Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Stormy Daniels Testimony After Cross Drove a Stake Into the Heart of Bragg's Bogus Case Against Trump


Stormy Daniels took the stand not to provide evidence for the trumped up “crimes” Trump is alleged by Bragg to have committed
But rather to smear him with salacious details of a tryst he has denied ever took place and on cross was shredded and her credibility was flushed down the toilet like large piece of sh*t
Admitted on cross she hates the man whom she calls the “orange turd”
As to a court order of $500 grand in favor of Trump she flipped the judicial system the bird
During the 2016 campaign Trump bragged if he shot someone in Times Square
His supporters would vote for him and not even care
If Trump is to take the stand and asked why the $130,000 he chose to pay
Had nothing to do with the election but his fear that Melania hearing the sordid tale would pack her bags and be going away
Judge Merchan with his activist Blue hack daughter whispering in his ear is way over his head
Gagging Trump, keeping him off the campaign trail making a mockery of a fair trial instead
Bragg must know in his heart that the appellate court after it tossed out convictions of Weinstein for rape
Will overturn any verdict of guilt but not before Election Day so the title of convicted felon Trump will not escape
Bragg is following the Stalin playbook to a T
Find the man then name a crime so in prison him will we see  

© May 8, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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