Thursday, June 23, 2022

Women Competing In Women's Sports Must Not Be Crucified on the Cross of Transgenders' "Rights"


Today marks the anniversary of the signing of Title IX in 1972 which opened up sporting programs to females
But sadly it also marks the publication for comment of proposed regulations that represent women’s sports coffin nail
700 pages of legalese to add sex based on gender identity as in sports a protected class
Transgender males competing against biological females will mean their growth and viability will run out of gas
In 1972 women’s sports were the orphan of most school programs subsisting on crumbs
Male athletes had the superb facilities, coaches, fans and most of the scholarship sums
The act of transgender males competing against women was rare and far between
The Battle of the Sexes between Riggs v. Court and then Riggs v. King had not yet made the TV screen
In 1976 Renee Richards became the first transgender tennis pro
But was told on playing in the U.S. Open “No!”
Sued and in 1977 played in the U.S. Open and reached the doubles finals and runner-up to appear
She never in the pros was ranked hirer than 20 and finally hung up her racket after four years
Now more and more transgenders are competing against girls in college and high school sports
Even with hormone therapy  too often the girls competing against them come up short
Biden likes to tout on COVID he follows the science which has been shown to be a false claim
On sacrificing women’s sports on the cross of transgender “rights” he merits condemnation and shame
© June 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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