Thursday, June 9, 2022

Were the Kids In the Classroom With Ramos Still Alive While Police Waited Outside Thinking a Barricade Situation?


At Columbine police quickly responded and then set up a perimeter but did not the school go inside
While they were waiting out of harm’s way the victims either bled out or quickly died
Throughout the nation the idea of securing a perimeter was scrapped and replaced
With respond to the sound of gun fire and the threat of an active shooter erase
In Parkland some of the responding deputies hid behind pillars to not put their lives at risk
The lessons learned at Columbine sadly seemed no longer to exist
At Uvalde the police chief thinking there was no longer an active shooter but one behind a barricade
Held back the Border Patrol Swat Team that to the school had come to his aid
Reports are now surfacing that victims in the classroom with the shooter were still alive
Many wounded bleeding out and soon would no longer survive
The original timeline of the shootings and the response was found to be flawed
If kids were in the classroom and then died such inaction should be for the police chief’s career the last straw
If the kids died and the police stood back thinking the shooting was done
There should be no way the police chief will be able to dismissal or maybe criminal prosecution outrun
But if police must go against body armor and AR-15’s
They must have in their trunk like wear and arms when they arrive on the scene
© June 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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