Friday, June 24, 2022

Roe v Wade Overturned 6-3 So Sadly So To Blues' Joy Roe Is On the Ballot


SCOTUS by a vote of 6-3 has overturned Roe v. Wade
Almost in a kneejerk reaction howls from the Blues to SCOTUS degrade
Biden paying lip service to the idea of only nonviolent protests
Called on voters to head to the ballot box to from pro-life legislators their seats wrest
Called on Congress to immediately act to codify a woman’s right to an abortion
As Blues and pro-choicer zealots are now waging on the decision unrivalled distortion
The decision does not ban abortions only removes that decision from the courts to the elected legislators in the states
Since state legislators are far more responsive to voter concerns than those in the Swamp expect a spirited debate
When it comes to the abortion decision most women decide before the end of the first trimester and do not wait
A fetus is not viable during the 1st trimester and to no one’s surprise for abortion large majority of voters support
But in the 2nd trimester at 24 weeks a majority of fetuses are viable and abortion support to form a majority falls short
In the 3rd trimester support for abortion of a fetus who now hears mom’s voice and heart beat and is kicking up a storm
Even among Blues unless to save the mother, due to rape or incest or major disabilities falls to single digits as the norm
Sadly any chance for reason in the coming debate will be swamped by emotions
For Blues the decision is manna from political heaven that they hope will cause to the Red Wave an implosion
Freed from their disasters at the border, on the economy, on inflation and on crime
Hoping that whatever outcry over the decision will not have faded by election time
© June 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Women Competing In Women's Sports Must Not Be Crucified on the Cross of Transgenders' "Rights"


Today marks the anniversary of the signing of Title IX in 1972 which opened up sporting programs to females
But sadly it also marks the publication for comment of proposed regulations that represent women’s sports coffin nail
700 pages of legalese to add sex based on gender identity as in sports a protected class
Transgender males competing against biological females will mean their growth and viability will run out of gas
In 1972 women’s sports were the orphan of most school programs subsisting on crumbs
Male athletes had the superb facilities, coaches, fans and most of the scholarship sums
The act of transgender males competing against women was rare and far between
The Battle of the Sexes between Riggs v. Court and then Riggs v. King had not yet made the TV screen
In 1976 Renee Richards became the first transgender tennis pro
But was told on playing in the U.S. Open “No!”
Sued and in 1977 played in the U.S. Open and reached the doubles finals and runner-up to appear
She never in the pros was ranked hirer than 20 and finally hung up her racket after four years
Now more and more transgenders are competing against girls in college and high school sports
Even with hormone therapy  too often the girls competing against them come up short
Biden likes to tout on COVID he follows the science which has been shown to be a false claim
On sacrificing women’s sports on the cross of transgender “rights” he merits condemnation and shame
© June 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Transgender Males Competing Against Women Will Be the Death of Women's Sports


On June 23, 1972 we enacted Title IX so women’s sports would have a chance to expand and flourish
Women would now be able to compete in team and solitary sports that character, discipline and focus nourish
Men’s football and basketball still are the cash cows that for other sports provide needed support
But women’s basketball, volleyball and gymnastics contribute to insure athletic programs are not cash short
No longer could a woman’s connection with athletics be limited to being a cheerleader, fan or date
That the passage of Title IX was a godsend to the nation and sports despite early misgivings no longer subject to debate
But in our often expanding woke world Title IX faces its biggest challenge yet
Transgender biological males competing against biological women is an unfair threat
In our misguided woke world sex is determined not by chromosomes but how one identifies
But the larger male muscles and lungs are still there on which the transgender still relies

There may be exceptions like Cathy Ledecky who against males might prevail from time to time in the pool
But in any contest where strength and speed are necessary males winning the medals will be the rule
We don’t allow athletes to use performance enhancing drugs and then be able to compete
Why should be allow transgenders with identity enhancement competing females defeat
Rather than address the issue through hormone injections and levels create a third class
Men against men, women against women, transgenders versus transgenders though doubtful support for the T’s would last
© June 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Great Need For EV Charging Stations So Quick Drivers Not Long To Wait Ere Restaurants and Theaters Top Entertain While One Waitstlo v f


For EV’s the cart has been put before the horse
Not enough charging stations for low range EV’s to continue their course
Worse not enough fast charging stations that take only a few hours
For the batteries in the cars to be charged to a trip again power
The EV station of the future will certainly near a restaurant in a mall
With a movie theater so your trip for charging is not without entertainment stalled
Until the fast chargers dominate any state
Who will want to for hours a partial charge to continue wait?
All gas stations that want to survive
To their declining gas business revive
Will install rapid charging stations for their patrons to move on
Pioneers in the new carbon neutral EV dawn
Whoever can package charging with an acceptance of a trip to halt
Be it restaurants, movies or other entertainment will open up the vault

© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gascon Still Won't Admit Blame Claiming Violence By Gang Member Flores We Could Not Predict- Ego Shaming


George Gascon’s problem in addition to his leftist criminal justice views
Is his ego that can never admit an error or subject his act to objective review
To a grieving mother of one of the dead El Monte cops
“We could never have predicted this to his actions stop”
Really when the day before the shooting probation filed to revoke his probation
For the violent act of assaulting a woman which should have given some indication
Flores was a gang member a group rarely known as choir boys
Rather more likely to assault, rape, rob, murder and victims’ safety to destroy
A D.A. with integrity would have apologized to the mother and said
“I am so sorry that we made a mistake on Flores violent potential he had not shed
My deputies will be reviewing his past to see what traits somehow we missed”
But Soros backed Gaston is not and this election mistake will be rectified as by recall he is dismissed
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Gets 4 Pinocchio's For Saying He Is Doing Everything To Lower Gas Prices


Once again Biden must think we are so stupid we won’t catch his biggest lie
To reduce gas prices he is doing everything he can try
Save one which would actually work
But drive his Green New Dealers berserk
Restart Keystone XL construction that would have had it not been killed
Would be delivering close to a million barrels of oil to lower gas bills
End the ban on offshore and onshore federal leases
And from the regulations preventing pipeline from those field cease
Reopen Cook Inlet and drilling on ANWR and create a realistic transition plan
That addresses how many refineries, power plants and fossil fuels we will need in this land
If refiners know that over the 20 year or so life of a refinery they will be able to be operated
They will not join the ranks of those shut down or output abated
Fossil fuels have to be the bridge to the near zero carbon future shores of prosperity
If no Biden truce we will end up with a pier nowhere near and climate change ravaging our posterity
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Disgraced Masturbator Jeffrey Tobin on CNN Ranting on Right Wing Only Bias To Cause Us To Tune Him Out


Wonder if disgraced journalist Tobin suspended for masturbating during a broadcast on Zoom
Had a proclivity for using his right hand clothed from the waist up in his on the air room
Maybe explains his rants on CNN on the spread and pervasiveness of violence of the right wing
Trying to convince his most likely diminished audience that only the right would to the table violence bring
On and on about the events of January 6 then linking that to mass shootings in Pittsburgh, El Paso and Buffalo
Even though the Buffalo shooter had a history of mentally illness and a one size fits any illness manifesto
But the biggest failure of Tobin’s rants
Is its right wing only biased slant
From Tobin not a peep of leftist violence against pro-life centers
Who provide counseling and support to those pregnant who enter
And his most glaring and despicable omission
Was the mentally ill pro-choice man on a kill Justice Kavanaugh mission
Jane’s Revenge is not a mere discussion group willing to peacefully the abortion issue discuss
But a hate group anxious to destroy property and to pro-lifers do more harm than just cuss
Until the memory of his masturbation has faded for a long time away
He needs to shed his bias and be more objective if we are to listen to what will say
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

CNN Ratings At All Time Lows When Will Likes of Stelter, Acosta and Anderson Be Let Go


Commercial TV anchors and journalists have to live and die by this simple rule
That advertisers paying for their ads to air are not gullible pricing fools
The more viewers a news show might have the more it will cost to have it aired
The fewer viewers that watch the greater chance for pink slips or that salaries will be pared
CNN with a new Chairman and CEO has been shedding viewers like a head with terminal dandruff
Leaving many media watchers to  wonder when Chris Licht will finally say enough
There was a time when CNN was a reliable and watched source of the news
Until departed Jeff Zucker turned the network into an adjunct for the DNC Blues
Biased against Reds and when it came to Trump infected with TDS Stage 4
But the fact that Trump was no longer president CNN seemed to ignore
This weekend CNN programs hit all-time lows
Stelter and Acosta could find so few viewers to try to snow
If Licht wants to turn CNN back into the black
A large number like Stelter, Acosta, and Anderson will have to be sacked
They will not be the first and certainly not the last
Many more pink slips needed to restore CNN’s more credible past
To find other jobs those fired especially Stelter will need to go to an objectivity reeducation camp
To learn how to shed any trace of his proclivity to on the news with biased advocacy his opinions stamp

© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Merrick Garland Pro-Choice Criminal SCOTUS Threats and Pro-Life Centers Bombings Off To Ukraine On War Crimes Hunt


Parents fighting CRT brainwashing of their kids can now rest
Their tormentor is not here to urge the FBI to harass and then arrest
Protestors outside the homes of SCOTUS Justices’ homes now have no concerns
Their supporter is not here to the statutes of federal crimes turn
No our politicized AG made a surprise trip to Ukraine

To advise on Russian war crimes from which their troops would not abstain
It is admirable our AG is making of his legal talent some use
So he is unable to parental rights to be involved with their kids school be subject to FBI abuse
But SCOTUS Justices hope when he returns he enforces the law
Intimidating federal judges to reach a desired decision should be the last straw
And while protecting their homes he on return can the FBI unleash
To arrest Jane’s Revenge if bombing pro-life centers is illegal if they cannot capeesh
Pro-choice zealots are sowing the over the top rhetoric seeds of violent hate acts
Garland cannot ignore with his head in the sand and must forcefully push back
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Pro-choice Groups Like Jane's Revenge Becoming More Violent and Intolerant and Should Be Prosecuted by DOJ As Domestic Terrorists


Biden has mistakenly claimed that our greatest threat is from white supremacists
But as SCOTUS nears releasing its opinion on whether to overturn Roe v. Wade another threat exists
The “pro-choice” movement is a movement misnamed
If the choice is not abortion its violence we cannot tame
Jane’s Revenge is a “pro-choice” group quick to toss the violence card
Not one made of plastic but Molotov Cocktails to pro-life centers leave charred
In Jane’s Revenge being able to go full term diminishes the abortion choice
The women that deserve to be heard must have only a pro-abortion voice
Merrick Garland still smarting that he was not even voted on
Will not enforce the law as abortion zealots march in protest in front of Kavanaugh’s and Barret’s lawns
But to not start charging the firebombing thugs at Jane’s Revenge goes beyond the pale
These potential judicial assassins need to be arrested and sent to jail
Ala the January 6 demonstrators to be held without bail
Cannot be allowed on the coffin of judicial independence to hammer their nails

© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gillum Indicted on Wire Fraud Florida Voters Breathing Sigh of Relief They Voted For DeSantis


Floridians who voted for DeSantis for governor in 2018 must be showing that “I told you so look”
The DOJ announced that his opponent Andrew Gillum has been indicted as a wire fraud crook
Gillum has been charged for during 2016 to 2019 diverting campaign contributions to his own personal use
He may have thought he was above the law as it is alleged he solicited from FBI agents to the law abuse
The former Tallahassee Mayor like any politician in a corrupt political scheme
Immediately ranted the charges were political as his campaigns were run with integrity to the extreme
With Merrick Garland in charge of a politicized DOJ
Evidence must have been compelling ere the charges would have faded away
Voters must be sighing a sigh of relief
An indicted governor would bring the state a lot of grief
It looks like Gillum’s true character after his loss came to light
In 2019 an ethics violation and in 2020 found unresponsive in a motel with meth in sight
Denied he had used meth but was off to rehab for alcohol
Florida was lucky they chose not to elect him after his DeSantis election brawl
© June 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Fed Seems to Toe the Biden Line That War on Fossil Fuel Will Not Impair Fed's Belated Attack on Inflation


Finally after touting the myth that inflation is “transitory”
An aloof Federal Reserve in all its vainglory
Sat by as inflation especial in gas surged
Has come to the table to attempt to inflation purge
Fed Reserve Chairman Powell before the Senate confirmed
The cause for inflation we have long since learned
When demand exceeds supply prices will rise
Until the imbalance suffers its demise
But on fight inflation the Fed is like  fighter with one hand tied behind its back
Its primary weapon is to raise interest rates to the demand imbalance attack
With nothing being done to increase supply lowering demand will be a long fight
Worse more likely than not recession will soon be in sight
Families already having seen their savings by inflation hit
Now facing a recession that and pink slips will be to the unemployment office hoofing it
If Biden would declare a truce in his fossil fuels war
Oil production in the U.S. would quickly soar
If Biden had a realistic transition plan from fossil to near carbon free
In addition to more oil more new or expanded refineries would we see

No pushed by the greens it the bridge to near zero must be done in a few short years
Will fail and we will be left not with a bridge but an incomplete short pier
© 6/22/22 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Flip Flopping By Sending Confusing Messages on Defending Taiwan


Wars too often start when the aggressor on the result makes a grave error
The target country miscalculated to be a walkover becomes a defensive terror
That observation being proven in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
No Russian parades in Kviv only increasing thousands of Russian body bags of those slain
A potential aggressor may launch an invasion if it believes
A weaker target’s allies will not come to its aid so an easy victory to achieve
China lusting to bring Taiwan back into Beijing’s grip
Is watching and like a coiled spring ready to rip
Watching Putin beat the war drums on Ukraine
Only threats of sanctions designed to Russian invasion not refrain
When Russian tanks into the Ukraine border crossed
Biden’s response on aid almost too little too late and a war lost
Finally lethal defensive weapons started to Ukraine flow
But Polish Migs to help defend the skies Biden would not let go
On Taiwan’s defense Biden is like a revolving door
Confused signals that a Chinese invasion we would ignore

To keep the peace requires armed forces of great strength
If an ally is invaded a belief to repel we will go to great lengths
Biden perceived by all to be totally weak
Grave danger as China the recovery of Taiwan seeks
© 6/22/2022 The Alaskanpoet


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Progressive D.A.'s Face a New Dawn Bye Bye to the Likes of Soros Funded Ones Like George Gascon


The recall petition supporters have collected enough signatures to on the ballot put the recall
And now they are in icing the cake mode to add to the total in case invalid signatures cast a pall
Gascon’s soft on crime policies have started since day one
So reluctant to prosecute minor offenses and sentence enhancements shun
At parole hearings his minions are under orders not to appear
To argue before the Parole Board why release of felons the public should fear
This second recall effort has been different and Gascon has been hit by the perfect criminal storm
That revealed in no uncertain terms that his policies were much softer than the norm
On camera a mother with her stroller was run over by a hit and run
The minor was on probation in a stolen car and felony charges Gascon shunned
5 to 7 months in juvenile camp as he lied to the court
Claimed the L.A. Sheriff agreed with the sentence way too short
The other not on camera but far worse
Proof positive dangers to innocents by the soft on crime curse
Two officers responding to a domestic assault call to a stabbing prevent
Shot down on arrival and to the morgue sent
By felon convicted of the strike of burglary who was convicted of possession of a firearm and selling meth
But under Gascon’s policies prosecutor couldn’t raise the strike so felon free on probation to cause two cops deaths
Gascon’s hands reek with blood but he accepts no blame
If voters don’t vote him out they too merit only shame
© June 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Governor Whitmer Labels Menstruating Females As Persons Backs Suspension of Federal Gas Tax But Not Federal--Call Her Witless Whitmer

 Gretchen Whitmer from the Wolverine State lack of rationality takes the cake
Calls on Biden that if he does not suspend the federal gasoline tax that would be a grave mistake
At only 18 cents a gallon the relief provided to suffering motorists would be miniscule
Would keep prices high to continue the Blue push for EV’s powered not by fossil fuel
But would give Blues a platform to deceive the voters that they have their best interests at heart
But a bill passed in Michigan to state gas tax of 27 cents she was quick to a veto impart
Instead of calling for more drilling which would the rise in prices prevent 
She is enamored by states' suspension or 18 cents
but not the addition of 27 cents to total 45
That might help struggling families have a better chance to the impending recession survive
But in the Biden promoted switch to EV’s might slow down buying more EV’s trend
In her world and world of the Elite Green New Dealers rising gas prices is a windfall godsend
Fitting and proper that any governor labeling menstruating females as “menstruating persons”
Who must be out of touch with biological reality spouting policies that Michigan’s economy worsen
Merits as the only proper name “Witless Whitmer”
As 5 Reds on the ballot to see who opposes her appear
One of whom was arrested for alleged involvement on January 6th protests which Blues want us to fear
Total mess with claims of false signatures from the “Wild Wild West”
5 Reds disqualified and signature gatherers for who may now face arrest

