Friday, June 24, 2022

Roe v Wade Overturned 6-3 So Sadly So To Blues' Joy Roe Is On the Ballot


SCOTUS by a vote of 6-3 has overturned Roe v. Wade
Almost in a kneejerk reaction howls from the Blues to SCOTUS degrade
Biden paying lip service to the idea of only nonviolent protests
Called on voters to head to the ballot box to from pro-life legislators their seats wrest
Called on Congress to immediately act to codify a woman’s right to an abortion
As Blues and pro-choicer zealots are now waging on the decision unrivalled distortion
The decision does not ban abortions only removes that decision from the courts to the elected legislators in the states
Since state legislators are far more responsive to voter concerns than those in the Swamp expect a spirited debate
When it comes to the abortion decision most women decide before the end of the first trimester and do not wait
A fetus is not viable during the 1st trimester and to no one’s surprise for abortion large majority of voters support
But in the 2nd trimester at 24 weeks a majority of fetuses are viable and abortion support to form a majority falls short
In the 3rd trimester support for abortion of a fetus who now hears mom’s voice and heart beat and is kicking up a storm
Even among Blues unless to save the mother, due to rape or incest or major disabilities falls to single digits as the norm
Sadly any chance for reason in the coming debate will be swamped by emotions
For Blues the decision is manna from political heaven that they hope will cause to the Red Wave an implosion
Freed from their disasters at the border, on the economy, on inflation and on crime
Hoping that whatever outcry over the decision will not have faded by election time
© June 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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