Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Progressive D.A.'s Face a New Dawn Bye Bye to the Likes of Soros Funded Ones Like George Gascon


The recall petition supporters have collected enough signatures to on the ballot put the recall
And now they are in icing the cake mode to add to the total in case invalid signatures cast a pall
Gascon’s soft on crime policies have started since day one
So reluctant to prosecute minor offenses and sentence enhancements shun
At parole hearings his minions are under orders not to appear
To argue before the Parole Board why release of felons the public should fear
This second recall effort has been different and Gascon has been hit by the perfect criminal storm
That revealed in no uncertain terms that his policies were much softer than the norm
On camera a mother with her stroller was run over by a hit and run
The minor was on probation in a stolen car and felony charges Gascon shunned
5 to 7 months in juvenile camp as he lied to the court
Claimed the L.A. Sheriff agreed with the sentence way too short
The other not on camera but far worse
Proof positive dangers to innocents by the soft on crime curse
Two officers responding to a domestic assault call to a stabbing prevent
Shot down on arrival and to the morgue sent
By felon convicted of the strike of burglary who was convicted of possession of a firearm and selling meth
But under Gascon’s policies prosecutor couldn’t raise the strike so felon free on probation to cause two cops deaths
Gascon’s hands reek with blood but he accepts no blame
If voters don’t vote him out they too merit only shame
© June 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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