6/21/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Inflation Is Off the Charts But DNC Fundraiser Photo Op Price With Harris Dropping Like a Stone


Whether one is at the pump or the grocery store or the new or used car lot
or at the lumber yard prices are soaring through the roof on almost all goods bought
Highest inflation in decades thanks to Biden’s trillions and war on fossil fuels
Finally forced to end the excuses it’s Putin’s fault or only transitory as we are not fools
Inflation is the cruelest tax of all
Craters retirement savings and economic growth stalls
Last quarter was one of negative growth of GNP
If aped in June we are in recession land where we don’t want to be
But in the land of surging prices there is one glimmer of hope
To those really struggling and trying to food on the table problems cope
One item has clearly blocked the inflation trend
For it is a deflationary price drop that may not end
A photo op at a DNC Golden State fundraiser with our inept Border Czar VP
Has dropped by 2/3rds to a bargain basement $5 G’s
Given her record of failure and popularity sinking like a stone
Better to wait until it soon falls into the “Clearance Sale” zone
© June 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


"Sunless" Sunny Hostin Rants Reds Are Running on Problems While Blues Run on Solutions--Gas Prices? Crime? Border Security?


If you want to be exposed to an overwhelming dose of bias turn on The View
Nothing but ad hominem attacks on the Reds from these women without a clue
Sunless Hostin was ranting that the baby food shortage is due to Reds failing to a baby formula bill pass
That failed to increase production and address the problem that on Abbot’s shutdown warnings the FDA sat on its ass
She had the audacity to serve up the red meat for her partisan viewers that the Reds are running on problems but not solutions
Ignoring that fact that a large part of inflation is due to Biden’s fossil fuels war and his printing of trillions contribution
And silent on the impact of leftist D.A.’s and budget cuts for police in cities run by Blues
Along with the open border where over two million illegals and massive amounts of deadly drugs are coming through
The View still is in the daytime TV slot top five
But the number of viewers has been taking a dive
Is it because more women are returning to work
Or is it the McCain a sole voice of reason to check the bias that lurks
Is no longer there as a balance check
Why more viewers The View rejects.
© June 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Uvalde Police Failed Miserably To Stop Ramos' Robb Elementary Shootings Even If Judged by Hindsight


Hindsight is almost always 20/20 and a Monday morning quarterback will call a winning play
In the Robb Elementary School shooting it now appears failed police work on display
The police were on scene after the shooting started in 3 minutes time
But instead of heading to the sound of guns from the lessons learned at Columbine
They waited in the hall for 70 minutes while Ramos was killing the kids
Armed with rifles and a ballistic shield  and barred by a closed door not locked
Would have been a simple matter to burst through the door and further killings blocked
While children under desks were calling 911 begging for police to come
But the police chief without a radio did not think he was in charge on learning this we are benumbed
Words cannot describe the terror those kids must have incurred
Their whispered 911 pleas not acted on, their impending death insured

What makes this tragedy such a condemnation of the police reaction
Was that 2 months earlier they had training on shooters and need for aggressive action
Taught in no uncertain terms that you had to put your life in harm’s way
Concerns for your own safety could not your aggressive actions delay
In an era where cops are vilified, despised and ambushed on sight
Hard to castigate and find blame even though what they did was not right
More training to not only kill citizens who are not armed
But also on how to stop shooters who want us to mortally harm
© 6/21/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Intimidation of SCOTUS Justices and Their Families at Their Homes Must Come To an End


The issue of abortion and Roe v. Wade is causing in this nation a great divide
Worse an increasing wave of violence against right to life groups from the prochoice side
An assassination attempt on Kavanaugh and illegal intimidation where SCOTUS Justices reside
Until the DOJ starts arresting these illegal protestors the threat of violence and coercion will not subside
Prochoice should mean that a woman hopefully in consultation with the father and her doctor should decide
To have an abortion hopefully not late term or give birth not to women who elect birth deride
To vandalize and burn centers that offer pregnancy services shows the term “prochoice” is flawed
Those abortion only zealots should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
Likewise the right to life movement no matter how morally wrong they believe abortion to be
Should not be picketing, harassing abortion seekers and providers and going on vandalism sprees
Sadly in the abortion debate their seems to be no middle ground from moment of conception
To the moment the fetal head starts appearing in the birth canal to the waiting doctor’s reception
If Roe v. Wade is overturned abortion debate will move from the courts to the states
Where in a large majority the vote will be to continue but probably in late term except to save mother abate
In the meantime more tolerance and more empathy and sympathy for a woman who is faced with the decision
And whatever the choice is should not on an abortion be heaped with praise or derision
© June 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, June 17, 2022

Biden's Approval Continues to Sink and Disapproval Rise Will He Resign After the Red Wave Midterms?


The lead in Biden’s disapproval rating over approval rating continues to widen
From his policies failure unlike the campaign basement he cannot go into hiden
Only 39% of the population approve of Biden’s performance on the job
As soaring inflation and high gas prices their income security continues to rob

Turn on the news on any night to be greeted by surging waves of illegals each day and night
Or news of more violent crime the police hobbled by leftist D.A.’s like Gascon unable to effectively fight
The open border is not only awash with illegals but an open portal for deadly drugs like fentanyl

By itself or adulterating other illegal or legally prescribed drugs will quickly kill
Parents agonizing over the screams of infants not having enough formula to eat
The Biden Administration caught flat footed and not responding to the shortages defeat
The only word that comes close to describing his performance is “disaster”
He and his officials have proven totally inept to the chaos master

Like Roman rulers of old to theirs citizens wrath and anger appease
Biden now thinking of gas rebate cars instead of bread to the voters please
We have memories and the videos showing dementia increasing its grip
As on reality as opposed to dilution continues to slip
If the Red Wave lands on the Swamp’s shores
Such that the Blue control of House and Senate is no more
The only thing that will save him from massive cries to resign
Is the utter incompetence of our second in line

© 6/17/2022 The Alaskanpoet

"Malicious" Misgendering or Misnaming in Fairfax County Can Get 5 Year Olds Suspended Huh?


We have known for years that the ivory towers have long been bastions of woke
The idea they represent oases of academic freedom and inquiry long revoked
But now the wokeness indoctrinated in students and schools of higher learning
Is on a relentless advance down the educational food chain which is most concerning
From high schools to middle school to elementary and even at kindergarten and preschool does not stop
Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity, Cancel Culture and the PC wars there are being taught
While reading and math scores continue to fall and fail to our students for life in a complex world prepare
Too many students are graduating or dropping out almost functionally illiterate unable to complete even job questionnaires
With woke crammed down their throats but lacking basic educational skills
Too many facing a life of unemployment or low skilled jobs unable to pay their bills
More likely to turn to drugs, crime or in a last resort suicide
Collateral damage caused by the rising woke tide
In Fairfax County the school board will be adding misgendering and deadnaming to suspension list
Using him instead of her or Michael instead of Michelle and your right to stay in school ceases to exist
No more in elementary schools of reading, writing and arithmetic
But CRT, Gender Identity and Cancel Culture beaten into the students with a suspension stick
© June 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Loudin County Ground Zero For CRT Protest Has Its D.A. Thrown Out of Case and Referred for Disbarment for Misleading JudgeA. s


With the recall by Feces City voters on Chesa Boudin and the impending recall vote of L.A.’s George Gascon
A wave of rejection of progressive D.A.’s funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is beginning to dawn
News that in Loudin County the CRT battleground Buta Biberaj, Soros backed D.A. has been removed from a case
For misleading the court on the defendant’s criminal record to a sweetheart pleas deal base
The judge outraged over being deceived referred her conduct to the Commonwealth’s Bar for her to be disbarred
She was until now viewed by Blues as one of Soros’ backed D.A. stars
Disbarment is a lot easier than collecting signatures for a recall election
The crime wave impacting our nation has been fueled in progressive D.A.’s harsher sentences rejection
If Merrick Garland and Biden did not have their heads in the sand
They would see what is the most severe threat to our safety in this land
It is not the false bogeyman of white supremacists that the left is prone to tout
No it is the soft on crime policies of Soros backed D.A.’s letting too soon and often felons in jail out
The pendulum after rising murder rates and smash and grabs
Where too often the perpetrators are not nabbed
Is swinging back and any progressive D.A. especially one elected with Soros cash
Should be sweating that his or her time in office may be sent to the recall trash
© June 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Most Americans Do Not Want Transgender Males to Dominate Women's Sports But Biden Must


