Thursday, May 9, 2024

Stormy Daniels Back on the Stand For Cross To Her Credibility To Be Further Shattered With Convicted Felon Michael Cohen Waiting in the Wings To Save Bragg's Bogus Caserfor


The lynchpin of Bragg’s bogus case against Trump so far any proof lacks
The statute of limitations on falsifying business had long since expired so he pulled a felony out of thin air to his case back
Hush money payments to Stormy were to influence the 2016 elections a federal crime
Which has to be prosecuted by the feds who could not evidence of criminal influence find
Stormy who hates Trump with a passion as the “Orange turd”
Denied having any sex in 2018 but it is a salacious 180 we now have heard
On the witness stand again today for her cross to continue with a $600 grand judgment in favor of Trump hanging over her head
If there is any objectivity in the Blue jurors they should dismiss her credibility instead
Leaving Bragg to rely upon the testimony of convicted felon Michael Cohen to make his case
A lawyer who claimed to be Mr. Fixit after wrecking things in the first place
Trump will probably not take the stand but if he did any payments made by Cohen were to save his marriage which is a path most men with wealth would follow
Conspiring to influence the election given the almost near certainty of that fact renders Bragg’s case completely hollow
Merchan should have recused himself given his daughter’s Blue fund raising record enriched by this trial
His gag order, fines, threat of jail and confining Trump to his courtroom and off the campaign trail should Americans worried about show trials ala Stalin rile

© 5/9/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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