Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A Tale of Two School Shooting Robb Elementary and Parkland


A tale of two shootings that scared the nation’s soul
A Robb Elementary the first responders moved to the sound of guns and a few wounded were the toll
The hail of bullets directed at them stop and the shooter barricaded in a classroom
The Chief of Police on scene thought the active shooting was done and the barricaded suspect lying in wait to bring officers to their doom
Kids were in the classroom calling for help on whispered  911 calls
Not sure if those facts were relayed to cops waiting to attack in the halls
Facts may not be clear whether while waiting the shooter was killing kids still alive
If so the Chief should be removed for not helping those kids to survive
In Parkland a rush to the sound of gunfire seemed a misplaced thought
Sheriff Israel came across as a coward and the kids the farms bought
He was replaced and perhaps should be been charged with child endangerment
A harsh call but to violate his oath to protect and serve to prison be sent
The investigation will hopefully determine whether the stand down order was a valid mistake
For if the shooter was no longer active and in barricade mode the proper course to take
The fact that Uvalde PD may not be cooperating with officers from the state
Is not a good sign and may increase calls to intensify and not abate
We must learn how to better react
To lower the number of kids lost in an attack
© May 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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