Whether it is men’s or women’s sports, amateur or the pros
If you use steroids or other performance enhancing drugs from the sport you have to go
Doesn’t matter whether you are a human or a horse your days in the sport are done
Genes, diet, training, coaching, luck and desire not drugs should determine who has lost and who has won
A new drug has sadly appeared on the sporting scene with the ability to devastate Title IX
The drug is gender identity that an athlete himself or herself defines
An athlete born as a male now identifying as a female wants to in women’s sports compete
An unfair advantage with larger hearts, lungs and muscle mass that athlete will more likely a true female defeat
No costly or illegal drugs to take, no risk of failing a drug test, or damage to one’s body due to steroids
Collateral damage sadly is the growth in women’s sports that will be destroyed
Biological males against biologic males can only compete
If they gender identify as females then against fellow transgenders only in competition do they compete
The rule against transgender participation in sporting events should probably not until high school and beyond take effect
Assuming parents rise up against gender choices in elementary schools most kids have not until then gender identity chosen to elect
Sadly the Biden Administration not content to be denounced for inflation, immigration, and crime
Has chosen to support transgender participation in female sports line
Not that we needed it but another reason to vote Red
Send these out of touch Blue leftists to out of office woodshed
© 6/16/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Now Blaming Oil Companies in Addition to Putin Like Chicken Little's the Sky Is Falling


Biden acts like chicken little hobbling around the coop ranting instead of “the sky is falling”
“Blame soaring gas prices on Putin” as his war on domestic fossil fuels increased oil production is stalling
Prices of gas started to rise as soon as he was sworn in
Long before Putin invaded so no one is buying Biden’s false blame spin
So instead of freeing up oil companies to drill and more oil produce
He is now blaming them oblivious to his campaign to fossil fuel production reduce
Biden’s policies are designed to put oil companies out of business in the future not too distant

Ignoring the reality that no sane investor would spend to build more refineries when his war is too persistent
In Biden’s mind with his hat in hand looking for more oil from the Saudis
It is better to import oil than to produce it here due to the rants of the Green New Deal noodies
Despite the charges of gouging U.S. refineries are operating at 92 percent capacity
Doubtful there is any demand in the boardrooms to spend millions to build when facing the fossil fuels war tenacity
It is now time for reason to dominate energy production over longer term timeline
How many dollars to build the power plants needed on green fuel to charge the EVs’ batteries for the EV cars?
How many dollars to build the charging stations on the streets and highways that absence greater sales now bar?
How many dollars to increase natural gas to replace power plants fueled by coal?
As more EV’s appear what are the fossil fuels needed for planes, ships, trains and semis to fulfill their needed role
When do we on the war on fossil fuels declare a truce
Encourage them to the needed oil and gas produce?
© 6/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Biden Blame Game On Gas Prices Shifts from Putin to Oil Companies But His War on Fossil Fuels Still to Blame


When anything goes wrong in Biden’s Administration the reflex and default action is to blame Trump
Each day that passes after January 20, 2021 the rationale for such blame is quicker to in the trash heap dump
Inflation at the gas pump is the economic headache of the day
And with Biden’s war on fossil fuels such pain is not going to go away
Biden can only point at someone else the finger of blame
On any problem the reflex is “It’s someone else’s fault game”
The gas price inflation culprit was first Putin who invaded Ukraine
Only problem was that price rises the day he took office were no longer contained
Can’t blame Trump as would be by the facts nailed same with Putin so another villain has to be impaled
Has to be the greedy oil companies making obscene profits the wrath of Biden has railed
Ignores the drop in production as leases cancelled and urging that lending to drillers banks refrain
This cognitively inept president cannot accept the fact his policies are flushing domestic energy production down the drain
Moving from fossil fuels to zero carbon is a noble goal that cannot take place over night
Slowly but surely more EV’s being produced with charging stations will lessen our rising gas prices plight
But if we do not produce enough to supply exceed demand and prices then fall
Most Americans won’t save enough to go to the EV car buying mall
© June 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Lemon Is Acting More Like a Real Journalist In Defending Questions on Biden's Age and Cognitive Competence


This poet has attacked Don Lemon as a pseudo journalist more like a car
After purchase and leaving the lot it breaks down and rarely goes very far
Always in the shop undergoing expensive repairs
The idea of reliability in a lemon is never there
But perhaps I may have been somewhat wrong
And traits of journalistic integrity in him belongs
Biden’s new press secretary to replace Psaki has gotten off to a rough start
As Biden’s golden boy luster fades and softball questions more and more depart
More and more hardball questions  that question the wisdom of his actions
Our new press secretary retreats into reading non responsive talking points in reaction
On the issue of Biden’s age and the effects on his mental state
And more and more the question of dementia is raised in the debate
Jean-Pierre blasted journalists who are raising the issue of Biden’s age
Lemon responded that’s what journalists are supposed to do as doubt over his competency rage
Had Biden not been able to hide in the campaign in his basement bunker
Forced to go on the campaign trail he would have been exposed as a frail, mental clunker
One hopes that Lemon’s new found journalistic quest
Will continue and not quickly put back to rest
© 6/15/22 The Alaskanpoet

Another Nail in the Gascon Recall Coffin as Killer of 2 Cops in El Monte Was on Probation for 2 Years After Being a Felon With a GuncopAS

 The video of a mom and her stroller run over by a hit and run driver who Gascon sentenced to a 5 month camp

Had to be another nail in the Gascon recall coffin to the recall supporters’ efforts be amped
2 El Monte cops were killed the other day responding to a stabber who was trying to his victim slay
It should come as no surprise the killer was released on probation in 2021 for a felony for 2 years after serving 20 days
If convicted he with 2 prior prison terms could have been sentenced to up to 3 years and the 2 cops would be alive today
Add 2 more victims leaving wives and kids to Gascon’s soft of criminals policies that stink
When it comes to safety in Los Angeles he is the weakest of the links
Residents of L.A. County are sick and tired of Gascon’s weak policies on crime
Recall petition supporters have just collected 30,000 more in just 2 days’ time
They have collected enough signatures to put the recall on the ballot this fall
But still collecting to insure invalid signatures collected do not the effort stall
We should all mourn the 2 lives lost and our grief should not be refrained
But if the killings produced a voter signature surge their lives will not have been lost in vain
The silver lining to the suffering mere mortals are incurring under the violent crime waves
Is that another D.A. in Philadelphia is facing impeachment and his office seat he may not save
Hopefully the growing list of mostly Soros backed D.A.’s
Will soon face the recall or impeachment axe and be sent away
© June 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet 

Pelosi Could No Longer Avoid the Clear and Present Danger to SCOTUS and Senate SCOTUS Bill Passed By House With 27 Blues Like AOC and Payapal Voting NoBolp


Elected and appointed Blues have too often a very pervasive common trait
Hypocrisy in relations with the voters and a lust for power they cannot sate
During a campaign they try to seduce voters with the pledge they will for them fight
A pledge that quickly disappears after the votes have been counted on election night
Back to their offices waiting for the lobbyists to arrive
Armed with campaign cash for quid pro quo favors to bank balances revive
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander
As they ignore the rules for voters yet continue to for their votes pander
After January 6th the House with warp speed passed a Capitol $1.8 Billion security bill
Yet when the Senate passed for SCOTUS Justices and their families 24/7 protection for Pelosi too bitter a pill
Would not let the bill come to the floor for a vote for weeks
Only after Justice Kavanaugh’s  attempted murder with more delay did a vote Pelosi seek
27 Blues voted no when the danger to SCOTUS was clear
They lied they voted no because 24/7 for unknown clerks should appear
Lie detector tests would most likely reveal
Their hope for an assassination so a liberal judge named by Biden would the conservative majority repeal
The votes of AOC, Payapal and 25 others are beyond the pale
We pray all of them in their reelection by landslides fail

