Monday, June 27, 2022

New York Supreme Court Strikes Down NYC Law Allowing Non Citizens To Vote in Municipal Elections


Hard to believe but finally some sanity in the Blue State of New York

The NYC City Council which is too far to the left and puts Reds in a state of wark
Came up with the idea of creating a class of voters that were not citizens of the USA
Called “municipal voters” who were residents of New York City at least 30 days before an Election Day
And were allowed to register and vote for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, and  council members
In passing the bill which flies in the face of New York Election Law, they must have been suffering from a massive bender
de Blasio and his replacement Adams failed to sign it or veto it so it became law
For Reds the City Council’s refusal to abide by the NY Constitution or Election Law was the final straw
The icing on the cake for the outrage that caused an action to be filed to render the action moot
Was that no one wanted to have the votes of municipal voters to the votes by citizens dilute
The New York State Supreme Court quickly ruled that law the state constitution and election law violated
Too bad the two leftist mayors lacked the spine to veto the bill but the residents are even more elated
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