Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Blue Rep Stabenow the Green Marie Antoinette Rants "Let Them Buy Teslas" To Solve High Gas Prices


Marie Antoinette after touting “let them eat cake” soon lost her head
Blue Stabenow touts her solution for high gas prices “Buy a Tesla instead”
Greens on the pain and suffering of motorists over high gas prices couldn’t care less
Their solution is not to produce more oil but rather put more EV’s on the road to reduce price stress
The fact that a Tesla costs more than the average per capita income in the Wolverine State
Has no bearing on the high cost of gas in how to deal with inflation in the debate
Blues could care less that their voters do not have enough income to buy EV’s
That their gas guzzlers are forcing them to a life of further poverty
Blues in pursuit of the Green New Deal want the price of gas to rise so high
That EV’s mere mortals will be forced to buy
Oblivious to the fact EV’s have higher front end costs
And battery range will mean the ability for long trips will be lost
Ignore the role of fossil fuels to as a bridge to carbon free emissions act
The financial pain and suffering is just for low and middle income only a collateral damage fact
© June 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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