©  June 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, June 11, 2022

31 Members of Patriot Pride Who Have Only Nonpatriot Shame Arrested for Conspiracy to Attack Coeur d'Alene Pride March


Coeur d’Alene is an Idaho gem next to its beautiful lake
With its boating, warm lake water and beaches a great place to a vacation take
A magnet for people fleeing high taxed states
A growing population on steady growth without abate
Mountains nearby for winter skiing and a nonwinter floating par three green
Definitely has secured a place for a vacation to be seen
Lakefront Dining especially at Tony’s when in the 50’s and 60’s as my uncle and aunt ruled supreme
Tony’s still serves a great steak dinner and downtown Hudson’s Hamburgers make it impossible from beef to be weaned
But Northern Idaho also has had a Ruby Ridge Aryan Brother past
An FBI shootout of a woman with infant in arms that makes us aghast
Today at a Pride Parade a U-Haul Truck was brought to a halt
31 members of the Patriot Front ready to on the parade mount an assault
1 sick member in the state and the rest from miles away
Sexual orientation never gives a person the right to beat and slay
The Patriot Front either too young or too stupid or just forgot
Gay Cal rugby player Mark Bingham led the charge on Flight 93 so its attack on the Capital came to naught
© June 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Alaska Supreme Court Overturns Superior Court Halting Special Election Voting That Visually Impaired Had No Mail In Ballots


Don Young who was Alaska’s lone Congressman for 49 years died on a plane descending to land at Sea-Tac
A required special election to replace him until January 1, 2023 has 48 seekers to his seat attracted
Including Sarah Palin who ran for VP with McCain and as Alaska’s Governor quit
Mail in voting was proceeding until a judge stopped it as visually impaired had no Braille ballots to submit
Alaska’s Supreme Court overturned and the counting will continue to its end
We wonder if Palin prevails in a crowded field for the voters to her send
But doubt she would leave as this special election will end on January 1
To serve a full term with a resignation anchor she will have to campaign until the regular election is done
Who ever prevails they will have extremely large shoes to fill
Pro Alaskan to his inner core but often crossed the aisle to compromise on bills
Maybe it was the Fort Yukon cold and isolation surrounded by Alaska Natives

But at 88 compared to Biden seemed much younger and mentally far more creative
He in Alaska will be thoroughly missed
By all save the grandson of his only loss running whose chances he looked forward to dismiss

© June 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

SCOTUS Justices' Lives in Danger from Prochoice Protestors and Garland and Pelosi Are Playing Their White Supremacy Tune on Their Fiddles


Merrick Garland has done something we all thought was impossible to witness
Our failed SCOTUS nominee and now AG has passed Eric Holder’s politization of the DOJ to reveal his unfitness
Eric Holder’s mantra was to always protect Obama’s back
Contempt of Congress on Fast and Furious prosecution of him the DOJ lacked
Lois Lerner and the IRS targeting conservative groups in clear violation of the law
From Holder and the DOJ any targeting by the IRS they never saw
Garland has labeled conservatives “domestic terrorists” and mortal threats to our democracy
A pawn of the teachers’ unions to sic the FBI on parents at school board meetings protesting the teaching of CRT
Has not yet surpassed Holder’s proclivity for on police departments dragging them onto the racist charge mat
But his term is young and his announced investigation of Louisiana’s police a sign he may remedy that
His latest dereliction of duty involves at SCOTUS Justice’ homes protests over threatened overturn of Roe v Wade
A federal statute enacted in 1950 bars “stationary protests to influence a decision” to the judiciary independence degrade
Alioto, Barrett and Kavanaugh and their families have had to endure
Angry protests designed  solely to a different decision insure
In Kavanaugh’s case an arrested man with a gun on a mission to Kavanaugh kill
As Pelosi refuses to bring to the House floor a unanimously passed Senate SCOTUS protection bill
Garland needs to shuffle the FBI from coercing parents protesting the teaching of CRT
And have the SCOTUS Justices protestors arrested, cuffed and carted off to jail for all to see
© 6/11/22 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, June 10, 2022

Bill Maher Blasts NYT For Bias On Its Sleeves On Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt


Bill Maher is becoming more and more of a unique kind
A member of the MSM able to speak from an unbiased mind
Blasted the NYT for wearing bias on its sleeves
Trying to a burying of an attempted Judge Kavanaugh assassination achieve
No only has he an open mind when it is time to a person or an idea rebuke
Based on the weakness of the other side’s idea not the ad hominem that makes us puke
The slogan of “All the News That’s Fit to Print” has for a long time been tossed into the trash
Replaced by “Bury the News in the Back If It Does Not Trump’s Actions Bash”
Bill Maher on TV is a breath of fresh air
May not always agree but the heavy hand of leftist bias is not there
And for the NYT only sorrow that the paper has become a shill and a DNC rag
Hopefully in its present bias its subscribers and ad revenue will lag
© June 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Kavanaugh Stalked Barret and Kids' School Doxed When Does Pelosi Allow House to Vote on Unanimous Vote for SCOTUS and Their Families' Safety


The abortion debate is the most polarized divide since the states that would be slave and those that would be free
Sadly the polarization is so great there seems little chance of compromise with those who disagree
On one side the prochoice groups hold that a woman has the right to abort until the fetus is born
On the other side the prolife groups hold that life begins at conception and abortion is killing the unborn
There is no middle ground and conflict has spread to the clinics that have been attacked
Worse to the judiciary who often the protective police shield lack
Kavanaugh’s safety was threatened by a man from Simi Valley armed the justice kill
Thank God he called 911 on himself seeking help knowing he was mentally ill
Ruth Sent Us has doxed Amy Coney Barrett and the schools her kids attend
To her home and the schools protestors to send
Any parent would feel threatened if angry protestors showed up at home or at the kids’ schools
Anyone who thinks that a threat of violence is real has to be a fool
The Senate without dissent passed a bill to have armed guards to justices and their families protect
Pelosi refused to bring it to a vote on the House floor until next week as pressure to not overturn Roe inject
She has a super safe Feces City Seat
But this tyrant’s further time with a gavel we must defeat
Better yet we must find common ground that abortion when the fetus is not able to out of the womb live
That she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy by pill or surgery and hope her God or conscience can forgive
© June 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Beto 'Dork Thinks The Border in Texas is Just Great As Illegal Surge Grows and Does Not Abate


Beto O’Dork running for governor in Texas touts that everything at the border is great
Even though illegals are crossing the border in record numbers with no signs of beginning to abate
Like all Blues illegals are not illegals only future voters who will vote Blue
To insure over time that Red majorities will end and be forever through
To O’Dork and his fellow Blues who mantra is to call for a border secured
But after chanting then to do everything in their power to an increasing flood of illegals insure
When will Blue Hispanic and Blacks have the light bulbs be turned on?
When will they see through the Blues “we here for you” con?
Only time in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods a Blue politician is ever seen
Is near election day to pass out some crumbs and to  collect on their voting Blue lien
While Blue run cities and their schools descend into unsafe Hells
Where the only jobs to be found are drugs, guns and human trafficking to sell
O’Dork on the border is totally blind
Anyone voting for him instead of Abbot is out of his or her mind
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

With Rubin's Help and WAPO's Bias Biden Blames Everyone But Himself For Inflation


On inflation Biden is trying to pull the wool over our eyes
It’s Putin’s inflation due to Ukraine invasion which no one can deny
Thinking like WAPO’s Rubin that Americans are so stupid that they would forget
That long before the invasion and Russian embargo gas prices were rising like a taking off jet
In November after the election WAPO was foolishly touting that Biden’s war on fossil fuels
Would not be a rapid gas price inflation increasing tool
Obviously wrong but at WAPO no matter how wrong it was
If blaming Trump or praising Biden you will never hear “we made a mistake song”
It is hypocritical to see Rubin’s touting “I stand with Ukraine”
Yet supporting Biden when his inaction is largely for the invasion to blame
Biden and his Blues shoved AOC’s Green New Deal down our throats
Then Trump’s energy and immigration policies revoked
With Biden in the Oval Office it is the New Crisis Whack-A-Mo to other than Biden blame
Each day closer to the Midterm Elections each day closer to Blue majorities flushed down the drain
Then maybe we can put an end to TDS Stage 4
And deal with pressing issues Biden has chosen to ignore
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

Secure with Armed Guards or Gated Community Michael Moore Wants to Repeal the 2nd Amendment and Buy Back Almost All Civilian Guns backem


Michael Moore enraged over the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde rants to the Second Amendment repeal
Then ban the ownership and use of almost all civilian owned guns but enter into mandatory buy back deals
For those fearful of their safety in their homes he chortles buy a canine
Criminals in his delusion won’t be armed so you will be just fine
It would not be a shock or surprise that Moore has armed security to him protect
Any attack on him easy for them to deflect
Anyone else can on 911 for their safety rely
Ignoring that with defund the cops very slow for 911 responders to come by
Denigrates the 2nd because when it was passed only cannons, muskets and pistol of single shot
Attacked by marauding Indians or multiple attackers your survival was next to squat
Moore lives in a world where the 1st expanded to media beyond the press that did not then exist
How stupid to believe that the expansion of the 2nd to cover modifications we should resist
Moore should stick to his movies no matter how few people pay money to see
Secure with his armed security detail but without the right to own guns for you and me
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

