In January, 2021 Biden inherited inflation at 1.4% and by June of 2022 hovered at 9.1%
With his push for open borders and welcome basket of goodies for illegals our social safety net was quickly over spent
Americans at the lower income levels are being hammered by dollars and services going to illegals arriving in a growing tidal wave
While in order to obtain votes more and more student debt he ignored SCOTUS and forgave
To insure the youth vote was hindered by a purple haze
Ratcheted down penalties for marijuana now much stronger leaving them in a daze
Biden has become a desperate one horse trick pony with his core 2020 support eroding away
Running on the bogus claim of a dictator Trump’s threat to democracy and abortion up to the moment of birth will not survive on Election Day

© 5/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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