Thursday, June 9, 2022

Dan Gregory of CNN Acts Like a True Journalist to Condemn Threats Against Justice Kavanaugh


When small children throw a temper tantrum with screams and yells
Wise parents will to them “it’s time for a timeout” tell
On Roe v. Wade protestors are crossing the line and they need to stop
Before a SCOTUS judge by a knife is stabbed or by a gun shot
Ever since someone employed by SCOTUS leaked a Alioto 1st Draft opinion  of the Dobbs case
That would the protections afforded by Roe v. Wade and Casey would erase
The leaker has not be caught and the Blue prochoice supporters have taken to the SCOTUS steps and the streets
To threaten that any attempt to delete Roe and Casey must go down to defeat
End the filibuster so the House prochoice abortion bill cannot be stopped
Or expand the court with new prochoice judges so any attempt to overturned will be dropped
Protests on the steps were peaceful and a 1st Amendment right
But not the taking of the protests to Kavanaugh’s home which is off limits to bring the fight
CNN “journalists” too often castigate Trump for all ills and slavishly toe the DNC line
Finally CNN commentator Dan Gregory remarks on SCOTUS protests was not so confined
Blasted the Blues and the left who have not condemned the acts against Kavanaugh
When the armed gunman at his home being the final last straw
Quoting Clinton that anti-Kavanaugh rants will be heard
By those deranged or total zealots who will do the violent acts absurd
© 6/9/22 The Alaskanpoet

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