Blues Running for Reelection Will Desert Biden Like Rats on a Sinking Ship


The gap between reality and Biden’s cognitive delusion continues to widen
Already cracks starting to appear in the Blue dam supporting Biden
The American people are not stupid and smart enough to know
Inflation is not be caused by Putin as to record levels it grows
Energy costs started to soar the day Biden’s of first day in office act
Halted construction of the Keystone Pipeline meaning almost a million barrels of oil we would soon lack
Ramped up his war on fossil fuels when there was not enough renewable energy yet in place
Halted construction on the Wall and Trump’s policies forcing illegals with mostly bogus asylum claims in Mexico stay
The flood of deadly drugs like fentanyl surging and thousands of illegals swamping our social safety net each day
Finally Blues looking at the midterms election clock
Waking up the fact that Biden’s policies their reelection will block
Are demanding Biden change course and in the case of energy suspend the gas tax
Sadly only a short term help when barriers to more production need to be relaxed
All Blues have is the 1/6 show trials to the reality of Biden’s failures to conceal
Hopes that Roe v Wade will be overturned to ramp up Blue voters’ zeal
When voters go to cast their ballots into the ballot box
They will vote due to the crime and illegals surge, starving babies and the rising inflation pox
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

Stephanie Ruhle Makes a Fool of Herself on Morning Joe Claiming Reds Want Inflation and Have No Ideas on How To Curb It Huh?


There are only few things positive one can say about leftist biased CNN’s Stephanie Ruhle
For a poet it is a godsend her name rhymes with fool
And that she’s aping being a journalist while being a DNC tool
And since her high water mark in April 2021 of 1.4 million to 801 thousand she has cooled
On Morning Joe on inflation numbers hitting another record high
She claimed Reds had no ideas on stopping inflation only joyous that Blue reelection hopes would die
She is supposed to be an economics wiz
But that comment proves she knows nothing about inflation biz
Major component of inflation is the cost of energy suffering from Biden’s fossil fuels war
The reason prices and the pump were long before Putin’s war beginning to soar
Since every good to reach us travels by ship, plane, rail, truck or van that cost increase our pocket books hit
Reds want us to produce more fossil fuels while moving toward more renewables which will lower inflation a bit
And the main cause of inflation they want to slay
End the trillions of stimulus spending that will keep inflation from going away
Ruhle thinks inflation is the Reds’ false flag
Imposing misery on the nation so the false narrative of insurrection they can bag
Proves Ruhle
Is a fool!
© 6/10/22 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Were the Kids In the Classroom With Ramos Still Alive While Police Waited Outside Thinking a Barricade Situation?


At Columbine police quickly responded and then set up a perimeter but did not the school go inside
While they were waiting out of harm’s way the victims either bled out or quickly died
Throughout the nation the idea of securing a perimeter was scrapped and replaced
With respond to the sound of gun fire and the threat of an active shooter erase
In Parkland some of the responding deputies hid behind pillars to not put their lives at risk
The lessons learned at Columbine sadly seemed no longer to exist
At Uvalde the police chief thinking there was no longer an active shooter but one behind a barricade
Held back the Border Patrol Swat Team that to the school had come to his aid
Reports are now surfacing that victims in the classroom with the shooter were still alive
Many wounded bleeding out and soon would no longer survive
The original timeline of the shootings and the response was found to be flawed
If kids were in the classroom and then died such inaction should be for the police chief’s career the last straw
If the kids died and the police stood back thinking the shooting was done
There should be no way the police chief will be able to dismissal or maybe criminal prosecution outrun
But if police must go against body armor and AR-15’s
They must have in their trunk like wear and arms when they arrive on the scene
© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

3 Dead 1 Wounded Not By an AR-15 But Semi-Automatic Pistol; Are They the Next Blue Target


Another day another mass shooting this time not with an AR-15
But a semiautomatic pistol that would not easily been seen
At a Columbia Machine plant in Smithsburg, Maryland a coworker shot 4 and then fled
Responding sheriff’s deputies found 1 wounded and 3 dead
Fortunately the shooter was quickly found and a shootout ensued
A state trooper and the suspect both wounded before the shootout was through
Details are sketchy and not yet released but should add to the ongoing gun control debate
The Blue House bill bans semiautomatic rifles not pistols and high capacity magazine of more than 15 shots
Question to ponder will next a ban on semiautomatic pistols by the House soon be sought
Almost unanimity on the issue of the need to harden schools
A trained officer, a single entrance at minimum should be the rule
In the workplace not sure if  there is the same need to harden accord
Or how many politicians would be on board
But a semi-automatic pistol at close range is just a lethal except for piercing body armor as an AR-15
Are such handguns owned by law-abiding citizens for protection the next Blue target to be weaned?

© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gascon Blames Everyone But His Record and Policies For Impending Recall Election


In Feces City Gascon’s procriminal bro
Voters have voted that it’s time for him to go
With some 50,000 signatures more to a recall petition obtain
Getting closer for this other procriminal D.A. to flush down the drain
Yet still delusional at everything and everyone other than him points the finger of blame
Ignoring the fact when the finger is pointed three point at the pointer back
And the thumb out to hitch a ride to Hell that procriminal D.A.’s should attract
When 9 out of 10 deputy D.A.’s want  him to his office leave
Such an ego he must possess to think a win in the recall he will achieve
When enough signatures to force a recall have been collected and verified
It is almost a certainty that his removal will not be denied
Hopefully across the nation to the Soros funded D.A.’s this message will be sent
You on the recall wagon will be next and Soros will grieve that his money was not well spent
People have to in their homes, offices, shops, churches and places of entertainment
Have to feel that they are safe and will not face being to a morgue or emergency ward be sent
There should be a Boudin and Gascon like recall wave
To send those procriminal D.A.’s to an early political grave
© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Dan Gregory of CNN Acts Like a True Journalist to Condemn Threats Against Justice Kavanaugh


When small children throw a temper tantrum with screams and yells
Wise parents will to them “it’s time for a timeout” tell
On Roe v. Wade protestors are crossing the line and they need to stop
Before a SCOTUS judge by a knife is stabbed or by a gun shot
Ever since someone employed by SCOTUS leaked a Alioto 1st Draft opinion  of the Dobbs case
That would the protections afforded by Roe v. Wade and Casey would erase
The leaker has not be caught and the Blue prochoice supporters have taken to the SCOTUS steps and the streets
To threaten that any attempt to delete Roe and Casey must go down to defeat
End the filibuster so the House prochoice abortion bill cannot be stopped
Or expand the court with new prochoice judges so any attempt to overturned will be dropped
Protests on the steps were peaceful and a 1st Amendment right
But not the taking of the protests to Kavanaugh’s home which is off limits to bring the fight
CNN “journalists” too often castigate Trump for all ills and slavishly toe the DNC line
Finally CNN commentator Dan Gregory remarks on SCOTUS protests was not so confined
Blasted the Blues and the left who have not condemned the acts against Kavanaugh
When the armed gunman at his home being the final last straw
Quoting Clinton that anti-Kavanaugh rants will be heard
By those deranged or total zealots who will do the violent acts absurd
© 6/9/22 The Alaskanpoet

Rep Speir Arguing for Gun Control Falsely Claims She's the Only Victim of Gun Violence Ignoring Gabbard and Scalise


Blue Rep Spier is a lucky woman to have survived after being shot multiple times
By Jonestown Red Guard Security members while on an Otter trying to takeoff and into the skies climb
5 others including Representative Ryan were not so lucky and died
But for her to compare Jonestown shootings to those here all logic denied
Jones was a religious zealot clearly mentally ill
With his colony of over 900 in a Guyana jungle many held against their will
A mass suicide following the killings at the nearby airport with Kool Aid with cyanide laced
Parents killing their kids and then dying believing from the Earth they would be erased
On the House’s Blue Gun Control urging passage she tried to seize the moral high ground
Claiming firsthand knowledge of mass shootings having been shot with 5 rounds
But made the false claim she was the only member of the House to have been by gun violence shot
A Freudian slip or memory lapse that in the political swamp not jungle Rep Scalise almost the farm bought
Shot by a rabid Blue supporting leftist during an annual Blue-Red baseball game practice session
He almost died, as did a Gabby Gifford not mentioned by her, shot by a paranoid schizophrenic incompetent beyond question
We empathize with Spier that she  still suffers pain
But ridicule her only Congressional shooting victim claim
© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Boudin Down in Recall Flames Gascon Is Soon to Be Next


