Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Is Cassidy Hutchison a Deja Vu Witness Ala Christine Blasey Ford


The January 6 Hearings aka the “Stalinesque Show Trials” featured a Christine Blasey Ford déjà vu
MSM pundits enthralled by Cassidy Hutchison’s testimony on Trump quickly intoned Trump for a 2024 run was through
Unlike Ford whose testimony on Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual attack was questioned by Reds
And vehemently and forcefully denied by Kavanaugh what did we get from the January 6 Hearings instead?
Not a word of questions that could pass as cross from the RINO co-chair
Not a word of testimony from the Secret Service agents in the SUV who were also there
From Hutchison we learned only what she said was told by the Secret Service to her
The reason why hearsay is excluded from testimony to unreliability cure
Who we learn were never interviewed and are prepared to Hutchinson’s account deny
Another example of the dangers faced when on a biased committee’s agenda we are forced to rely
The only reason the January 6 Committee was formed and only Pelosi could pick the minority members
Was not to explore the facts but to push false findings to Trump’s chances of running in 2024 dismember
Slow walking the proceedings so the narrative of Trump conspiracy to the government overthrow
Would be fresh in voters’ minds when top the polls in November they go
A televised Hollywood like performances to the voters enthrall
A narrative that due to Trump our democracy came so close to a fatal fall
The jury is out whether the politicized DOJ
Will indict Trump to keep him from a 2024 run far away
For Liz Chaney will her performance be her Swan Song
Red voters believing in the Swamp she no longer belongs?

© 6/29/22 The Alaskanpoet

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