Friday, May 17, 2024

Robert Hale, Jr. Commencement Speaker at UMass Dartmouth Will Also Give Each Grad $1,000 With Worthy Strings Attachedrutgpwill ,m


The students at UMass Dartmouth on commencement
In addition to hearing a great speaker will receive a welcome present
From the speaker who epitomizes the American Dream success
That is not handed on a silver platter but with hard work and some stress
That failure is not an end but the opening of a new door
To again try to succeed once more
Robert Hale, Jr., an entrepreneur, founded Network Plus in 1990
A long distance and telephone company that soared to one of Wall Street’s High and Mighties
Went public in 1999 with its stock soon reaching in 2000 $62 a share
With the bubble bursting the company filed for B/K in 2002 and Hale’s $1 billion of wealth disappeared into thin air
Entrepreneurs learn from failures and in 6 months Granite Telecom was formed
A company that rapidly increased his wealth was born
He is now worth some $6 billion and donates large sums to charities
He believes that for the wealthy, philanthropy should be the norm not the rarity
Each grad received 2 checks 1 for $500 to spend without any constraints
The other in like amount to be donated to charity or someone in need of funds to remove a lack of funds crippling restraints
Biden rants that the wealthy are not paying their fair share
But worth to society of philanthropy as opposed to wasteful government spending is beyond compare

© May 17, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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