In one the nation’s leftist cities last night voters showed that soft on crime does not win
In Feces City’s 2nd recall in history the voters voted 61% to 39% to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin
Further to the south in L.A. Gascon must be starting to perspire
Another 60,000 or so signatures and he will face a recall to be retired
A once beautiful city known as the City by the Bay
That charm with drug use, rampant crime and feces and used needles has faded away
Los Angeles has aped San Francisco to the Tee
With violent crime like smash and grab in a rising spree
Gascon has refused to seek enhancements and suspects arrested are quickly back on the street
A video showing a hit and run driver hitting a mom with her stroller who was wrist slapped 5 months in camp should assure his defeat
Worse then Gascon on the L. A. Sheriff’s agreeing with the sentence lied
In a era when the left wants to defund the cops
And violent crime’s rise is not slowing down or coming to a stop
If a D.A. is not prosecuting criminals and keeping them off the streets
In a recall you can take it to the bank, Gascon is going down to defeat
© June 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Blue Rep Stabenow the Green Marie Antoinette Rants "Let Them Buy Teslas" To Solve High Gas Prices


Marie Antoinette after touting “let them eat cake” soon lost her head
Blue Stabenow touts her solution for high gas prices “Buy a Tesla instead”
Greens on the pain and suffering of motorists over high gas prices couldn’t care less
Their solution is not to produce more oil but rather put more EV’s on the road to reduce price stress
The fact that a Tesla costs more than the average per capita income in the Wolverine State
Has no bearing on the high cost of gas in how to deal with inflation in the debate
Blues could care less that their voters do not have enough income to buy EV’s
That their gas guzzlers are forcing them to a life of further poverty
Blues in pursuit of the Green New Deal want the price of gas to rise so high
That EV’s mere mortals will be forced to buy
Oblivious to the fact EV’s have higher front end costs
And battery range will mean the ability for long trips will be lost
Ignore the role of fossil fuels to as a bridge to carbon free emissions act
The financial pain and suffering is just for low and middle income only a collateral damage fact
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Inflation Light Bulb Finally Goes On in Yellen's Face But Oblivious To Our Pain


Yellen has finally seen the light that inflation is not transitory and is too high
But when it comes to explaining causes the tired Blue Biden playbook she relies
Blames higher energy and food prices on the war in Ukraine
But ignores Biden’s war on fossil fuels which should be blamed
Gasoline prices started to soar the day Biden was sworn in
Over a year before Putin ordered the invasion to begin
Blaming Putin for inflation will be a failed Blue attempt
Each time Americans fill up at the pump they will express their Let’s Go Brandon contempt
Each day the disconnect between bureaucrats and politicians and John Q. Public grows Billions of tax dollars raised with very little accomplishments to show
Buying gas for them is always a rare event
No wonder they are oblivious to the pain at the record prices being spent
The solution to energy inflation is right before Biden’s face
Produce more oil and natural gas instead of crusade to put more EV’s in place
Reducing carbon to fight climate change is a noble goal
But not if insolvency from higher energy prices in the interim is the toll
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Swalwell Living the Life of a Super-Rich Riley Thanks to "Campaign Contributions"


Eric Swalwell is the epitome of a hypocrite parasite whose spending habits any controls lack
Sadly in this Blue state the voters keep sending this ex-Fang Fang paramour to the Swamp back
With dollars contributed by most likely favor seeking fools
First class only flights, luxury hotel suites, gourmet dinners and fine wines his normal rule
His expenditures with campaign funds total thousands in spending sprees
Living the life of a super-rich Riley
While his constituents like all Americans are hammered by inflation blows
Gas prices off the charts along with everything else every day is more food on the table woe
But Eric with his campaign dollars feels no pain
No need for him to his first class life style contain
Campaigns are expensive with TV ads, staff and campaign events
What if laws would campaign contributions for personal expenditures prevent
Or at least impose a reasonable cap
Would help to avoid falling into the lobbyist beholding to trap
But with leftist spendthrifts like Swalwell in Congress not a chance
Campaign expenditures limitations will never advance
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

Monday, June 6, 2022

D-Day 78 Years Ago Didn't Make the Memory Cut For Biden Extending His Weekend at His Delaware Beach


78 years ago on this on Normandy’s miles of 5 beaches
The Allies came ashore to the Atlantic Wall try to breach
The largest amphibious invasion in history would be known as D-Day
And when after 24 hours of fighting the survival prospects for the Third Reich began to fade away
The invasion was not a sure thing as Dieppe earlier had proved
Fortunately Operation Fortitude deceived the Germans and their panzers had not moved
At Juno, Sword, Utah and Gold, the Allies were able to slowly advance
But at Omaha the first wave barely had a chance
Thousands shot when the Higgins Boats had their ramps dropped
For hours on end pinned behind cliffs and seawalls it seemed the invasion had been stopped
The craters that were to be created by bombs dropped on the beach on the coast
Only a few as the targets further inland received the most
General Cota rallied the pin downed GI’s with his immortal cry
“There are only two types on this beach those dead and those about to die”
With destroyers shelling point blank close enough to almost beach on the sand
And Bangalore torpedoes and diminishing German ammo the US. moved inland
A truly historic day honored by presidents and generals in the past
Save for Biden with his normal Delaware weekend making it longer last
© June 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Unless Biden Unshackles Himself AOC Green Zealots His Ratings Will Sink Lower and Lower Than Carter's


The solution to soaring prices of oil and natural gas is for Biden sadly a nonstarter
As inflation at the pump and across the board soar Biden’s ratings sink lower than Carter
Biden’s war on domestic fossil fuels needs to end
Scrap the idea of hat in hand begging for more oil from Saudis to Biden send
Natural gas production here under misplaced green attack
Pressuring Blue governors from curtailing efforts to frack
Prices now going through the roof
An administration blind to the pain and too aloof
Food supplies already under attack with the war in Ukraine
Here agriculture growing areas like California suffering under lack of rain
Fertilizer is made in part from natural gas and as prices soar
Probably farmers will be forced to use less not more
Crop yields will sadly drop
Prices will increase as we shop
Biden must accept that fossil fuel use is needed for the bridge to achieve zero carbon economic scene
If not the bridge becomes a pier that ends far from the zero carbon shore and from prosperity we are weaned
© June 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Lying Gascon Tosses the Race Card and the Image of Willie Horton To Fight a Well Deserved Recall


Gascon rants that the recall against him is race based on false public safety concern
Ignores the outrage of his deputies that wise sentencing he has spurned
The photo is that of woman walking her child run over by a teen
Who turned it into a hit and run and drove away from the scene
Only to driving the wrong way into a truck careen
And when it came time to seek sentencing this was the sentence seen
5 months in a juvenile camp to seek remorse for his ways
That could have very easily a mom and child slay
When the writs slap sentence made public Gascon did what leftists caught often do
Lied that he had consulted with the LASD who agreed with the sentence too
Caught in a lie he had to retract
To use the race card to the recall attack
No idea of the 16 year old driver's race
Only that he probably should not have been driving in the first place
But for Gascon to fall back on the example of Willie Horton's furlough crime
That involved a white woman being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Victims are victims even if white with a child walking down the street
This D.A. with almost every city in the county voicing no confidence merits a recall to lose his seat
Gascon rants that the recall against him is race based on false public safety concern
Ignores the outrage of his deputies that wise sentencing he has spurned
The photo is that of woman walking her child run over by a teen
Who turned it into a hit and run and drove away from the scene
Only to driving the wrong way into a truck careen
And when it came time to seek sentencing this was the sentence seen
5 months in a juvenile camp to seek remorse for his ways
That could have very easily a mom and child slay
When the writs slap sentence made public Gascon did what leftists caught often do
Lied that he had consulted with the LASD who agreed with the sentence too
Caught in a lie he had to retract
To use the race card to the recall attack
No idea of the 16 year old driver's race
Only that he probably should not have been driving in the first place
But for Gascon to fall back on the example of Willie Horton's furlough crime
That involved a white woman being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Victims are victims even if white with a child walking down the street
This D.A. with almost every city in the county voicing no confidence merits a recall to lose his seat
Gascon rants that the recall against him is race based on false public safety concern
Ignores the outrage of his deputies that wise sentencing he has spurned
The photo is that of woman walking her child run over by a teen
Who turned it into a hit and run and drove away from the scene
Only to driving the wrong way into a truck careen
And when it came time to seek sentencing this was the sentence seen
5 months in a juvenile camp to seek remorse for his ways
That could have very easily a mom and child slay
When the writs slap sentence made public Gascon did what leftists caught often do
Lied that he had consulted with the LASD who agreed with the sentence too
Caught in a lie he had to retract
To use the race card to the recall attack
No idea of the 16 year old driver's race
Only that he probably should not have been driving in the first place
But for Gascon to fall back on the example of Willie Horton's furlough crime
That involved a white woman being in the wrong place at the wrong time
Victims are victims even if white with a child walking down the street
This D.A. with almost every city in the county voicing no confidence merits a recall to lose his seat

