Thursday, June 30, 2022

Hard To Believe Watching Biden He Is Serious About Running in 2024


Following the end of the NATO Summit held in Madrid
Biden held a press conference to concerns over his cognitive abilities rid
True to form he had a staff prepared list of whom to call
Wonder if the questions were noted in advance to prevent his lapse and memory stall
A few questions and then the scene of the doddering Biden back
True to form the duration to answer more questions it lacked
We now know why Biden press conferences in the Oval Office eschews
It lacks a teleprompter to provide him with question answering cues
Listening and watching Biden even without his approval ratings in freefall slide
It is beyond belief that he is touting he will run again after this fall’s Red massive tide
For many people 80 may be the new 50 or 60 but not in Biden’s case
His gaffes and mental lapses cannot hide the advancing dementia that his cranial neurons continue to erase
If Biden has the nomination in 2024 15 days after the polls close he will be 84
No way in Hell his cognitive frailties and dementia could the voters ignore
Blues are moving heaven and earth to with the January 6 show trials indict Trump for “insurrection”
Despite mouthing support for Biden seeing Blues like Newsom running ads in Florida expect for a Biden run total Blue rejection
© 6/30/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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