Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Biden Flip Flopping By Sending Confusing Messages on Defending Taiwan


Wars too often start when the aggressor on the result makes a grave error
The target country miscalculated to be a walkover becomes a defensive terror
That observation being proven in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
No Russian parades in Kviv only increasing thousands of Russian body bags of those slain
A potential aggressor may launch an invasion if it believes
A weaker target’s allies will not come to its aid so an easy victory to achieve
China lusting to bring Taiwan back into Beijing’s grip
Is watching and like a coiled spring ready to rip
Watching Putin beat the war drums on Ukraine
Only threats of sanctions designed to Russian invasion not refrain
When Russian tanks into the Ukraine border crossed
Biden’s response on aid almost too little too late and a war lost
Finally lethal defensive weapons started to Ukraine flow
But Polish Migs to help defend the skies Biden would not let go
On Taiwan’s defense Biden is like a revolving door
Confused signals that a Chinese invasion we would ignore

To keep the peace requires armed forces of great strength
If an ally is invaded a belief to repel we will go to great lengths
Biden perceived by all to be totally weak
Grave danger as China the recovery of Taiwan seeks
© 6/22/2022 The Alaskanpoet


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