© June 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Along With Hardening the Schools a First Step to Come Together on the Issue of Mass Shootings


Hunting rifles may be semi-automatic to shoot whenever the trigger is pulled without having to manually a bullet insert
Small caliber for hunting varmints to kill but not destroy and with larger animals able to inflict a world of hurt
A semiautomatic rifle used by the military has a large magazine and the ability to switch to full automatic and three shot burst
Except the iconic AK-47 which can only switch for semiautomatic to full auto to quench your bullet spraying thirst
With such lethality a rifle with semi-auto, full auto even without the burst is called an “assault rifle”
Even well-armed police facing such a gun would not want to trifle
Take away the full auto switch and prevent the owner from installing a bump stock
And to the left will come as a shock
That you do not have an assault gun they feel they must ban
Since a majority of mass shootings and shooting deaths do not involve “assault guns” but rather high magazine hand guns
A time to focus on the magazine size but not a bar so small confiscation of pistols would have to have begun
Background checks for all sales, more red flag laws to entail and banning of really high magazines for shells
And if your limit on capacity was equal to that of security for our elected leaders and appoint officials a control step easy to sell
Couple the effort with a true hardening of our schools with only one secured entrance and metal detectors
One armed security guard and maybe trained gun carrying teachers and we could become gun violence rejectors
© June 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, June 3, 2022

Killing the 2nd Amendment Is Like Killing a Lobster For Dinner

 The playbook for banning the 2nd Amendment seems similar to the way to a lobster deceive

Into a vat of cold water creating no immediate fear to an escape achieve
Slowly raise the temperature until the lobster realizes an escape is too
Soon the boiling water turns the lobster red and soon thereafter it’s on your plate
If the water is boiling you can almost hear it scream and you push down on the lid
Otherwise with its powerful tail will fly out and across a wet floor skid
The latest Blue effort to gut the Second Amendment apes how to a lobster kill
Conceal its effects by calling it The Protecting Our Kids Bill
In a two pronged effort attack “assault weapons” that with the military and police only belong
The idea that not well trained citizens have them for protection and hunting is wrong
Images of Bambi chased by hunters with large magazines if the first shot from a bolt action rifle fails
The idea of a sporting chance for the hunted no longer prevails
If the “assault rifle” ban does not succeed
Rail against high capacity magazines no one should really need
If they a successful and high capacity magazines are banned from the land
Semi-automatic pistols mostly with high cap magazine will be banned
God help us from felons in a defund the police environment
If all we have are revolvers or bolt action arms to harm to us prevent
© June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

California Appellate Court Confirmed that Leftist D.A. Gascon Not Following Three Strikes Law


If you are a two strike felon in the County of L.A.
Facing a third strike and an enhancement George Gascon is your D.A.
On taking office this ultra-leftist handed down the rule
In third strike cases even if prior violent strikes you do not seek the sentence enhancement tool
His deputies rebelled and wanted observance of the law to prevail
A Superior Court ruled that Gascon on observing the law had failed
An Appellate Court has confirmed ruling Gascon is not a king
Great joys to the recall movement this ruling will bring
Gascon’s idea of criminal justice has been to the acts of felons Lady Justice is blind
Concern over victims’ safety and security is to be left far behind
Ideas of equality, racism, lack of opportunity and bias must their felonies allay
No wonder we see a wave of violent crime from smash and grab to murder in the County of L.A.
Citizens suffering under the policies of Gascon fearful for their lives
Hope the ruling will mean the recall efforts prevail and the rule of law will be revived
©  June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Decimate the 2nd Amendment Misnamed by Blues as The Protecting Our Kids Act


When it comes to concealing the intended results of their bills
Choosing the right name to conceal intent is well honed Blue skill
Name for the Blue Gun Control Bill in the House is The Protecting Our Kids Act
No one is against protecting our kids even though reality is they want to take many guns back
Outlawing the possession and sale of magazines with a high bullet count
But guns with large magazines for the majority of gun sales account
A semi-automatic rifle or handgun without a magazine is like a gun without a trigger
Since many of the most popular guns must have large magazines the left’s cry they are not ending the 2nd does not pass rigor
Cash strapped states will be allowed to created buyback programs for guns with outlawed magazines
How many will be able to afford remains to be seen
The armed body guards of our elected leaders and appointed officials have high magazines to their charges protect
Yet for mere mortals in defund the police cities praying for 911 their safety our Blues choose to reject
What’s good for the Blue Geese for safety should be good for the mere mortal Ganders
Whether a resident facing a home invasion or at a drive by shooting an innocent bystander
Rather than focus on the gun and not the shooter or the target focus on hardening the soft target schools
We have the one entrance only, magnetic detectors, armed guards and red flag tools
© June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Another Mass Shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma With 5 Dead Including Suicide by Shooter Ending Golden Hour Chances


In combat or trauma accidents it is known as the “golden hour”
The time following injury before the deadly effects on a body the survival chances devour
If first responders can get injured to a hospital or  trauma center in that time frame
A much better chance the victim survive and former physical condition reclaim
In Tulsa, Oklahoma a mass shooting in a medical office building almost to a hospital next door
Police rushed quickly to the sounds of gunfire on the second floor
The gunman who rather than surrender or in a shootout engage
Closed the book on his own life by acting on the suicide page
Details are not yet in but he must have been a great shot
Four of his victims died and efforts to revive went for naught
With the howl for more gun control increasing each day
This nation cannot withstand more deranged gunmen wanting innocents to slay
© June 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

The Defamation Trial of the Egos Absurd Ended With 15 Million for Depp and 2 Million for Heard


The trial in the defamation suits of Depp and Heard
is in the jury’s hands so we are spared any more of the absurd
$100 million and $50 million claims for alleged defamation
Mind boggling amounts compared to incomes of those suffering from poverty’s condemnation
These two stars who must have lived in script land for far too long
Captivated a nation when on them sum focus did not belong
Depp and Heard a bookend case of ego trips
Infected by their lines they both have lost on reality a grip
What if viewers on movies decided there was too much slant
Distracting us from the real issues and are obscured by their rants
Chose not to come to view at ransom like costs
Would some of the arrogance and egos of our celebs be lost?
The jury came out with its verdict at 15 million to 2
Favoring Depp against Heard who had countersued
Now the courtroom porn and ego drama curtain has fallen to the floor of the stage
Is it not time for the nation to focus on the really important issues that currently rage?
Both commented on the jury verdict but Heard’s comment had an aping HRC loss ring
Blamed everyone but fact jury believe she lied in the falsehoods she chose against Depp to bring
© June 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


© June 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Tale of Two School Shooting Robb Elementary and Parkland


A tale of two shootings that scared the nation’s soul
A Robb Elementary the first responders moved to the sound of guns and a few wounded were the toll
The hail of bullets directed at them stop and the shooter barricaded in a classroom
The Chief of Police on scene thought the active shooting was done and the barricaded suspect lying in wait to bring officers to their doom
Kids were in the classroom calling for help on whispered  911 calls
Not sure if those facts were relayed to cops waiting to attack in the halls
Facts may not be clear whether while waiting the shooter was killing kids still alive
If so the Chief should be removed for not helping those kids to survive
In Parkland a rush to the sound of gunfire seemed a misplaced thought
Sheriff Israel came across as a coward and the kids the farms bought
He was replaced and perhaps should be been charged with child endangerment
A harsh call but to violate his oath to protect and serve to prison be sent
The investigation will hopefully determine whether the stand down order was a valid mistake
For if the shooter was no longer active and in barricade mode the proper course to take
The fact that Uvalde PD may not be cooperating with officers from the state
Is not a good sign and may increase calls to intensify and not abate
We must learn how to better react
To lower the number of kids lost in an attack
© May 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet