Friday, June 3, 2022

Decimate the 2nd Amendment Misnamed by Blues as The Protecting Our Kids Act


When it comes to concealing the intended results of their bills
Choosing the right name to conceal intent is well honed Blue skill
Name for the Blue Gun Control Bill in the House is The Protecting Our Kids Act
No one is against protecting our kids even though reality is they want to take many guns back
Outlawing the possession and sale of magazines with a high bullet count
But guns with large magazines for the majority of gun sales account
A semi-automatic rifle or handgun without a magazine is like a gun without a trigger
Since many of the most popular guns must have large magazines the left’s cry they are not ending the 2nd does not pass rigor
Cash strapped states will be allowed to created buyback programs for guns with outlawed magazines
How many will be able to afford remains to be seen
The armed body guards of our elected leaders and appointed officials have high magazines to their charges protect
Yet for mere mortals in defund the police cities praying for 911 their safety our Blues choose to reject
What’s good for the Blue Geese for safety should be good for the mere mortal Ganders
Whether a resident facing a home invasion or at a drive by shooting an innocent bystander
Rather than focus on the gun and not the shooter or the target focus on hardening the soft target schools
We have the one entrance only, magnetic detectors, armed guards and red flag tools
© June 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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