Monday, June 27, 2022

An Uvalde Mom Is Freed From Cuffs and Enter Robb To Save Sons An Uvalde Cop Trying To Enter Is Detained and Gun Taken Away While Teacher Wife Bleeds Out Classroom He Tried To Reach Ebter


The more time passes from the Uvalde Robb Elementary School Massacre the worse the nonresponse of the school police chief gets
Officers standing around in the school frozen in place whatever active shooter recent training they seemed to forget
Ballistic shield in place blocked by an unlocked classroom door that no one tried to open
The police chief oblivious to who was in command but “standdown” to CBP SWAT only commands spoken
Angeli Lopez a mother of two young sons ran to the school when she heard the sound of guns
Frustrated beyond belief by police just standing around and any attempt to reach the shooter shunned
Took matters into her own hands and tried to the school enter
Stopped then cuffed as police wanted to her home send her
Was spotted by a cop she knew and begged him to from cuffs be freed
He did and with her small frame squeezed through the police and their cries to stop did not heed
She found both sons and them to safety led
Instead of being praised for courage she is now being harassed by Uvalde police instead
The story of Uvalde cop Robert Ruiz on that day will move you to tears
He raced to the scene and charged into the hallway near the classroom where death to his shot teacher wife was coming near
These Keystone Kops detained him, took his gun and then led him away
The anger and sense of helplessness will be with him to the end of his days
© June 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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