Thursday, June 16, 2022

Biden Now Blaming Oil Companies in Addition to Putin Like Chicken Little's the Sky Is Falling


Biden acts like chicken little hobbling around the coop ranting instead of “the sky is falling”
“Blame soaring gas prices on Putin” as his war on domestic fossil fuels increased oil production is stalling
Prices of gas started to rise as soon as he was sworn in
Long before Putin invaded so no one is buying Biden’s false blame spin
So instead of freeing up oil companies to drill and more oil produce
He is now blaming them oblivious to his campaign to fossil fuel production reduce
Biden’s policies are designed to put oil companies out of business in the future not too distant

Ignoring the reality that no sane investor would spend to build more refineries when his war is too persistent
In Biden’s mind with his hat in hand looking for more oil from the Saudis
It is better to import oil than to produce it here due to the rants of the Green New Deal noodies
Despite the charges of gouging U.S. refineries are operating at 92 percent capacity
Doubtful there is any demand in the boardrooms to spend millions to build when facing the fossil fuels war tenacity
It is now time for reason to dominate energy production over longer term timeline
How many dollars to build the power plants needed on green fuel to charge the EVs’ batteries for the EV cars?
How many dollars to build the charging stations on the streets and highways that absence greater sales now bar?
How many dollars to increase natural gas to replace power plants fueled by coal?
As more EV’s appear what are the fossil fuels needed for planes, ships, trains and semis to fulfill their needed role
When do we on the war on fossil fuels declare a truce
Encourage them to the needed oil and gas produce?
© 6/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

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