Thursday, June 9, 2022

3 Dead 1 Wounded Not By an AR-15 But Semi-Automatic Pistol; Are They the Next Blue Target


Another day another mass shooting this time not with an AR-15
But a semiautomatic pistol that would not easily been seen
At a Columbia Machine plant in Smithsburg, Maryland a coworker shot 4 and then fled
Responding sheriff’s deputies found 1 wounded and 3 dead
Fortunately the shooter was quickly found and a shootout ensued
A state trooper and the suspect both wounded before the shootout was through
Details are sketchy and not yet released but should add to the ongoing gun control debate
The Blue House bill bans semiautomatic rifles not pistols and high capacity magazine of more than 15 shots
Question to ponder will next a ban on semiautomatic pistols by the House soon be sought
Almost unanimity on the issue of the need to harden schools
A trained officer, a single entrance at minimum should be the rule
In the workplace not sure if  there is the same need to harden accord
Or how many politicians would be on board
But a semi-automatic pistol at close range is just a lethal except for piercing body armor as an AR-15
Are such handguns owned by law-abiding citizens for protection the next Blue target to be weaned?

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