Monday, June 6, 2022

Unless Biden Unshackles Himself AOC Green Zealots His Ratings Will Sink Lower and Lower Than Carter's


The solution to soaring prices of oil and natural gas is for Biden sadly a nonstarter
As inflation at the pump and across the board soar Biden’s ratings sink lower than Carter
Biden’s war on domestic fossil fuels needs to end
Scrap the idea of hat in hand begging for more oil from Saudis to Biden send
Natural gas production here under misplaced green attack
Pressuring Blue governors from curtailing efforts to frack
Prices now going through the roof
An administration blind to the pain and too aloof
Food supplies already under attack with the war in Ukraine
Here agriculture growing areas like California suffering under lack of rain
Fertilizer is made in part from natural gas and as prices soar
Probably farmers will be forced to use less not more
Crop yields will sadly drop
Prices will increase as we shop
Biden must accept that fossil fuel use is needed for the bridge to achieve zero carbon economic scene
If not the bridge becomes a pier that ends far from the zero carbon shore and from prosperity we are weaned
© June 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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